Working out as part of a group is way more fun than on your own, thats why fitness classes are so popular, you get to work out and make friends at the same time. However sometimes you want a little more intensity, or maybe you have an event or holiday coming up, that you want to feel  extra gorgeous for, which is where My small group training programme can help. It is ran over a period of 6 weeks. There is  a minimum of 2, and maximum of 6 in one group thus allowing for more personal training.

Over the 6 weeks, you must commit 100% to the programme .  like anything in life you get out what you put in – if you put in half commitment you will get half the results, put in 100% and reap the rewards.  You will recieve a nutrition plan, along with meal ideas. You will keep a food diary, which you will send to me each week. there are twice weekly private group training sessons. There is also a private facebook group where as a group you can support each other on your shared journey.

All this for the bargain cost of  just £100! , that works out at  only £17 per week!. personal training sessions are £25-£30 an Hour on average!!!!.  Working as a team is way more fun, plus can bring out your competive edge – no one wants to be the first one to give up :-).

I have ran several Small group sessions  since January 2014, and the particpants have got a lot out of them , They have learned about nutrition, dropped dress sizes, and improved their mental and physical well beings.  The groups are getting more and more popular and sell out extremely quickly, so if you want a space you do need to act fast!.

I run various dates throughout the year.

If you would like to be out on waitlist for next available small group , please get in touch.

Here are a few comments below from the guys who have completed the small Group training programe.

Rachel Hall

Rachel has been attending classes with me for the past few years now. She has done the Small group training programme a few times in that time.

As a working mum of 2 , Here is Rachel’s Story –

I’m a bit of a ‘veteran’ when it comes to small group training, but for me this is a testament for why I keep doing them and the success they bring you
After having my second child, I’ve struggled to get my level of fitness back and my nutrition back to where it used to be. Small group for me just let’s me ‘re focus on both of these areas. Tha classes are great and the advice from Joanne and the rest of the girls is great too.Since starting small groups back in 2014 I can hand on heart say I’ve been re educated in cooking and nutrition. I try and cook nearly everything from scratch , and I hope this teaches my kids for the future of how to be healthy and look after our bodies. I’ve especially enjoyed small group this time to bring me away from the hectic role of mammy and work and give me a bit of me time . It’s no frills or silly diets that you can’t maintain which I love. I would recommend small group to anyone ! Thanks again to Joanne who is a great motivator and supports you all the way and the lovely girls who attend lil mis fit 🙂

Cathy Sandelands

How gorgeous does Mis Fitter Cathy Sandelands look on her wedding day! 💕.

I had the absolute pleasure of helping Cathy feel fitter and stronger as she prepared for her wedding in July . In preparation, Cathy enrolled on our Small group training programme back in January of this year.

Here is Cathy’s story –

As someone who was totally new to small group a couple of months ago, I was a little bit nervous about what to expect, but I can honestly say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every part of it! Joanne is really supportive, no matter what journey you’re hoping to go on or what goal you would like to achieve – she is with you along the way, challenging and spurring you on, but always making sure you feel comfortable in what you’re doing.
From help with meal choices, to fun and energetic classes that help you learn from others in your group, you always know the support is there if and when you need it. I’ve been working towards my wedding this summer and have seen some fantastic results from the small group programme, of which I’m really grateful to Joanne for helping me get there!

Emma McNicholas

Here at Little Mis-Fit , we believe in looking after our physical and mental wellbeing.

Meet the lovely Emma with her two adorable boys Alex and James.

Emma has been doing my 6 week Small group programme for the past year . Emma’s fitness over the last year has sky rocketed!. I am so proud of her for never giving and despite having a demanding job and having two small children under 4 , she makes that time in her week just for her , to come do something for herself which helps her stay fit and healthy and helps

She messaged me a few weeks ago , she had been travelling for work and they were late for the train and had to run through the station – she was so proud a) she had managed to run! And b) found she had barely broke a sweat on the run to the train as her fitness levels were a lot higher than before she started small group!.

Taking the time to look after yourself is not selfish , it’s a priority!. In order to be able to take care of your loved ones , you also need to look after your own physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Here is Emma’s story –

I started small group training with Joanne last September and I have to say I’ve never looked back. I was struggling with post natal depression, juggling two children under two and self esteem at the time and following advice from my health visitor I started to look for an evening exercise class. My sister in law recommended Joanne and seeing her results and how great she looked I contacted Joanne through facebook. Lil Mis Fit small group was just the ticket. Within two weeks I felt energised and the time doing something for me was just what I needed to lift my spirits. The eating plan Joanne provides is great too. I hate diets, so the healthy eating plan with no calorie counting eased me into it and didn’t stop me from breastfeeding. I’ve lost 8 inches since starting and smashed my fit test each round. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. Just give it a go x

Joanne Neilands


” Joining the Small Group Training is honestly the best decision I’ve ever made”

Before-After-2Joining the small group training is honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. After having my two children close together I was needing to get back to my “old self ” but the idea of going to the gym really terrified me. Then I came across Joanne’s little misfit classes and never looked back. Joanne made me feel so welcome from the start and the other girls were so friendly. I didn’t feel at all intimidated or uncomfortable. To be honest I totally hated exercise which was mainly because I found it so hard.

But with Joannes support and encouragement it’s surprising what I found my body could do. Then after feeling my fitness and confidence was coming back I decided to do the small group training which I’m so glad I did. Not only have I learnt so much about nutrition and diet but the amount of inches I’ve lost is amazing! My body has totally transformed and my fitness has increased so much. I would recommend little misfit to anyone it’s honestly changed my life and I’ve made some lovely friends along the way..

Anna Lucas

“I Gained Skills & Motivation I Had Never Had Before!”

I thoroughly enjoyed six weeks small group training! Not only did i lose inches and become healthier, i gained skills and motivation i have never had before.I now cook everything from scratch ( i used to hate cooking ) and my energy levels are great!! The support you get from the people doing it with you is tremendous and ive maintained my focus which was always my stumbling block.Joanne is an inspiration and so supportive, guiding you along the way ensuring you reach your goals.I would recommend it to anyone!!

Rachel Hall

“I feel so much more confident”

JAYNEI started Joanne’s classes following a recommendation from a friend.   Having never exercised for a very long time, with three young children the idea filled me with dread, however I have to admit I’ve become slightly addicted. I eased myself in and before I knew it i’d enrolled myself onto Joannes small group training, I love the classes, each class is different and it’s great to see the results as the inches drop off…  and friends and family start saying you’ve lost weight’ or ‘Your looking good’.

I feel so much more confident and love the stress release! Joanne is such friendly instructor, who works hard to deliver a personal & professional service. I’ve also made some lovely new friends in the process, including Joanne! I can’t recommend Lil Mis Fit enough.

Jayne Emma Turner

“The support from both Joanne and fellow small groupers is amazing”

Before-After-3I joined Joanne’s Small Group Training  at the start of 2016 as I felt I needed to improve my diet and general wellbeing (especially after the Christmas celebrations!). Throughout the 6 weeks, I drastically improved my diet and fitness levels – I noticed improvements week by week and loved the difference I could feel just by making small changes. There is a misconception of starving yourself but that is not the case at all! I can caterorgorically say that I never went hungry and even enjoyed my food more than ever! Learning new recipes and cooking from scratch was something I really enjoyed.

The support from both Joanne and fellow small groupers is amazing – they are full of ideas for healthy meals and help get you through the tough(!) sessions. Joanne is a fantastic lady and she has helped me make so many changes for the better; I just can’t speak highly enough of her.

I would certainly recommend small group training to anyone who wants to make long term, sustainable changes. I am over the moon with my results, and Joanne’s classes are proof that you really do get out what you put in!

Stephanie Parker

Small Group Training Is Fantastic!

I attended Joanne’s small group training sessions in January and they were fab! I contacted Joanne asking nutritional advice about detoxing and generally adopting healthier eating habits and she advised I try the small group training. Joanne provided lots of information about which foods to eat and which to avoid, she provided recipe ideas and monitored our eating habits via a food diary. Alongside this we did 2 training sessions per week and these were very varied and a bit like a personal training session.
The results exceeded my expectations, I became much less bloated, lost weight and had a great deal more energy, this was my overall aim. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and recommended it to my mam who is currently accessing the small group sessions that Joanne is running between February and April. Small group training is fantastic!

Laura Duncan 

Learnt Loads About Nutrition, Lost Inches & Increased My Fitness,

Absolutely love the small group training sessions and as a testimony to this I’ve completed every course to date. Each session is so varied (even from one course to the next) which is why I really enjoy them and it’s clear that Joanne puts a huge amount of effort into the planning. I like training in a small group as everyone is really supportive of each other and there is nowhere to hide so you always give it your all!

I’ve learnt loads about nutrition since I’ve joined the SGT and I’ve made some positive changes to my diet which will stay with me for life. I’ve come a long way since I first started in terms of inches lost and my increased fitness levels and I’m hoping this will continue!! Thanks Joanne for all your help along the way.

Kathryn Hunter 

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