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February 2021 updates

Hi guys!,  

I hope you are all ok,  can you believe it’s February??. Despite being in lockdown for the whole of January, it still seems to have flown by.  I know a lot of people are struggling with this lockdown even more – but the first lockdown we had glorious weather and the hope , we would be back to some kind of normal by the summer/. Then second lockdown we had Christmas to focus on  and now lockdown 3 –  we have now lived under these restrictions for almost a year and then add in the snow and Ice which has put paind to getting outside as much and it’s no wonder. However little signs of Spring are beginning to emerge –  I got some tulips the other day , the nights are getting a little lighter and daffodils are coming through .  
I know classes are helping so many of you just keep a routine which is a huge help to you . 💕

It definitely has not been a normal January, here at Mis-Fit HQ, but it is what it is and i’m Grateful we have been able to meet on our mats online still during this time, so thank you 💕.

February classes and membership options 

Zoom Class Timetable for February 

Monday 9.15-10am 

Monday 7pm-7.45pm 

Thursday 6.45pm-7.30pm 

Saturday 8.30am-9.15am 

£8 per session or you can purchase an 8 session pass – £55 

Or £70 for unlimited class pass for February  including online membership 

We also have our Online memberships over in our private Facebook group- we have two options available 

Standard membership £10  – A whole library of online workouts accessible 24/7 

Premium membership £30  includes 4 new workouts each week including 2 x  pre recorded and 2  live classes – Wednesday’s and Fridays  9.30am . These do save in the group so if you can’t catch the live , you can catch up when you can. 

Our Pilates  Small group Tuesday class will also be back from Tuesday  2nd February   again via Zoom


1 space left 💕

£35 for the 4 weeks 

Maternity leave. 

I will be going on maternity leave from 1st March and then all being well, hoping to get back teaching in June – though of course I will be keeping you all updated.  I’’m hoping by June – we might even be able to get back to actual classes too!. 

Whilst I am off , the online classes  via our Private Facebook group will still be Available. Though there will be no new class  uploads for a few months – there is a huge library of classes already there for you to access .  Just £10 per month for those of you that wish to continue with those whilst I am off. I’m sure I’ll be popping in the group from time to time you , just to say hello and check in with you all in there 💕. 

To sign up for any of the above or more information just drop me a message.

Stay safe



Joanne xx;

Online Classes and Programmes



Can you believe we are about to go into week 9 of lockdown!. The weeks seem to be flying past so quickly .  We are all finding a new kind of routine now, and adjusting to this new way of living. I think having some kind of routine is a big help and I know for a lot of my online class guys , it is seeing familiar faces in the group and doing the classes alongside me  – just some feeling some normalacy from before lockdown 

I do think it will be a good couple of months before we can start to look at bringing back in person classes and even then it will have to be smaller groups . However in  the meantime we have a few different online class options that you can try.

Currently all options are available via  private Facebook groups.  Coming soon I will have a private membership area right here on our website  with access to online classes too. 

Pilates and Meditation group – £25 per month. 

Our Pilates group is for those of you who love your Pilates sessions and want to focus on those.  You get two brand new workouts each week – Tuesdays and Saturdays . Saturdays I usually teach the class live at 8.15am-9am, so you can follow along in real time . However if you can’t make the live sessions, they save in the group for you to access whenever you can  

Community class group – £40 per month/£12 per week/ £4 pay as you go options available

This is our group which has replaced our offline class programme during the pandemic. We have a class timetable of classes each week – for example 

Monday **LIVE** Pilates Bootcamp 7.30am-8am

Tuesday – Body Sculpt or cardio style  (pre recorded )

Wednesday ** LIVE** Pilates Sculpt & tone 9.30am-1015am or barre style class 

Thursday – Body Sculpt / Barre (pre recorded )

Friday ** LIVE ** Pilates 6.30pm-7.15pm  – this one you can bring a glass of wine, Gin, prosecco , juice whatever your preferece! 

I do mix up the classes each week but it is usually a Pilates inspired, Barre or body sculpt and some cardio each week. 


Our Third group is our Online workout group – this was our very first online class community we started two years ago.  This one is £10 per month and contains a mix of pre recorded  workouts for you to access with two new ones added each week usually around 15-25 minutes long. 


For more information or to join any of our online groups, please do just email me or drop me a DM via our Facebook page –  or Instagram @littlemisfitjojo.  I hang out on Instagram a lot so do come say Hi ! and if you want to see what I get up to during the week, when I am not teaching – its currently swinging on my new egg chair in the garden with a book in my hand more often then not! 


How would you like your post Lockdown life to look?


Photo- Pinterest 


It’s hard to believe we’ve been in lockdown now for 6 weeks!!.  The days are flying by and I think we’ve all settled into little routines.

This week I joined a live call with my friend and Mentor Yvonne Radley.   During the call she asked us to think of 10 things we have enjoyed about lockdown aswell as noting things we hadn’t enjoyed- I think we all agree missing seeing loved ones and the freedom to just go where you like – ( is anyone else missing just mooching around TK Maxx and Primark?? 😂).

My list for the things I am enjoying though was a lot easier to write then you might think . I’m enjoying a slower pace of life and loving teaching my classes online and still having that sense of community we have off line too and of course our Friday night Pilates and Wine class is going down a treat! 😂. I’m loving the daily walks  and i’m loving that I actually have time to sit down to a proper tea with Peter every night. In pre Lockdown life, I was always teaching most nights , so I would just have to grab a light tea most nights before heading out to teach.

I don’t think we’ll return back exactly to how life was before all this , but as restrictions eventually begin to be eased , its a good time to re-evaluate how you would like your life to look like! What things have you loved about lockdown and what things have you missed terribly, that perhaps you took for granted before all this , and how can you combine them into your life post lockdown. Covid has been a reminder to all of us just how precious and fragile life can be – if there has ever been a time to make positive changes to create a life you love , now is that time. So bust out the notepads/journals  and make your list of all the things you are enjoying about lockdown aswell as the things you miss and use those lists to think about how you want your life to look in your own post Covid life 💕.

let me know in the comments or come say Hi over on Instagram and let me know what elements of lock down life you guys are loving. I love hearing from you 💕

Stay safe !

Joanne x


What if this is the break, we didn’t even know we needed?


Photo Instagram 

Hi Guys, 

I hope you are all safe and well . 

So here in the UK , our Lockdown has been extended by another 3 weeks, until 7th May. I am pretty sure though, it will be extended even more – especially as 8th May is a bank holiday weekend here, so I doubt very much, they will let us all out for that. 

As hard as it is being separated from our family and friends, and all those things we did , that we didn’t even think to much about – for me little trips to Home Bargains, as I was passing just for a mooch ha or a little meander around the home department in Asda – at the mo Asda is just far too busy , I have only attempted it once since lockdown – but until restrictions are lifted, its just learning to enjoy a more slower pace of life.  Learning what actually really does matter in life and not getting so caught up in all the little things, that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  

Giving ourselves this  time to rest, recharge and reflect.  So enjoy those Netflix binges, the daily walks, curling up with a good book. baking (when you can find flour 😂), cooking  – all those things you love to do , but never usually find time for – now is that time!.  

If you would like to join us for some online fitness classes to keep you fit and healthy during lockdown  , we have a few options as below – access is via a private Facebook group . Just drop me a message for more information. 

Option 1 – Online classes 

This is a collection of  at Home workouts – most around 10-20 minutes long. There is a wide variety of classes – from Pilates, Barre, Body sculpt , and HIIT sessions. There are two new workouts added each week – Mondays and Wednesdays . Cost – £10 per month. 


Option 2 – is Our Virtual Studio  which has taken over from our Community classes .  There are  5 workouts added each week – Monday- Friday . with a mix of 20-30 minute workouts and 45 minute Pilates and Barre sessions. some sessions are pre recorded and some I teach Live, so you can follow along in real time – however if you can’t join us for the live , the workout saves in the group for you to access when you can .  Our Friday night Pilates session is usually taught live – 6.30pm-7.15pm and we even bring a glass of wine / prosecco along with us to that one ha.  Cost  – £12 for a weeks pass or £40 for the months pass. 


Option 3 – Pilates and Mediation group.  This group is dedicated to Pilates, and two new Pilates classes are added each week – Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Saturday class I sometimes teach live at 8.15am-9am , so you can join in, in real time.  If you can’t make the live though , the session saves in the group for you to access when you can.  Cost – £25 per month. 

Stay Safe everyone! 🌈


Joanne x




My top 5 tips for being home during Lockdown


Image – Pinterest Dream Dash Journal 

More and more of  us  are having to move to home working or might even be on extended leave from work as we battle  Covid 19.   We are finding ourselves having to create a new normal for ourselves during this time . I hoped these 5 tips might help even a couple of you , if you are struggling being out of your normal routine , and/or working from home for the first time ,  these are things that have helped me so much , I worked from home the past 6 years of doing my Travel job and I remember those first few weeks were a little weird as I got used to it.  I then had to create a whole new routine for myself at the end of 2018, when I left my Travel job to focus on Mis-Fit full time!,. 

  1. Create a Routine for yourself 
  • create a morning routine you can stick with – don’t overwhelm yourself and make it too complex,  keep it simple  . Maybe it’s getting up, putting your workout clothes on and doing a workout straight away . Maybe it’s starting your day with a meditation.   Maybe it’s as simple as hopping straight in the shower and getting dressed for the day , sitting down to have breakfast . Maybe it’s listening to an uplifting, positive podcast to get you ready for the day ahead.  Create your own routine and stick with it – Especially Monday – Friday .  Often there is a commute to work , or a whole family to get ready to head out the door. At the moment you probably don’t have that, so use that extra time productively- don’t just lounge about! Set yourself a purpose to get up and greet the day ahead like  Pollyanna would  – with positivity  – also who else LOVED that film? 😄.  
  1. Move your body 
  • do an at home workout,  go for a walk/Run , take the dog for a walk , maybe do some stretches. , maybe stick the radio on in the kitchen or play some music through your phone and have a little bop about – just  move your body  daily.  You’ll feel so much better physically and mentally.
  1. Get ready!


Now we all love a pyjama day and let’s face it , every once in a while it is like therapy . However living in your pyjamas every day during Covid 19 is NOT  going to help you feel motivated.  So get up and get dressed , even if it is into comfy clothes if you are working out or doing jobs around the house .   Just get out of your pyjamas and get ready for the day.  It will put you in productive mode . Doing your hair and Makeup will also help you feel more in work mode. Plus we have extra time , to practice playing around with our makeup 😄. Makeup goal – perfect that winged liner!!! Or is that just mine?? 😂.  I can spend many a happy hour watching makeup videos on YouTube 

  1. Create an inspiring Working Space 

 If you are working from home , create a workspace for yourself that in the vibe of Marie Kondo Sparks the joy, don’t have it all cluttered and messy , I use my 3rd bedroom as an office and I’ve made it pretty  . I know its not always possible to have an actual room dedicated to being just an office space but even if you are working from the kitchen table ,  maybe light a favourite candle as you work, just create a little ambiance 💕.  I also find it useful to set the timer on my phone to tackle certain tasks – sometimes I’ll set it for an hour , I call it my power hour and I will see how much I can get done in that hour if I put my head (and phone down 😂) .  I even use this method for housework chores too , I just find once I get started , I get in the zone – it’s just sometimes motivating myself  to make that initial start , especially if you have a long to do list, it can feel overwhelming, but setting myself that hour , often has me continuing longer, but even if not or I have to go do something else, I got more done then if I sat procrastinating over it! .  

For something like planning class sessions, I might set my timer for 45 mins and focus on that and then give myself 10 minutes to clear my head. Just find something what works for you . 

  1. keep a Positive Mindset 

Surround yourself with Positivity and lessen the amount of negativity you allow around you.  Unfollow those drama Llamas on Social Media – we all know at least one 😂.   Up until these past few weeks, I rarely had the news on,   I would keep up to date with the headlines on the radio so I could keep up to date with what was going on in the world without getting caught up in it all.  The past few weeks of course, we need to know what is going on .  I tune into the daily press conference every afternoon and I might check the headlines on BBC on my phone on the morning, but that is it as far as news is concerned. The rest of the time I prefer to stick with listening to my favourite podcasts  and country hits radio. – don’t judge,  I really love it! 😂,  and reading  or listening to things that inspire and motivate me and obviously watching my favourite YouTubers talking makeup, style and home decor . Just immerse yourself in the things that bring you joy. 

Of course we are going to have moments in the coming days and weeks ahead and indeed throughout life where we feel scared, overwhelmed, anxious and that is absolutely ok , sit with those feelings, acknowledge them , but don’t allow yourself to stay there for long . Find what cheers you up and makes you feel better – a chat with someone who lifts you up , or a favourite movie/TV show – I mean even if it’s a Christmas film, stick it on – total feel good right there. Read books – one of my absolute favourites I read at the end of last year was girl wash your face by Rachel Hollis, I highly recommend it!.   

Just embrace this time though as long as we all come through this healthy that is what matters and use this time to reflect, recharge , to learn new skills, have a good declutter, keep fit and healthy, and work on that positive mindset  💕🌈

10 years from now, you’ll surely arrive – but where?

“ 10 years from now , you’ll surely arrive. The question is where?.” – Tony Robbins 

10 years ago , I was working a 9-5 job in the travel industry.  During my Travel career . I got to travel and work in some pretty amazing places around the world and I will always be grateful for that experience and the friends I made a long the way.  I just always felt like something was missing 


I hated being stuck behind a desk all day , attached to a headset – week in, week out , counting down to the weekend or my next holiday –  I just did not want that to be my life .  

So 10 years ago this week – I sent off a Cheque ( ha remember those?? 🤣) and I signed up to do my Group fitness instructor qualification and  I began a new journey 💕

I have come to recognise that I  have this sense  of being Home when it comes to people, situations and places when everything feels aligned and when I have that feeling , I know it’s my gut instinct telling me I’m on the right path  💕. 

As soon as I started teaching , I had that feeling of coming home and ten years on, I look back at this incredible journey I have been on and where it has brought me to, today.

  It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of a ride , there have been highs and lows , it has been such a huge learning curve and one of my greatest adventures to date. I have learned to never ignore my gut feeling and to never ever  settle for something – be it a relationship, job , or situation that is just ok – you absolutely deserve to live a life that you love. We get just one shot at it. And know  you can achieve anything you set your mind to with plenty of hard work,  keeping the faith and i’ve Found a killer lipstick helps too when you need that little extra boost 😘. Ooh and always have a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge 🥂 . 


Happy New Year and our January Class updates and Timetable

Hey Mis Fitters, 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! and I hope you are enjoying some time out. 

I’m enjoying time off but also getting some prep done ready for our January Classes!. I can’t believe it is going to be 2020! and in September Little Mis-Fit will be 10 years old!!!.  10 years ago I was just starting out on my Fitness instructor training journey – one of the best things I have ever done!. 

Classes start back Saturday 4th January.

Small Group Training programmes  will also  be back from Saturday 4th January – both Small Group training Bootcamp and Small Group Pilates. Message me if you would be interested in a space on either.

Small group Pilates

Saturdays 8.15am-9am @ Delves Lane Village Hall
Tuesday 6.15pm-7pm @ Tesco, Consett

Small Group Bootcamp 

Saturday 9.30am-10am @ Delves Lane Village Hall
Tuesday 7.30-8pm @ Tesco, Consett

January Class Timetable

– Pilates classes will increase to £7 per class from January .

Class Passes

8 Session pass – £40

12 session pass – £55

unlimited Monthly pas – £65

Passes valid for 1 calender month – ie 1st-31st January and are non transferable


Barre and Scuplt 9.30am-1015am @ Annfield Plain Church £7

Body Sculpt Barre 6.30-7pm @ North Durham Academy £4.50

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy £7


Body Sculpt 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco, Consett


Pilates 9.30am-1015am @ Annfield Plain Church


Pilates 6.45-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall


Barre Bootcamp  1130am-1215noon  at Taylored Fit Physio , Langley Park. A 4 week course starting 10th January x 4 weeks . £35. 

Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church £7


Body Sculpt 9am-9.30am @ Delves Village Hall £4

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy 2020 !

. You can follow along with my week over on insta Stories and don’t forget you can follow us on facebook – and Instagram @littlemisfitjojo

Joanne x

Festive Friends date

Time and good friends are two things that become more valuable the older you get.

Instead of buying Christmas gifts for each other, my friend Claire and I opt to have a festive friend date instead. So we can actually spend time together catching up – usually food is involved 😂. Yesterday we headed to one of our local coffee shops Sweethart, Bistro, Bakery & coffee shop
in Consett . Hands down the best Mint hot chocolate I have ever tasted and seeing as it is one of my favourite festive drinks, I have tasted a few! .

So be sure to get some festive dates in the diary catching up with friends and family 💕🎄.


Day 2 – A morning stretch

Happy 2nd December,

If you follow me over on Instagram- @littlemisfitjojo 

or our Facebook page  lilmisfit1 

you can check a 5 minute Stretch workout I have shared. It’s a great wake up for the body, or could even be used as a wind down at the end of the day. 💕

for some reason it won’t let me share it on here! So I need to speak to my Tech wizard friend! . 



Day 3 – Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Day 3 of December and today I’m sharing one of my current favourite breakfasts – Baked Oatmeal 💕.

I got the recipe after watching @gracedenny make it on her YouTube channel . There are so many differences variations of this on Pinterest so check them out .

It’s so easy to make and you can make it in advance to have over a few mornings!. Perfect for those busy days .

Now guys I really do just chuck it all in 😂. I don’t really measure things out . I use a cup and a half of porridge oats and put in some baking powder – I use the sachets so I just use one of those . Then in another bowl , I have an egg , then add in a couple tea spoons of coconut oil , a couple spoonfuls of almond butter , a teaspoon of Vanilla extract then either drizzle in honey or maple syrup- which ever I happen to have in and then mix all those together and then add in the Oats and baking powder.

I then pop it in the oven on about 180 and bake did around 18 minutes.

It can be served warm or cold and I add natural yogurt and berries to mine . It’s so yummy !.

Let me know if you make it too and how you make yours – you really can make it your own . I did add in chocolate buttons once whe I had some left over Halloween treats and that was nice though not quite so healthy 😂.

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