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Tips for finding a Healthy Balance this New Year!

Scroll  through any of the Social media platforms, turn on the TV, or pick up a magazine during January and you are assaulted with Diet plans and workout regimes galore. All of them claiming to have you losing inches and dropping dress sizes. There are a lot of contradictions and it’s like information overload. How on earth are you supposed to know which ones actually work???.

The key is to find a healthy balance that works for you. Making  small little changes can all add up to a huge difference.

Below are a few of my tips I use with myself and my clients , so hopefully, they will help you

1. The 80/20 rule . I believe strongly in balance . It’s a quality I try to  practice both on and off my Yoga mat. We all have a food/drink Achilles heel, for me it’s definitely chocolate . If I try to cut chocolate out completely though, I crave it and then binge on it – I know the shame , the absolute shame ,  (Hangs her head in shame 😉).  Aiming to make healthy food choices 80% of the time, the other 20% of the time , enjoy your little treats.  One bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny, it’s just aiming for a balance. However being careful not to let that balance slide!. If the thought of going completely cold Turkey brings you out in a sweat, start with a small goal,  such as this weekend I will only drink one night, rather than maybe two, or maybe aim for 2 days with no sugar/crisps/processed foods and build up to 3 or 4. Don’t overwhelm yourself by making too many changes all at once.

2.  Eat REAL food.  Home cooked food tastes so much nicer than processed foods. So aim to eat more Real food. Get in the habit of Checking  your food labels , hidden sugars lurk in a lot of packaged foods. Yogurt especially can look deceptively healthy, but check those sugar labels. Look for no more than 7g per 100g of sugars . If it says low fat or 0% fat, leave it – the fat is removed and in order to make it taste edible, it’s usually loaded with extra ingredients in particular sugar which can actually be worse for you.  Also check your ingredients listings , if there are more than 5 ingredients and /or sugar is listed as one of the first 3 or you have no idea what the ingredient is – leave it on the shelf!.

Basic rule of thumb is – If it flies in the sky, can run across land, grows in the ground or swims in the sea , it’s likely to be a healthier option.

The Body Coach and Clean Eating Alice both have cookbooks and post regular recipes on their social media, using real food. Definitely both worth a follow!.


3. PLAN your meals!! . Take a little time out each week to write a meal plan for the upcoming week. Have your diary with you, so you can see what you have on , that way you know what days are going to perhaps be a little more hectic.  You can then go shopping and get everything you need for the week ahead , so then you have everything to hand. You can also prep things in advance where possible. Taking an hour or so to get organised and chopping veg and/or making a couple meals in advance can save you hours in the week, plus it means that you are more likely to have something healthy to hand , when it’s been a crazy busy day and you don’t have time or the energy to cook .

Slow cookers and soup makers are kitchen heros!. Check out my plan and Prep Blog post for some more tips to help you stay on track.


4.  MOVE! .  Plan in your workouts. Again grab those diaries, see when can you fit in workouts in your week. Maybe you already get your workouts in, brilliant!, keep it up. If you have not exercised in a while though and it all feels a bit overwhelming , ease yourself in gently,  maybe aim to go to 1 class a week, find something you really enjoy. Go on be brave, take that first step!. A lot of my guys started out with just 1 class a week and ended up loving it so much , they now do a few classes a week!.

For  me the  best time of day for me to get my workout in, is first thing on a morning, as I still have a regular 9-5 job , 3 days a week , and I’m out teaching most evenings .So for me setting the alarm for 6am , so I can workout before I go about the rest of my day , sets me up for the rest of the day and I know no matter how busy my day is, I manage to get my workout in. I’ve  always been an early bird, so getting up super early is not hard for me, however if you are more of a night owl, and feel you workout better at night, then go fo it. It’s finding something that works for YOU!. if you like working out in a group, try a class and aim to get there at least once a week. Community classes are brilliant for bringing people together, so you might even make a few new friends to help support and motivate each other. If you prefer to workout by yourself, there are loads of workouts on YouTube or even try a 1-1 if you want to be pushed out your comfort zone.

5. Get plenty SLEEP. When we sleep, this is when our bodies recharge and repair.  Everyone is different when it comes to sleep, but generally aiming for a good 7-8 hours sleep a night will help your body recover from the day. Develop a little night time routine that helps you unwind before bed. For me taking my makeup off, and setting down with a cup of peppermint tea and my book before bed, for some it might be a hot bath. Again just finding something that works for YOU!.

6.  THROW AWAY THE SCALES!.  Go on throw them out or at least hide them away . Check out one of my earlier blog posts on how I feel about using scales to measure progress. I challenge you to not step on them for all of January at least, follow the tips above and just see how your clothes fit after a few weeks and notice any positive differences when you look in the mirror. Notice any #nonsvalevictories in your workouts – -can you do that full push-up, squat that bit lower, lift that heavier weight, run that little bit longer/quicker or do that extra burpee? Can you nail that Yoga move that you’I’ve been practicing?? . Seeing those differences should hopefully help you stay motivated and creating a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU!.

Please do Comment below or come follow me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo  and Facebook  lilmisfit1 and let me know if you use any of the tips and if they help you create a healthy balance , I also love to hear your #nonscalevictories!.

Let’s say NO to diets and YES to healthy balanced living 😄💪

Namaste 🙏

joanne xoxo






My Favourite Festive reads

For as long as I  am remember , I have loved to curl up and read. Even as a little girl, my Mam says I would go in a book shop , lie on my tummy and read a book. My grandma and great aunt Jean used to take us shopping on a Saturday- I used to take my book , and as the others shopped, I would find some little reading spot to curl up in.

Some of my favourite authors are Belinda Jones, Miranda Dickinson and  Lindsey Kelk. They all have some fabulous locations in their stories, which always gives me serious wanderlust!.

Below though are some of my favourite books to read this time of year!.  so grab your Christmas blanket to curl up and settle down to lose yourself in a fabulous Christmassy story.  I’ve linked all the below books at the bottom of the page if you wanted to read them on Kindles or in book form  – Happy Reading! .



1. It Started with a Kiss – Miranda DIckinson. The Saturday before Christmas, Romily has a chance encounter with a stranger, with whom she shares a kiss. He has to dash off , before Romily can even learn his name  . In the last year of her twenties, Romily decides to make this the year to take chances , starting with finding her Handsome stranger giving herself a year –  will she find him before the following Christmas Eve rolls around…….

2. The charm bracelet- Melissa Hill. This is based in New York , and involves Holly who works in a Vintage store. A donation of clothes arrives in the shop and Holly discovers a charm bracelet in a jacket pocket, As Holly sets off to find the owner of the bracelet using the charms themselves to lead her to the owner, with fate weaving a little magic along the way!

3. I heart Christmas- Lindsey Kelk.   This continues  the adventures of Brit Angela in New York and co . However if you have not ready any of the I heart series yet ,  Definitely start with I heart New York  This is where you will first meet Angela , as she gets the ultimate revenge on a cheating Ex  . I heart Christmas is the last of the series so far …. Lindsey Kelk am hoping there maybe another??

4. A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens. What can I say A true Christmas  classic!.

5. Miracle on Regent Street – Ali Harris. Evie works in the stock room at Hardy’s. Hardy’s was once a grand Department store in London, but in recent years its lost its Sparkle and now its at risk of being sold, can Evie save her beloved store with a little Christmas magic???  .

I would Love to hear from you guys , what your favourite festive reads are , please do comment below or pop over to Instagram (littlemisfitjojo ) or facebook (lilmisfit1)  and tag me  #misfitfestivereads


Blogmas Week 2

You know that feeling when you feel caught up in a Christmas whirlwind and you can’t quite stop long enough to catch a breath???, yeah that has been my week this week!. As well as still teaching classes every night ,  filming the 12 days of Christmas workouts  – a huge thank you To Joanne and Jayne who help me with this , and trying to juggle housework (i’ve all but given up on this to be honest- anyone else??????????????  ) plus getting organised for Christmas , there doesn’t seem to be much time left in the day to actually sleep yikes .I’m just trying to concentrate on my mantra this week – I am calm , I am steady . Even in midst of a storm, you can find some calm, I’ve just been trying to concentrate on finding some this past week. Daily Yoga is defiantly  helping! .

I have however finished my shopping hurrah, though my goal by the weekend is to get it all wrapped.  I think a weekend of Christmas movie watching and wrapping presents is in order this weekend.

This past week kicked off on Saturday with an 80’s night at the Derwent Manor Hotel in Consett.  There were 12 of us in total and we just had an absolute ball. We laughed from start to finish and we even managed to get the boys on the dance floor for the Pouges . At one point Lauren and I found ourselves embroiled in a Dance off  with some randoms encroaching on our Dance space . Obviously thought they could out dance us – think again busters, they moved off half way through, clearly realising they were up against some pros😂. thank you Raff for organising this one!, think we all agreed to make it an annual night!.


Monday , I had a final few little bits to get for presents, so I hit a few little local gift shops . Over half my christmas shopping this year has come from other local business and or other small business’ online.  You get much more personal service and you can get some really lovely gifts and often handmade with the recipetant in mind!.  I saw a post on Social Media last week, saying that when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance – its so true , we really do!!! haha.  You really do appreciate when someone buys from you and whats more becomes a regular client , who almost always becomes a friend!. I love that Social media helps small business’ grow.

Tuesday it was a Super early start to the day. The alarm went off at 5am and I left the house at 5.30am to catch an early train up to Edinburgh. I was really excited as other than a trip to the zoo, when I was about 10, I have never been to Edinburgh!. It was for travel work however so most of the time was spent in our office up there, the room had a cracking view though. We had about an hour after we had finished  though, before getting the train, so I did manage to see the Dome.  Definatly on the 2017 bucket list to go back up and explore the city properly though.

Wednesday morning I had set aside to bake some Christmas cakes for my mam, dad and sister. They love Christmas cake,  so I had wanted to bake some for them. Neither Martin or I like them so I could not do my usual taste test, awaiting the verdict back on those………. . Wednesday afternoon was lovely as along with my mam, sister , and friends Stephanie, Laura, Joanne and her mam , we headed to Beamish Hall for a festive afternoon tea and watch the original Miracle on 34th Street on the big screen. It was such a lovely afternoon and of course we had a glass of prosecco :-). then it was home, quick change and to head back out to teach, before then heading off to tea with my friend Kathleen, her friend Nicola and Kathleen’s daughter Orlaith.

img_0153Thursday – Ok so today I have actually managed to get some relaxation in. I headed to the Little White Room in Chester Le Street to see the lovely Lauren for a pre -Christmas pamper.  I had the most relaxing Elemis facial and got my my nails (hand and toes) all painted ready for another round of Christmas partying this weekend :-).


I have lots of lovely things planned for the next week in the lead up to actual Christmas – can you believe its Christmas next week!!! , Next week!!!!!! . it just feels like its hurtling round so fast and I don’t feel ready but ready or not its coming.   I really am aiming to have everything wrapped and made a start on January session planning so I can just relax and enjoy festive fun next week  without being stressed.  I am at travel work still  next week Wed-Friday but fingers crossed its quiet!.

How do you guys find your calm at this time of year? .

I always try and end my day , curled up with my book. I am currently reading the Charm Bracelet by Melissa Hill. I have read it the past couple years at this time as its one of my festive favourite reads.  I’m actually doing a blog post on my top 5 Festive reads so eyes peeled for that.

I hope you guys are all managing to enjoy some Festive fun amidst the chaos . let me know what you have been up to , I love to see the festive photos on social media!.



Blogmas week 1

Festivities were  well and truly  in full swing this week  . On  Friday night  my friend Palmer-Vi had invited a few of us  round to her house for a Christmas Jumper and Prosecco night.  Hello – Friday night with Friends, Christmas jumpers and Prosecco???????? I was so there!.  We had a brilliant night ,  and we got a brilliant photo  –


Then Monday night OMG!!!! , so along with my sister Lynsey  and a few friends , we had tickets to go see the Shires. They were playing the Sage at Gateshead. If you have never been to a gig there before and you get the chance, it is an incredible venue .   Lynsey and I went armed with our Cd’s in the slight hope we may get them signed.  We had just the most brilliant night. First off  Myself, Lynsey , Emma and Joanne  started in the Pitcher and Piano on the Quayside for a couple glasses of Prosecco  –  hey it is Christmas after all!.  After that we went off in search of food and found ourselves at Sabatinis – a lovely Italian restaurant on the Quayside.

We then had to race along the Quayside and over the Millenium bridge to meet our other friends Joanne and Jonny as I had all the tickets. We had fab seats in a Box on the side of the stage. The band were amazing !!!!!!!.  After it finished, Joanne D and Jonny headed home. Meanwhile Emma, Lynsey, Joanne N and I headed to the bar for a final glass of Prosecco , we were really hoping to try and catch the band. No sign of them however and the girl on the merchandise stall, said they had left already.

We then went off in search of our taxi and whilst looking, we walked past the stage door and we saw a big bus, Joanne jokingly said “well we can just get a ride on the tour bus”, I just glanced at the stage door and saw Ben from the band ! well I was like they are there and off I went , with the others following . Both Ben and Crissy were there and were sooooo lovely despite my fan girl babbling eek ,  we got our photo taken and got our cd’s signed!  – even now a couple days later I am still on a high from meeting them!.


img_0063 img_0066 img_0075


A brilliant week and I’m almost done with my Christmas  shopping, just a couple more to get and then I am done!. next week it a super busy one , with lots going on. check back next week for my next blogmas update.

meanwhile what fun Festive adventures are you guys having?. comment below I love to hear everyone’s Christmas adventures

Joanne xoxo

Countdown to Christmas!


Can you believe it’s the 1st December????  24 sleeps until Santa . Seriously where on earth has 2016 gone?. It really has flown over!.

The festive season has already kicked off here at Mis-Fit HQ, it was our Christmas party last Friday night. , The Mis-fits all swapped their workout clothes and trainers to get our glam on , dance shoes were  polished up to dance our way into the party season.  We had a brilliant night . I love seeing everyone come together and  having a good time.

Then on Monday it was the turn of my little Yogis to get into the festive spirit , We had a special festive yoga class, and Santa sent one of his elves along to join us!. Its a very hectic time for Elves and the pressure is on, so Santa though a spot of Yoga for Chocolate the Elf would be just the tonic.   Chocolate came into class as we were warming up, you should have seen the kids faces! I think they were a bit speechless at first, but they all welcomed Chocolate . The kids were loving it, and I think Chocolate did too :-).



so many fun things planned over the next few weeks , I’ll be  keeping you all updated on all the goings on here at Mis-Fit HQ.   I’d love to hear about your fun festive adventures too , so come follow me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo   using the #misfitfestivefun or come visit us on Facebook – plus we’ll be doing a little vlogging including some workouts over on YouTube channel little mis-fit.

Happy Holidays!



The day I got to be a pin up model!

So a couple weeks ago, I got to tick off an item from my bucket list – I got to be a Pin up girl!!! .  And I LOVED it!!!!!!.

imageI can literally while away hours watching make up videos on You Tube, a few years ago I came across Cherry Dollface. Cherry is actually a Bona Fide pin up girl, and does Vintage style hair and make up tutorials.  She came to the UK on tour last year, but I had my friend’s hen do around the same time and the nearest city was Leeds. However this year, Cherry announced a second UK tour, and this time – Newcastle was listed!!!. Hurrah – it was actually at Frankie and Gerry’s Retro pin up studio in Sunderland and Gerry Roxby  owner of the studio , herself was our photographer. Gerry is also the designer behind Glamour Bunny clothing line and even Dita Von Teese herself has been seen rocking one of Gerry’s designs!. You know I love my fellow girl bosses and Gerry is a truly inspiring Fellow girl boss.

I packed my little suitcase with a few of my Vintage/vintage inspired outfits , and off I went. I managed to get to Stadium of light fine – well I Have seen Bon Jovi there, plus I’ve done the Sunderland 10K a couple times. But from  there I had to find the studio – being directionally challenged , of course I got a little lost. I swear the people at the Enterprise car rental place , thought me and my Cow print suitcase were casing the joint 😂. A call to Gerry, though and she directed me to the studio – just look for the Throne in the window , she instructed – now this sounds my kind of place haha. I arrived and met fellow pin up girl , Lou. Lou was lovely and we got chatting right away. I have to admit when I first saw Cherry, I was a little star struck! And she is like a little doll in real life so super teeny tiny, ! . She was so lovely aswell, very personable and just chatted away with us  . Helen was the next girl to arrive , followed by Dawn. We had all travelled from various parts of the North East  , and we  all bonded over our love of Vintage clothing and accessories . One by one, Cherry performed her hair and make up magic on each of us. I’m sure for her bless , it must have been a little odd as we all knew about her life from watching her videos, so for us it was like meeting a friend, but to her we must have seemed star struck strangers haha, but it didn’t take long for me to feel amongst friends with all the girls, they all had such positive and welcoming vibes.

As Cherry made us each over, we each got to then have our own individual shoots, cheered on by the other girls. Gerry was brilliant, none of us really had any modelling experience, but she somehow magically managed to turn us into Pin up models for the day.  You did feel a bit daft at first, but after a bit you start to get into the spirit and pout like the pin up girls we were trying to be. Have to say though new found respect for models – it really is hard work – So many photos just to get a perfect shot! .

It was an incredible experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat and I made 5 lovely new chums  – Cherry, Gerry (yeah that didn’t get confusing on the day 😂) , Lou, Helen and Dawn  thank you for making the day such a blast! 😘.

Right now do we think I can possibly squeeze in being a  pin up model along side Little Mis-Fit and my travel job I wonder ………..  ??????

Joanne xoxo 💋

Check out The Cherry dollface  channel on You Tube!

Frankie and Gerrys retro pin up Studio is based in Sunderland -

my outfits on the day were from my lovely friends at Like Sadie did –

Dawn I met on the day also does Vintage Hair pin ups – you can check her out on Facebook  and Instagram – lips hairdressing

read Lou’s blog of the day here –🍒/




Plan and prep tips to keep your nutrition on track!

imageFail to prepare, prepare to fail   (Image Pinterest)


This is a quote I often use with my small group girls, when they embark on their healthy lifestyle journey.

These days we are all just so busy  and if you are not prepared with your Nutrition , its really easy to just reach for the quicker and often much less healthier option  of take out or something “quick” from a jar /packet that tastes  far less tastier than homemade.   But  with just a  little  bit of organisation , you can head into the week, armed and ready to stay on board the healthy  nutrition train  – now get ready to jump aboard – choo chooo!   (heehee you made the choo choo sound didn’t you?  , maybe even did the arm action like you’re ringing the bell? 😜   )


Ok so here are a couple of  tips that hopefully will help :-


  1. Before you do your food shop, take a little time to plan out a menu for the week ahead. Take out your diary and see what you have going on so you can work your meals around that. For instance on a Tuesday if you’re working all day and even working late  /or  the kids have activities after school , its no good planning a meal that takes loads of prep time and ages to cook – you’ll be too exhausted and it will be time consuming, so you are more likely to give up and reach for take out or something quick and maybe much less healthier then if you planned ahead and had something pre- prepared!.


  1. By planning out your menus in advance, when you go shopping – you can stock up on the ingredients that you know, you are going to need, that way you know you have them to hand already and don’t need to waste time revisiting  the shops. .  plus this actually helps to save money in the long run as you only buy what you need! – limiting food and money waste!.
  1. Pre prepare where you can in advance. At the weekend or on your day off, or anytime you have an hour or so to get in the kitchen and prep . Cook up some meals in advance and   pop them in the fridge  or freeze them, so they can be taken out on busy nights. Or peel and chop up vegetables etc  that you can then pop in food bags in the fridge –  a huge time saver, you just get your little food bag out with all the chopped up ingredients, as and when you need them.  Tupperware and food bags become Kitchen staples!  – but can I just ask does anyone else have a Tupperware elf  in their house that seems to like to mix up the lids and then you just simply  can not find the lid that actually fits that box???????? .  Bulk Cook – when you are making things like Bolognese, Chilli, curry etc –  make extra so left overs can be used for lunches the next day , or a tea later in the week.


  1. Life is an adventure and there are some weeks even the best laid plans go awry –  keep some key ingredients in the cupboard/fridge and have a little list of go to  quick, healthy meals that take little time and effort to cook that you can reach for , on the days when you


  1. Useful kitchen gadgets to make life a little  easier :-


Slow Cooker  –  I love my slow cooker,   I work from home Wed-Fri at my day job and then Wed/Thurs I only have a little time between finishing and then going out to teach classes, so I usually get the slow cooker on , then it feels like a little elf has cooked tea as its all ready for when we finish work. Its also great on a weekend –  meals an be cooking as you’re getting on with other jobs.

slow cooker

Chicken broth cooking today for tea!


Soup Maker –  One of the best Kitchen gadgets we bought!. I have no idea how many Blenders I have managed to break in my time  – its a fair few!,  so when my mam mentioned soup makers (she’s a QVC addict is  Christine!) , I thought I would investigate them. I’m more of an Amazon girl so I headed to their website. I found a Morphy Richards one – it got great reviews and was £60   (some of them on QVC are over £100 yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) . so I purchased . OMG its amazing – basically I just need to cut up the veg , add in some stock , a bit of oil in the bottom , put the lid on and press the button – you can chose smooth or chunky and voila 20 minutes later –  its cooked and blended!!!. Plus  its super  easy to clean – who does not love easy to clean equitiment!!. You just need hot water, washing up liquid and a sponge and clean it out and leave to dry – fabulous! . its also a great way to use up any left over Veg – I once made up soup – with peppers, sweet potatoes and Chickpeas as I was using stuff up – its one of Martin’s favourites  now .

soup maker


These are just a few of my tips and tricks that I find useful. I would love to hear your tips  and tricks you use and your go to quick healthy reciepes – come visit us at Facebook or Instagram @littlemisfitjojo  .




May Favourites

J-Lo once said you have the skin you are born with until you are 20 and after that you have the skin you deserve . I am a firm, believer that a healthy balanced diet including lots of water , plus Vitamin D , exercise and sleep  all play a massive part  in the health of your skin but i’m also a bit of beauty product junkie -( a beauty counter sales girl’s dream  – If it promises me a J-lo glow  – i’m pretty much sold :-).


So here are just a few of my favourite products I’ve been loving this month – I’d love to know yours too ! – come say hi over at Facebook or tag me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo

May faves

  1. Origins High Potency Night a Mins Moisturiser    Since my early twenties , I have suffered with Acne flare ups so I am incredibly  fussy on my skincare  and need to investigate throughly and read reviews before I purchase anything!!! . I have the Origins – A perfect world age defense  day  mosturiser and I love that, so having done my research , I opted to go for the Night a mins oil free one. Quite a few reviews mentioned the fact that it helped reduce  the appearance of acne scarring and that it contained sleep inducing aromas, and it made your skin appear brighter, ( hello J-lo glow  – sold!!!!! 😄) I’ve been using it since April and it really has help reduce my acne scarring without  aggravating  my skin at all –  a definite  firm favourite.

2. OPI nail varnish. – got myself in a Jam balaya   from the New Orleans range. I just always feel more polished when I have my nails done and though in Autumn/winter – I love my dark colours, I just fell in love with this peachy colour for summer  and it really compliments my skin tone.



3. Michael Kors – sexy Amber perfume . I was at my God son’s birthday party recently and one  of the other guests came in and she smelled gorgeous, I asked her what perfume she had on and it was this one, so I totally copied. Thanks Gemma!.

4. Super drug Coconut Ice Body Butter  – I’m on my second Tub already. I got  this as a gift for my birthday and it smells divine – a beach holiday in a tub!!! .

5. Christian Dior Forever foundation  – again  very fussy on my foundation as a few do make me break out . When I work out I opt for bare mineral foundation as I find it doesn’t block my pores. I just wanted a new one for  when I go out , I have a Mac one I like but my skin is  not so keen on it  and I’m not sure the colour suits my skin tone now the warmer weather has arrived – well you know at least decides to  put an appearance in now and then 😜. I wanted one that looked natural , stayed put and didn’t make me look orange. The sales lady in Boots ( hello  advantage points – don’t you just love those ! ) was lovely and was really knowledgable and she  helped me pick the right product. I originally  went in for the Dior star foundation, but the lady recommended the forever one for me  after  asking about my skin and lifestyle . It was a great choice .

And ok so not actually a beauty product but hey taking time out to recharge the batteries is super important too so at no  6 is the Nashville Box set  . I Love a good Box set marathon  and having made my way through Hart of Dixe ( also brilliant!) I started on Nashville. I got season 1 for my birthday and am now up to Season 2 and loving it!!! Please no spoilers though 🤐 shhhhh.


Wishing you all a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend xxx

My Top 5 Exercises


So these are my top 5 exercises – you can jazz them up and make them even harder. But just in their simple form these 5 moves  will give you an effective full body  workout!


1 Squats – make sure all the weight is in your heels, feeling nothing in your knees. Aim to get parallel to the floor, keep the length through spine. Knees in line with toes – don’t allow them to creep over!.   This will target legs, bum and stomach.


2. Press ups. Start on your knees , and build up to full press ups on your toes 😄. Hands wide, chest between your hands, aiming to get chest down to the floor.  This will target arms, shoulders, chest and abs.



3. Burpees. Start in a standing position, jump and then bring hands to the floor and jump the feet back  into a Plank position, wrists, elbows, shoulders all stacked, abs pulled in, keep hips level with the shoulders – never let that butt sink down or else you’ll hurt your lower back. also don’t let the bum stick up – we’re not doing down dog .  Jump the feet back uptoward the hands and come back up to standing.  One of the best all over body exercises!

imageburpee 2

4. Lunges .  Target the legs and bum. Step one foot  forward, and lunge  keeping knee in line with toes  – imagine a right angle , back leg as close to the floor as you can. Keep abs in, and back straight, . Chest and head up tall .  lunge

5. Plank hold.

Keep wrists, elbows and shoulders stacked, so weight is evenly distributed through the arms. keep abs pulled in – imagine pulling bellybutton through to spine. Keep the length through the crown of the head through to the tailbone, keeping hips level with shoulders. I should be able to balance a glass of Prosecco on your back without spilling a drop!!!.  This will target shoulders, arms, and abs.



Try this little workout :-

20seconds on , 10 seconds rest

Press ups
Plank Hold

x 4 rounds

I’d love to hear how you get on!, come follow me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo   or visit me on facebook –


Joanne xx




Its a Girlboss Life

So there I was plodding away ,quietly building the Mis-Fit empire, when my friend Michelle Rose who runs Custard and Bear Marketing   asked would I be interested in doing her marketing for Mummies course . I was like Michelle that sounds  great but I’m not a mammy, she assured me though I didn’t have to be, I just had to be a girl with a  Dream and a penchant for cake 🙂 .  Michelle  is so so lovely and always makes you feel like you can take on the world and makes anything seem possible , any Girl bosses out there running their own business, I highly recommend Michelle’s marketing for Mummies course, it really pushes you outside your comfort zone, but that is where all the Magic  happens! . She has the best catchphrase  – it doesn’t always have to be perfect just get S$it done   in otherwords, don’t just think about doing  it, just bloody go do it! . I signed up and  it was like this little door opened and  I found myself  in a community full of inspiring  Girlboss’ and it felt so amazing.  All these women, a lot of whom were mothers tired of working inflexible hours  had taken  their passion and talents  and created a small business that they could fit around their family life and find a work/life balance that worked for them.

Here are just some of the friends I’ve made along the way – though there truly are countless more .

Lulu Charles Jewellery 

My Girlboss Bestie Jayne ,  fate  and our mutual friend Daneka brought  Jayne to classes.  Jayne runs Lulu Charles alongside her Husband Ashley and her dad and they make the most amazing bespoke pieces. I had gold jewellery, I had from my 18th and 21st birthdays. It held sentimental value for me, so I never wanted to sell it, but at the same time  it was just sitting in a drawer. They took that gold and made it into a Joanne necklace. I love it and wear it loads . Jayne kept me in the loop from the early design to the finished piece. They also made me a a gorgeous stacker ring recently .

We had both done Michelle’s marketing for mummies , though in seperate groups and as we became friends, we decided to join forces and help each other on our respective paths . we have regular meet ups  and just share the victories and the struggles and Jayne has become  a true Diamond friend.

Like Sadie Did

I knew sisters  Laura and Sara from my classes. Laura had been running when she spotted my bootcamp, she searched in google and got it in touch and came along to classes about 3 or 4 years ago. She started bringing her sister Sara. now their mam Judy and auntie Lesley come too! –  The universe really does seem to have a knack of bringing people together.  when Laura and Sara set up a Vintage clothes business – Like Sadie did  with their cousin Maggie, I was so excited.  I love Vintage style , (as you can probably tell if you follow me on Instagram)  .  .A lot of my outfits are from Like Sadie did.  They are doing lots of pop up events so keep your eyes peeled!   –  The clothes are gorgeous and I always get loads of compliments when I wear one of their dresses or skirts.

Vitality Pilates 

Marie and Jill from Vitality Pilates,   our paths crossed at the Academy , and it was Marie I met first and she was just such a positive, genuinely  lovely person. I then met her business partner  Jill who was also really lovely and  and though we have our own individual fitness business’, we’re also working together too on a few things . Just because we’re all instructors doesn’t mean we’re in competition , we learn a lot from each other and its a brilliant example of women in business supporting each other instead of competing against each other.

Pet Lamb Patisserie 

Katie and Kay from  Pet Lamb Patisserie , seriously if you are in Newcastle and fancy a sweet treat – these girls make the most amazing cakes – their salted Caramel Brownies are divine! I first came across Pet Lamb a few years back when I still worked in town, they had a little shop in the green market with Fairy Lights – you know I LOVE fairy lights and they just drew me in . They were both so friendly and  even  though now I don’t get in very often , when ever I find myself in Newcastle, I always head there for a sweet treat and they always have a friendly word and they remember what I like . They have done so amazing they had to move to a bigger shop still in the green Market and still with those all important  fairy lights , so def pop in if you are nearby.

Whilst on the marketing for mummies course I was recommended a book called 12 Lessons by Kate Spencer – it was amazing!!!. All about how what you put out in the universe, is what you get back, and how the universe will send you little signs to guide you on your path, if only you just stop, look around and listen once in a while. if you’re putting positivity, kindness and well wishes out in the universe, that is what the universe will bring back for you. if you’re all negative and why me , that is what you get back – its the law of attraction! .

I am  a bit of a bookworm , and after reading 12 lessons , Amazon then  suggested a  book called #Girlboss by Sophie Amoruso  which was so inspiring, all about Sophie’s journey from hopping from job to job and even a brief flirtation with being a fregan, to now founder and CEO of Nasty Gal – a muliti million dollar vintage clothing business in the States, a business she started from her little apartment.   After #Girlboss  I also read Girlcode by master Life coach Cara Alwill Leyba   creator of the Champagne diet.  Cara used to work at MTV and had a very stressful life , she was complaining one day about having tried so many diets, when a colleague said have you ever tried eating healthy and working out? , Cara said actually no but i also like a drink now and then. Her colleague suggested drinking champagne as it had less calories . Cara realised , that small act of holding a champagne glass made her feel special , and she deserved to feel like that all the time,    and thus The Champagne diet  was born. Its not so much about the nutrition side , its more the symbolic meaning of Champagne – its a very Glamorous drink and we associate it with celebrating. Its not even about being  girl with her own business ,  its just  about being a Girlboss of YOUR own Life!!!! . Havimg a job – employed or self employed that makes you want to get out of bed on a morning and not just wait anxiously for Friday and or pay day to come round. Life is far too short to live for just the weekends.  Create  a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks amazing on your social Media sites . Surrounding yourself with the people who make you feel happy, loved and supported , Positive people who  lift your spirits   . Its about  making the space around you, a  haven , I have lots of Fairy Lights in lanterns dotted around our house , it makes the house look so enchanted and cosy on winter nights – I’m just trying to convince Martin we also need some in the garden …… 🙂 .I adore    Bombay Duck and Mirabella Gift company  for the  little home touches ( my lanterns are Bombay Duck)  /   –  and  –    Both companies are ran by fellow  Girl bosses too . Find what you love though, my mam’s house always smells gorgeous as she loves candles – it’s just creating your own little Haven with things you love.  Like Cara says in the Champagne Diet Just a few small little actions , that  inject a little glamour to everyday life. drink  your water out of a wine glass or a cup of tea out of a cup or saucer rather than a mug. Wear Clothes that make you feel a million dollars as feeling happy and content and fabulous on the inside , will reflect  out on the outside too . Throw out or donate  anything that does not make you feel anything less than fabulous . Execise – find a work out you love – a healthy body leads to a happier mental and emotional state of mind, that in turn makes it seem anything is possible – if you can dream it, you can live it!!! .

–  Cheers to all the Girlboss’ out there, creating and living their own  fabulous lives, leaving their sparkle  on the world  and those of you not quite living it yet , go create your very own Girlboss life.     -. I would love to hear your girlboss stories  – maybe you’ve treated yourself to a fabulously expensive bag or shoes, you’ve paid for yourself, or maybe it’s just as simple as getting your nails done that makes you feel glamorous and ready to take on the world girlboss style – whatever it is let me know you can find me on Instagram @llittlemisfitjojo  using the #itsagirlbosslife  Or tweet me @mis_fit1 using the same #.  💋 Xxxxx