Kids Mini Yoga Routine!

Today marks the Second annual kids international yoga day! . I’m so proud to be a UK ambassador! . We are hosting an event tomorrow in honour of the day, but in the meantime, here is a little routine you can do with mini Yogis!. 

Candle Pose. Kneeling down , hands in prayer position in front of the heart center. This pose helps children find some calm through their breath and stillness. 

Downward Dog , This yoga poses helps stretch out calves and hamstrings, while strengthening the shoulders and back. start on all fours, and then push your butt right up toward the ceiling, and try and push the heels down to the floor, like an upside down triangle. 

Frog – kids LOVE this one! Especially shouting Ribbit as they jump up – definatly draws a smile this one! . Surprisingly the adults don’t like it quite  so much haha. but this is a brilliant pose for opening up the hips and strengthing and toning the legs. Squat down low and then jump!  

Cat Stretch – a lovely stretch for the spine. Kids really do love to make the animal noises so get them to meow as they do this one.  On all fours , drop the head down , as you arch your back toward the ceiling, like a cat. 


Cow Pose – stretches and strengthens the spine, hips, core and back.  staying on all fours, this time drop your tummy toward the floor as you look up at the ceiling. 

Cobra pose – an awesome stress reliever, opens the chest and lower spine, its also helps improve liver function.

Tree Pose – Standing tall, take one foot and place it on the inside of the supporting leg either below or above the knee – never on the knee joint. This helps aid focus and concetration and improves balance, aswell as opeing up the hip flexors and lengthening through the spine. don’t forget to do both sides!.


I hope you all enjoy! let me know if you would love some more Kids Yoga routines! 

Namaste xoxo

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