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Building a Community!

For years I contemplated getting my fitness qualification, and teaching Fitness classes. However courses can be expensive and way back in the dark ages  before the  phenomenon we now have called the Internet , not so easily accessible . Back in 2009  In a moment of Serendipity though , I had  joined a new gym –

so there I was in Body Pump with a fantastic  instructor Stephen Smith  who every week would regale us with his hilarious weekly exploits  . His classes were so popular, you worked hard, but they were fun too , I’m still not sure if it was the class or all the laughing we did that left you with sore muscles the next day. I came to learn that Stephen also ran a training facility, where you could get your fitness instructor qualification. I decided to take the plunge and sign up.  When I started the course, I think I just assumed I would wind up working in a gym or leisure center, but as the course went on, I started to think hang on why can I not just set up classes in a local hall and bring classes out into the community ? .  You know when you walk into Gyms  and there are some  people all Reality TV esque – tanned, full face of make up , perfect hair even after their workout????   – then there was me – hardly any if no make up, hair as unruly as ever, sweat dripping , and I thought there must be people who would feel intimidated and hate going into gyms as a result or maybe like me , they preferred classes to the actual gym and wanted to feel part of something. Stephen’s classes were always such fun and everyone was welcome, I wanted to create the same kind of atmosphere in my own classes.  How lovely would it be to create a little community of classes, where everyone felt  welcome, it didn’t matter what fitness level you were, it would just be a place where the focus was on making fitness classes fun and accessible and you would have  the added bonus of making new friends :-).

I found the number for the local church and rang and asked about hiring the hall out one night a week on a Monday  for a fitness class. I started with Aerobics as  my base qualification is in Exercise to music. I rounded up family and friends and asked them all along to this first class. I was so nervous , what if no one came, what if people came and hated it! , what if no one came back again ….

So many What If’s , but hey far better to try and fail then always wonder right ,. I decided to opt for an 80’s theme – it was the decade that brought us aerobics after all  plus  80’s music  is so infectious and just makes you want to dance  – seriously  who didn’t want to be a kid from Fame!.  That first class we were in a little  room  and  I had about 12  people show up, whats more quite a few of those were  back the next week, and  6 years on some of those same people are still coming to my classes now!.  4 months after that first class , I decided to add another class – this time I found a Village Hall at Delves Lane in Consett and I added a Thursday class . A handful came along and again a couple of those ladies are still with me today and I’m still teaching in the same two venues.  Since those early days, I’ve gained a few more qualifications , you never ever stop learning as a fitness instructor.  little by little and lots and lots of hard work later  ,  Word of mouth spread and today my classes are busier than ever and those two classes have now  grown into 14 classes a week!!!.  Apart from some cover work in the early days , I never did go work in a gym or leisure center, I fell in love with teaching  community classes from that first class and I just knew that was the road for me.  I’ve watched the classes build and seen friendships formed ,   – some  people come and they go, life,  circumstances etc  but the majority stay- they are there week in, week out . As new people come ,  the feedback I recieve the most is how welcoming the classes are , how the class members go out of their way to make newbies feel welcome and included and welcomed into the tribe.  I”ve had the privilage to share in  special milestones – I’ve seen some of the girls get married and become mammies. I’ve watched them grow stronger and fitter and do things they never thought they would ever achieve – including people who have never ran before , run half marathons!!!, i’ve seen us team up and crawl through tunnels of mud for “fun” and raise money for the British Heart Foundation . in March of this year , we took part  in a 3 hour Boxercise class to raise money for Ovarian cancer.

I truly believe   “your Vibe attracts your tribe”,  what you put out to the universe, you get back  –  as I look out at my tribe of Mis-Fits and I see  so much Positivity, cheerfullness , friendship , kindness and love  radiating , I feel I must be putting those same vibes out into the Universe  to be lucky enough to have them come back to me in such abundance.

As Cindrella says “A Dream is a wish your heart makes” and I’m living mine – the Dream I had of creating a community of fun fitness classes and bringing people together  is now my reality thanks to my community o Mis-Fits.  xxxxxxxx


Fitness conventions

So this weekend, I travelled to Blackpool for the International Fitness showcase convention (IFS).  I’ve been teaching for 5 years, but never been to a fitness convention. However this year, I had some little chums to go with – Jill and Marie who own Vitality  Pilates studio in Durham and their friend Carol. I take classes at Jill and and Marie’s studio – yes even us instructors like to go to classes ourselves.  We hired a car, booked a B&B and off we went. It was Awesome!!!!!!! ,  The event was held in the Winter Gardens in Blackpool

So basically every hour there were around 10 sessions – classes/workshops/lectures going on. You picked the ones you wanted to do – we were sent the timetable for the weekend in advance and you had to select first, second and third choices of sessions.  The sessions were really busy but I did mange to get a couple of my first choices hurrah

My favourite sessions were

Booty Barre  – I actually was lucky enough to do the two master classes on Saturday with the Booty Barre creator Tracey Mallett. Tracey was lovely , though she worked us hard!. she had flown over from LA and was really feeling the cold wind of Blackpool !.

Freestyle fitness Yoga – you guys know I love me some Yoga and I loved this session

I also took in a lecture, how to flatten your abs forever  focusing  on nutrition, which was really interesting.

i took in some Dance aerobic classes too, which were so much fun. Though I took one aerobics class – you know that episode of Friends, where Monica gets her credit card stolen, and she takes a tap dancing class to try and find the woman who has stolen her identity?. All the class are in sync apart from Monica who just freestyles – well I was totally Monica in this aerobics class haha. I had to totally freestyle as I was soooo bamboozled!!!.  (see and there is another   Friends reference  – the  episode where Joey audtions to be the presenter of a new Game show called Bamboozled – do I watch too much Friends maybe???? nah never  its like my life bible lol – anyone else??).

There was a drinks reception on Friday and a gala dinner Saturday so we could also swap our trainers and workout clothes for our heels and dresses hurrah.

All in all an amazing weekend with a group of lovely girls, We all came away buzzing with new ideas for class sessions and we all agreed bring on IFS 2017!



our Box to Beat event – Sunday 28th February

The Mis-Fit family never cease to amaze me.  As a boxercise instructor, we were invited to organise a Box to beat event. – a joint campaign with Boxercise and the Ovarian – it would be a 3 hour long Boxercise class. It was an event created to raise awareness and much needed funds for research during March which is Ovarian Cancer month.  I asked the Mis-Fits if anyone would like to take part and got lots of yes’s :-).

So we organised our event for Sunday 29th February. Mark at the North Durham Academy in Stanley, where we have some of our classes, very kindly allowed us the use of the theatre for the event. Thanks Mark!!!!.

3 hours is a long time to workout – ha the guys are usually moaning 5 minutes into a regular class (though  they love it really heehee). So I knew I needed to make it a fun filled session.

I think I achieved it – the guys were laughing throughout it all and they all agreed they had had fun and the time just flew over . I’ve had some of the guys  requesting  to do it all again next year!.

We set ourselves a £500 target  –  as of today though we have actually raised over £900!!!!!!!!.  our little community has come together and supported one another and raised an incredible amount of money for a brilliant cause.

A HUGE thank you to all those who took part and to all of Mis-Fits, and our family and friends who have donated so so generously!.

the 2016 Box to Beat Mis-Fit team!  Marie and Tracey Sowerby, Tracy Walton,Gillian and Tash Corney, Clare Tilney, Pamela Smith , Deborah Wyatt, Joanne Neilands, Daneka Adams, Andrea Gray, Bev Charlton, Jayne Emma Turner and of course our very own Martin Greensitt.

box to beat


Check out how much fun the guys had – thanks to Tasha Corney for the Flipogram!


Out with New Years Resolutions…In with Positive Intentions

Out with New Year Resolutions and In with Positive Intentions 

As we prepare to say a goodbye 2015 and Welcome in  2016, for a lot of people its a time of reflection and making resolutions for the year ahead.
A New year equals a fresh start, a chance to make changes for self improvement.  Most people full of Turkey, chocolate, buffet food  and alcohol make  New Year  resolutions  , often with too many restrictions for you to actually be able to keep it up for any longer than a few weeks and lets face it  we can plan as much as we like, however life happens and can on occasion throw us a curveball which can knock us off track. Then when it all goes wrong, you can be left feeling like a total failure and just give up entirely.

So for 2016, why not try a different tact – rather than make a New year resolution, why not set yourself some Positive intentions for the year ahead.   Intentions are Positive calls to action  – something you would like to do rather than maybe something perhaps you feel you should. Its an ongoing process and leaves room for a little more flexibility especially when life throws those curve balls at you!.

so for example    Rather than say My New Years resolution is to go on a diet and  lose weight, therefore I am only going to eat Salad for the whole of January  and get up an hour earlier to do an hours workout before work  but   lets face it – who wants to eat salad in January – its freezing cold and Salad can get boring very quickly!!!!!!!!  And those dark mornings when you want to bury under the covers just for 5 minutes more…..  why not say this year   I will Love myself enough to make more healthier food choices   and move a little more . You could aim to try a new healthy food recipe  once a week , and/or set yourself a challenge to be active every day  even if its only 10 minutes on busy days –  something as simple as sticking your favourite song on and dancing around to it at home – its a cardio workout!.   Little changes all add up and just by make small changes to your nutrition and moving a little more , you’ll start to notice the positive benefits and want to keep it up  perhaps adding further challenges as you grow more confident in your journey.


I challenge myself to try something new   -maybe its a new hobby, experience ,book, a new type of food .

I aim to visit a place I have never visited before  -maybe its a Country / City you’ve always wanted to travel to.

So get your journal/notebook and a pen and think what would I like to happen in 2016 and write it down and keep it to hand as a daily reminder of your hopes and dreams for the year ahead .   After all its the first blank page of a 366  day year in 2016 – make it a good one!.

I’d love to hear what your Positive intentions are for 2016 !  Follow me on Twitter @mis_fit1 or Instagram @Littlemisfitjojo
or facebook /lilmisfit1

Wishing you all a Wonderfully Happy and healthy New Year – may all your wishes come true xxxxx

  Why the Scales are not always the best tool in your Health and Fitness Journey 

How many times have you stepped on the scales, after having what you thought was a really “good” week, only to be disheartened  not to see any movement on the numbers, or even worse a change in the wrong direction???.

As a fitness instructor, this is the most common question – why after doing all this exercise am I not losing any weight or even gaining weight.

We’ve all been there. You sweated buckets and managed to avoid the temptation of the biscuit tin and the scale hasn’t even moved!, all that hard work for nothing. Except it wasn’t  – look beyond the number on the scale. Scales are not always a true indication of how healthy you are. If you work out a lot – you will probably find that actually you maybe weigh more , why? lean Muscle is why . Muscle weighs  more than fat but takes up less room. So yes the number on the scale is higher but your clothes are smaller – hurrah. plus the more muscle you have the more fat you burn.  Look at the picture below – at her heaviest weight – she actually has the leaner more toned body.


(Thanks to Train Like Beauty for Image Use)

A lean body is gained by combining working out with  eating   clean healthy  fresh foods and Limiting the amount of processed foods, alcohol, fizzy pop, and sugar.

By all means continue to weigh yourself on occasion, but also measure yourself and just take a  look at yourself in the mirror – do you see muscle tone start to appear?, are your clothes fitting better than before? – maybe you have dropped a dress size, despite the number on the scale. Do you feel more energetic and positive? .  Do you feel fitter, stronger?, are you able to progress to the next level such as full press up? . Look beyond the scales – if you are working out and eating healthy, little changes are happening and  those little changes all add up to huge progress.