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February Self ❤️- Day 3 – Feel Fabulous Friday


It’s Fri Yay!! 

So today , Glam it up! .  Take a little time to put your make up on, wear a favourite bold lipstick – red lips all the way for me! 💄💋. Wear your favourite special jewellery. Wear matching underwear , a favourite outfit. Your most fabulous Shoes 👠-  Whatever makes you feel amazing- it might be one of the above, Hell it might be the whole lot, whatever just go rock your fabulous self today.  

Don’t  save something for a special occasion- life is the special occasion!


Joanne xoxo 

February Self ❤️ – Day 2 – Tone it up Thursday

Good Morning! 

Kicking off your day with a cup of Hot Water and lemon will act as a mini detox for your body. The lemon helps to cleanse your system. Suffering from a cold/sore throat?, add in some ginger too which is a natural antiseptic! 

Today we have a  Workout  –  just a short one about 12minutes long . so clear a bit of space ,  and come join me ! 

Have a Great day! 


Joanne xoxo 

February Self ❤️ – week 1 !

Hello my Gorgeous Mis-Fitters! 

Happy First day of February. You’ve survived January and Spring is right around the corner , Hurrah!. 

As February is the Love month, we will be dedicating the next 28 days to showing ourselves some TLC.  We have workouts, reciepes and mini challanges, all  aiming to have you feeling fabulous and springing into Spring with lots of energy and ready to take on the world.

This weeks challenge is to schedule in at least 30 minutes each day just for you!.  You can get a workout in and or It can be the time before bed  – take a bubble bath,  curl up with a cup of your favourite herbal tea and your book, or watch an episode of a favourite TV show.  If you are really pushed for time maybe even  2 x 15 minute segments in the day just to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee without interruption – indeed a true luxury in itself!. 

Do let me know how you get on  – tag me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo  #FeelgoodFebruary  #Februaryselflove  or Facebook lilmisfit1.   

Joanne xoxo 

Image – Heather Rosehill 

FREE February Self Love month online programme

I don’t know about you, but January is  whizzing by in a total whirlwind.  I really am trying hard to slow down but honestly I find myself signing up for all sorts so the diary is getting fuller and fuller. A lot of work projects   and quite a bit  of play time  but not so much rest time scheduled in – oops!.  So in a bid to slow things down a little and catch a breath and actually aim to be more productive  rather than just busy being busy ,  I have opted to make February a month of self care and love here at Mis-Fit HQ.   It is after all Valentines Month, so this year as well as showing Love to loved ones, why not also show a little Love towards yourself?. 

Stress and running yourself down manifests itself in us individually in different ways – for some its a bad back/neck pain as tension is stored in this area. for some you may suffer migraines/headaches or stomach upsets. For me , I tend to lose my voice  – frustrating for me ,though  rather peaceful for my friends and family haha.  Our bodies tend to send us signals but all too often we ignore them and carry on hurtling at a hundred miles per hour ,, and the end result is we don’t get enough sleep, eat properly and generally just run ourselves down. 

If you already feel caught up in the whirlwind of the New year and want to join me in slowing down a little  :-  Drop me an email to with the subject line – February self Love and I’ll add you to the email list. Throughout February you’ll receive daily emails with workouts, healthy reciepes and weekly mini challenges  to just help you carve out a little you time in your day to care of yourself. Hopefully a couple will even become habits you can stick with throughout the year!. 

Joanne xoxo


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Healthy Breakfast options

Lets talk breakfasts. So Breakfast literally means Break the fast.  For many people  mornings can be a little hectic and too often we  reach for cereal which are loaded with sugar . below are a few quick, simple healthier breakfast options – a few of can even be prepped the night before, to save you  precious time the next next morning. who said eating healthy meant starving yourself!  . so step away from the cereal and 

  1. Overnight Oats 

100g of Rolled oats , 75g of FULL FAT Greek or natural yoghurt.  and 250ml of almond milk . mix together, cover and leave in the fridge overnight, the next morning just add your favourite berries and hey presto breakfast is all ready for you to eat . There are a ton of ideas on Pintrest for overnight oats so go check them out and create your own favourite. 

2. Garden fry up  – Boil up a couple eggs, throw some Spinach, Mushrooms and tomatoes in a little coconut Oil and voila   – This one I got from the Deliciously Ella Book

3.Eggs, Eggs , Eggs  –   How do you like your eggs in the morning  ( hands up if you just sang that  line heehee! )   Boiled, poached, dippy , scrambled  – go for it. eggs are a great source of protein and  brilliant for keeping you  filled up until lunch – feeling lavish add in some smoked salmon 

these Mini Frittatas are brilliant for pre cooking and will store in the fridge for about 3 days , making them a great healthy choice for those super busy mornings if they last that long – in our house , they disappear as fast as I make them!!! 

Mini Frittatas with tomato and Rocket , you can pretty much add in anything really – mushrooms , lean ham, chicken, feta cheese. 

Prep time 15mins
Cooking time 20 mins

These could be eaten cold or warm , so again could be made the night before or a day when you have a little extra time

(serves 6)

1 tbsp extra Virgin olive oil
1 onion chopped
6 eggs
3 tbsp almond milk (otherwise I just use normal milk )
6 cherry tomatoes – quarted
1 handful of rocket or spinach leaves – chopped

1. Preheat oven to 175/gas mark 4. Grease a 6 hole giant muffin tray
2. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the onion over a low heat until caramilsed
3. In a bowl whisk the eggs and milk together, then stir in the tomatoes,rocket and onion. Season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper
4. Divde the mixture among the muffin tin and bake for approx 20mins or until they set. Allow to cool a little before removing them from the tin.

4.Fruit and Yogurt   – Probably my most go to breakfast . I use Yeo Valley  Full fat  natutral yogurt. (Low fat/0%fat  are a big no no for me – the fat is removed and replaced instead with things like sugar to try and improve the taste post fat removal making it a lot worse for you than if they left the Fat in. We need good fats in order to burn fat plus its good for our skin – hello J-LO glow!) . I recently discovered the huge bags of Frozen berries in Tesco – £2  for a huge bag approx $2.50 . they last me a good week and as the berries have been frozen they hold the nutrients much longer – more antioxidants  for me yipppeee.  I defrost a few in a bowl in the fridge overnight. I then add them to my yoghurt the  next morning and I also add in a teaspoon of seeds – pumpkin and chia . 

5. Stir Fry  – sounds more like a lunch  or dinner option  but there are no rules to say it can’t be a breakfast option! .  take some steak or chicken or turkey and fry it up with some spinach/kale , mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes  – any of your fave veggies and enjoy! 

Do let me know if you try any of these or if you have your own breakfast favourite! 


Joanne xoxoxo



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Tips for finding a Healthy Balance this New Year!

Scroll  through any of the Social media platforms, turn on the TV, or pick up a magazine during January and you are assaulted with Diet plans and workout regimes galore. All of them claiming to have you losing inches and dropping dress sizes. There are a lot of contradictions and it’s like information overload. How on earth are you supposed to know which ones actually work???.

The key is to find a healthy balance that works for you. Making  small little changes can all add up to a huge difference.

Below are a few of my tips I use with myself and my clients , so hopefully, they will help you

1. The 80/20 rule . I believe strongly in balance . It’s a quality I try to  practice both on and off my Yoga mat. We all have a food/drink Achilles heel, for me it’s definitely chocolate . If I try to cut chocolate out completely though, I crave it and then binge on it – I know the shame , the absolute shame ,  (Hangs her head in shame 😉).  Aiming to make healthy food choices 80% of the time, the other 20% of the time , enjoy your little treats.  One bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny, it’s just aiming for a balance. However being careful not to let that balance slide!. If the thought of going completely cold Turkey brings you out in a sweat, start with a small goal,  such as this weekend I will only drink one night, rather than maybe two, or maybe aim for 2 days with no sugar/crisps/processed foods and build up to 3 or 4. Don’t overwhelm yourself by making too many changes all at once.

2.  Eat REAL food.  Home cooked food tastes so much nicer than processed foods. So aim to eat more Real food. Get in the habit of Checking  your food labels , hidden sugars lurk in a lot of packaged foods. Yogurt especially can look deceptively healthy, but check those sugar labels. Look for no more than 7g per 100g of sugars . If it says low fat or 0% fat, leave it – the fat is removed and in order to make it taste edible, it’s usually loaded with extra ingredients in particular sugar which can actually be worse for you.  Also check your ingredients listings , if there are more than 5 ingredients and /or sugar is listed as one of the first 3 or you have no idea what the ingredient is – leave it on the shelf!.

Basic rule of thumb is – If it flies in the sky, can run across land, grows in the ground or swims in the sea , it’s likely to be a healthier option.

The Body Coach and Clean Eating Alice both have cookbooks and post regular recipes on their social media, using real food. Definitely both worth a follow!.


3. PLAN your meals!! . Take a little time out each week to write a meal plan for the upcoming week. Have your diary with you, so you can see what you have on , that way you know what days are going to perhaps be a little more hectic.  You can then go shopping and get everything you need for the week ahead , so then you have everything to hand. You can also prep things in advance where possible. Taking an hour or so to get organised and chopping veg and/or making a couple meals in advance can save you hours in the week, plus it means that you are more likely to have something healthy to hand , when it’s been a crazy busy day and you don’t have time or the energy to cook .

Slow cookers and soup makers are kitchen heros!. Check out my plan and Prep Blog post for some more tips to help you stay on track.


4.  MOVE! .  Plan in your workouts. Again grab those diaries, see when can you fit in workouts in your week. Maybe you already get your workouts in, brilliant!, keep it up. If you have not exercised in a while though and it all feels a bit overwhelming , ease yourself in gently,  maybe aim to go to 1 class a week, find something you really enjoy. Go on be brave, take that first step!. A lot of my guys started out with just 1 class a week and ended up loving it so much , they now do a few classes a week!.

For  me the  best time of day for me to get my workout in, is first thing on a morning, as I still have a regular 9-5 job , 3 days a week , and I’m out teaching most evenings .So for me setting the alarm for 6am , so I can workout before I go about the rest of my day , sets me up for the rest of the day and I know no matter how busy my day is, I manage to get my workout in. I’ve  always been an early bird, so getting up super early is not hard for me, however if you are more of a night owl, and feel you workout better at night, then go fo it. It’s finding something that works for YOU!. if you like working out in a group, try a class and aim to get there at least once a week. Community classes are brilliant for bringing people together, so you might even make a few new friends to help support and motivate each other. If you prefer to workout by yourself, there are loads of workouts on YouTube or even try a 1-1 if you want to be pushed out your comfort zone.

5. Get plenty SLEEP. When we sleep, this is when our bodies recharge and repair.  Everyone is different when it comes to sleep, but generally aiming for a good 7-8 hours sleep a night will help your body recover from the day. Develop a little night time routine that helps you unwind before bed. For me taking my makeup off, and setting down with a cup of peppermint tea and my book before bed, for some it might be a hot bath. Again just finding something that works for YOU!.

6.  THROW AWAY THE SCALES!.  Go on throw them out or at least hide them away . Check out one of my earlier blog posts on how I feel about using scales to measure progress. I challenge you to not step on them for all of January at least, follow the tips above and just see how your clothes fit after a few weeks and notice any positive differences when you look in the mirror. Notice any #nonsvalevictories in your workouts – -can you do that full push-up, squat that bit lower, lift that heavier weight, run that little bit longer/quicker or do that extra burpee? Can you nail that Yoga move that you’I’ve been practicing?? . Seeing those differences should hopefully help you stay motivated and creating a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU!.

Please do Comment below or come follow me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo  and Facebook  lilmisfit1 and let me know if you use any of the tips and if they help you create a healthy balance , I also love to hear your #nonscalevictories!.

Let’s say NO to diets and YES to healthy balanced living 😄💪

Namaste 🙏

joanne xoxo






My Favourite Festive reads

For as long as I  am remember , I have loved to curl up and read. Even as a little girl, my Mam says I would go in a book shop , lie on my tummy and read a book. My grandma and great aunt Jean used to take us shopping on a Saturday- I used to take my book , and as the others shopped, I would find some little reading spot to curl up in.

Some of my favourite authors are Belinda Jones, Miranda Dickinson and  Lindsey Kelk. They all have some fabulous locations in their stories, which always gives me serious wanderlust!.

Below though are some of my favourite books to read this time of year!.  so grab your Christmas blanket to curl up and settle down to lose yourself in a fabulous Christmassy story.  I’ve linked all the below books at the bottom of the page if you wanted to read them on Kindles or in book form  – Happy Reading! .



1. It Started with a Kiss – Miranda DIckinson. The Saturday before Christmas, Romily has a chance encounter with a stranger, with whom she shares a kiss. He has to dash off , before Romily can even learn his name  . In the last year of her twenties, Romily decides to make this the year to take chances , starting with finding her Handsome stranger giving herself a year –  will she find him before the following Christmas Eve rolls around…….

2. The charm bracelet- Melissa Hill. This is based in New York , and involves Holly who works in a Vintage store. A donation of clothes arrives in the shop and Holly discovers a charm bracelet in a jacket pocket, As Holly sets off to find the owner of the bracelet using the charms themselves to lead her to the owner, with fate weaving a little magic along the way!

3. I heart Christmas- Lindsey Kelk.   This continues  the adventures of Brit Angela in New York and co . However if you have not ready any of the I heart series yet ,  Definitely start with I heart New York  This is where you will first meet Angela , as she gets the ultimate revenge on a cheating Ex  . I heart Christmas is the last of the series so far …. Lindsey Kelk am hoping there maybe another??

4. A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens. What can I say A true Christmas  classic!.

5. Miracle on Regent Street – Ali Harris. Evie works in the stock room at Hardy’s. Hardy’s was once a grand Department store in London, but in recent years its lost its Sparkle and now its at risk of being sold, can Evie save her beloved store with a little Christmas magic???  .

I would Love to hear from you guys , what your favourite festive reads are , please do comment below or pop over to Instagram (littlemisfitjojo ) or facebook (lilmisfit1)  and tag me  #misfitfestivereads


Blogmas Week 2

You know that feeling when you feel caught up in a Christmas whirlwind and you can’t quite stop long enough to catch a breath???, yeah that has been my week this week!. As well as still teaching classes every night ,  filming the 12 days of Christmas workouts  – a huge thank you To Joanne and Jayne who help me with this , and trying to juggle housework (i’ve all but given up on this to be honest- anyone else??????????????  ) plus getting organised for Christmas , there doesn’t seem to be much time left in the day to actually sleep yikes .I’m just trying to concentrate on my mantra this week – I am calm , I am steady . Even in midst of a storm, you can find some calm, I’ve just been trying to concentrate on finding some this past week. Daily Yoga is defiantly  helping! .

I have however finished my shopping hurrah, though my goal by the weekend is to get it all wrapped.  I think a weekend of Christmas movie watching and wrapping presents is in order this weekend.

This past week kicked off on Saturday with an 80’s night at the Derwent Manor Hotel in Consett.  There were 12 of us in total and we just had an absolute ball. We laughed from start to finish and we even managed to get the boys on the dance floor for the Pouges . At one point Lauren and I found ourselves embroiled in a Dance off  with some randoms encroaching on our Dance space . Obviously thought they could out dance us – think again busters, they moved off half way through, clearly realising they were up against some pros😂. thank you Raff for organising this one!, think we all agreed to make it an annual night!.


Monday , I had a final few little bits to get for presents, so I hit a few little local gift shops . Over half my christmas shopping this year has come from other local business and or other small business’ online.  You get much more personal service and you can get some really lovely gifts and often handmade with the recipetant in mind!.  I saw a post on Social Media last week, saying that when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance – its so true , we really do!!! haha.  You really do appreciate when someone buys from you and whats more becomes a regular client , who almost always becomes a friend!. I love that Social media helps small business’ grow.

Tuesday it was a Super early start to the day. The alarm went off at 5am and I left the house at 5.30am to catch an early train up to Edinburgh. I was really excited as other than a trip to the zoo, when I was about 10, I have never been to Edinburgh!. It was for travel work however so most of the time was spent in our office up there, the room had a cracking view though. We had about an hour after we had finished  though, before getting the train, so I did manage to see the Dome.  Definatly on the 2017 bucket list to go back up and explore the city properly though.

Wednesday morning I had set aside to bake some Christmas cakes for my mam, dad and sister. They love Christmas cake,  so I had wanted to bake some for them. Neither Martin or I like them so I could not do my usual taste test, awaiting the verdict back on those………. . Wednesday afternoon was lovely as along with my mam, sister , and friends Stephanie, Laura, Joanne and her mam , we headed to Beamish Hall for a festive afternoon tea and watch the original Miracle on 34th Street on the big screen. It was such a lovely afternoon and of course we had a glass of prosecco :-). then it was home, quick change and to head back out to teach, before then heading off to tea with my friend Kathleen, her friend Nicola and Kathleen’s daughter Orlaith.

img_0153Thursday – Ok so today I have actually managed to get some relaxation in. I headed to the Little White Room in Chester Le Street to see the lovely Lauren for a pre -Christmas pamper.  I had the most relaxing Elemis facial and got my my nails (hand and toes) all painted ready for another round of Christmas partying this weekend :-).


I have lots of lovely things planned for the next week in the lead up to actual Christmas – can you believe its Christmas next week!!! , Next week!!!!!! . it just feels like its hurtling round so fast and I don’t feel ready but ready or not its coming.   I really am aiming to have everything wrapped and made a start on January session planning so I can just relax and enjoy festive fun next week  without being stressed.  I am at travel work still  next week Wed-Friday but fingers crossed its quiet!.

How do you guys find your calm at this time of year? .

I always try and end my day , curled up with my book. I am currently reading the Charm Bracelet by Melissa Hill. I have read it the past couple years at this time as its one of my festive favourite reads.  I’m actually doing a blog post on my top 5 Festive reads so eyes peeled for that.

I hope you guys are all managing to enjoy some Festive fun amidst the chaos . let me know what you have been up to , I love to see the festive photos on social media!.



Blogmas week 1

Festivities were  well and truly  in full swing this week  . On  Friday night  my friend Palmer-Vi had invited a few of us  round to her house for a Christmas Jumper and Prosecco night.  Hello – Friday night with Friends, Christmas jumpers and Prosecco???????? I was so there!.  We had a brilliant night ,  and we got a brilliant photo  –


Then Monday night OMG!!!! , so along with my sister Lynsey  and a few friends , we had tickets to go see the Shires. They were playing the Sage at Gateshead. If you have never been to a gig there before and you get the chance, it is an incredible venue .   Lynsey and I went armed with our Cd’s in the slight hope we may get them signed.  We had just the most brilliant night. First off  Myself, Lynsey , Emma and Joanne  started in the Pitcher and Piano on the Quayside for a couple glasses of Prosecco  –  hey it is Christmas after all!.  After that we went off in search of food and found ourselves at Sabatinis – a lovely Italian restaurant on the Quayside.

We then had to race along the Quayside and over the Millenium bridge to meet our other friends Joanne and Jonny as I had all the tickets. We had fab seats in a Box on the side of the stage. The band were amazing !!!!!!!.  After it finished, Joanne D and Jonny headed home. Meanwhile Emma, Lynsey, Joanne N and I headed to the bar for a final glass of Prosecco , we were really hoping to try and catch the band. No sign of them however and the girl on the merchandise stall, said they had left already.

We then went off in search of our taxi and whilst looking, we walked past the stage door and we saw a big bus, Joanne jokingly said “well we can just get a ride on the tour bus”, I just glanced at the stage door and saw Ben from the band ! well I was like they are there and off I went , with the others following . Both Ben and Crissy were there and were sooooo lovely despite my fan girl babbling eek ,  we got our photo taken and got our cd’s signed!  – even now a couple days later I am still on a high from meeting them!.


img_0063 img_0066 img_0075


A brilliant week and I’m almost done with my Christmas  shopping, just a couple more to get and then I am done!. next week it a super busy one , with lots going on. check back next week for my next blogmas update.

meanwhile what fun Festive adventures are you guys having?. comment below I love to hear everyone’s Christmas adventures

Joanne xoxo