My Favourite Festive reads

For as long as I  am remember , I have loved to curl up and read. Even as a little girl, my Mam says I would go in a book shop , lie on my tummy and read a book. My grandma and great aunt Jean used to take us shopping on a Saturday- I used to take my book , and as the others shopped, I would find some little reading spot to curl up in.

Some of my favourite authors are Belinda Jones, Miranda Dickinson and  Lindsey Kelk. They all have some fabulous locations in their stories, which always gives me serious wanderlust!.

Below though are some of my favourite books to read this time of year!.  so grab your Christmas blanket to curl up and settle down to lose yourself in a fabulous Christmassy story.  I’ve linked all the below books at the bottom of the page if you wanted to read them on Kindles or in book form  – Happy Reading! .



1. It Started with a Kiss – Miranda DIckinson. The Saturday before Christmas, Romily has a chance encounter with a stranger, with whom she shares a kiss. He has to dash off , before Romily can even learn his name  . In the last year of her twenties, Romily decides to make this the year to take chances , starting with finding her Handsome stranger giving herself a year –  will she find him before the following Christmas Eve rolls around…….

2. The charm bracelet- Melissa Hill. This is based in New York , and involves Holly who works in a Vintage store. A donation of clothes arrives in the shop and Holly discovers a charm bracelet in a jacket pocket, As Holly sets off to find the owner of the bracelet using the charms themselves to lead her to the owner, with fate weaving a little magic along the way!

3. I heart Christmas- Lindsey Kelk.   This continues  the adventures of Brit Angela in New York and co . However if you have not ready any of the I heart series yet ,  Definitely start with I heart New York  This is where you will first meet Angela , as she gets the ultimate revenge on a cheating Ex  . I heart Christmas is the last of the series so far …. Lindsey Kelk am hoping there maybe another??

4. A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens. What can I say A true Christmas  classic!.

5. Miracle on Regent Street – Ali Harris. Evie works in the stock room at Hardy’s. Hardy’s was once a grand Department store in London, but in recent years its lost its Sparkle and now its at risk of being sold, can Evie save her beloved store with a little Christmas magic???  .

I would Love to hear from you guys , what your favourite festive reads are , please do comment below or pop over to Instagram (littlemisfitjojo ) or facebook (lilmisfit1)  and tag me  #misfitfestivereads


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