December Happenings

My goodness can you believe its December next week?????
honestly 2017 has whizzed by!.    I am busy working away on our January class programme, so will be releasing news of that soon!. 

Throughout December , we have a VIP joining us for some of our sessions , all the way from the North pole – its Elf-Aba Elf!   , he’s very excited to meet you all. 

You will be able to follow along on Elf-Aba and I’s Christmas adventures on our blog  –    aswell  as our Facebook page  –   and Instagram page – @littlemisfitjojo.  If you are not already following us , please do so you can follow along on all our festive fun! .  

I will also be running my annual 12 days of Christmas workout aswell as a special 12 days of Christmas Yoga – I have some very special guests helping me with this one!.   so you do need to be following us to join in those too! 

As well as our regular class timetable , 
I am also running a couple mini Small groups  – a Fat burning one and a Pilates one .  These are also brilliant taster sessions, if you have contemplating trying one in the past , but for what ever reason have not been able to. 

Our regular Small group programme will be back in January . 

Small Group  – Fat Burn 

Tuesday 28th November – Saturday 16th December 

** 3 spaces available  ** 

Tuesday 7.15pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy 

   and Saturday  9.30am-10am @ delves Lane Village Hall 

As its just 3 weeks this time, there will be no fit test (ha ha I can hear the breathes of relief , from thos of you who have been there and done that!). Instead we will have 6 intense workouts and  the nutrition guidelines to help you keep some balance in the lead up to Christmas week!.

just £60 per person.

Small Group Pilates 

Wednesday  only  –  29th November – 13th December 
6.15pm-7pm @ Tesco Community Room, Tesco.

** 3 spaces left ** 

This one is perfect , if you are already frazzled about the festive season and want to just come to and find a little calm in your week. 
Stress and tension  plus all that Christmas shopping can cause knots and tight/sore  muscles, so this class will help stretch you out and help release that stress and tension from the body . A little 45 minute time out – you will feel so much better afterwards! 

If you would like more information or would like to book one of the slots, then just get in touch 🙂


December class time table 

** Classes will finish on Thursday 21st December and restart back again 2nd January. ** 


Festive Fitmas HIIT  6.30pm-7pm @ North Durham Academy, Stanley 

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy 


Festive Fitmas HIIT 6.45pm-7.15pm @ North Durham Academy, Stanley

Wednesday  ** Final Wedensday session will be 13th December , but return 3rd January ** 

PIIT – Pilates Intense Interval Training 7pm-7.30pm ~ Tesco Community Room, Consett


Festive Fitmas HIIT 6.45pm-7.15pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall

Pilates 7.15pm-8pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall 


Festive Fitmas 9am-9.30am @ Delves Lane Village Hall 




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