Girlboss meet up

This last week I met up with two of my Girlboss favourites – Jayne  from Lulu Charles Jewellery and Lauren from Print in house for a little Girlboss inspiration and planning meeting over lunch.  

The entrepreneurial  journey can get a little lonely sometimes, especially if you work alone , so joining forces with other Girlboss entrepreneurs, is a brilliant way of learning to look outside the box and  help push you further outside of your comfort zone , which is after all where all the best things happen! . 

With Jayne and Lauren, aswell as being friends, we are also each other’s client, so we can offer  one another insights from a customer point of view aswell as a girlboss one ,  plus  lets face it , lunch  with friends is always a fabulous  way to spend a Monday afternoon!. 

 We armed ourselves with our notebooks and diaries and set ourselves some goals to smash this month  and we’re meeting again  next month to see how we all get on and keep each other accountable . 

So if you are on your own girlboss journey , make sure you spend time with your  fellow dreamers and doers , who will help inspire, motivate and support you to always always shoot for the moon –  after all as Del Boy would say – she who dares wins! .  

You can follow all three of us on Instagram as our Girlboss story unfolds :-






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