February 2021 updates

Hi guys!,  

I hope you are all ok,  can you believe it’s February??. Despite being in lockdown for the whole of January, it still seems to have flown by.  I know a lot of people are struggling with this lockdown even more – but the first lockdown we had glorious weather and the hope , we would be back to some kind of normal by the summer/. Then second lockdown we had Christmas to focus on  and now lockdown 3 –  we have now lived under these restrictions for almost a year and then add in the snow and Ice which has put paind to getting outside as much and it’s no wonder. However little signs of Spring are beginning to emerge –  I got some tulips the other day , the nights are getting a little lighter and daffodils are coming through .  
I know classes are helping so many of you just keep a routine which is a huge help to you . 💕

It definitely has not been a normal January, here at Mis-Fit HQ, but it is what it is and i’m Grateful we have been able to meet on our mats online still during this time, so thank you 💕.

February classes and membership options 

Zoom Class Timetable for February 

Monday 9.15-10am 

Monday 7pm-7.45pm 

Thursday 6.45pm-7.30pm 

Saturday 8.30am-9.15am 

£8 per session or you can purchase an 8 session pass – £55 

Or £70 for unlimited class pass for February  including online membership 

We also have our Online memberships over in our private Facebook group- we have two options available 

Standard membership £10  – A whole library of online workouts accessible 24/7 

Premium membership £30  includes 4 new workouts each week including 2 x  pre recorded and 2  live classes – Wednesday’s and Fridays  9.30am . These do save in the group so if you can’t catch the live , you can catch up when you can. 

Our Pilates  Small group Tuesday class will also be back from Tuesday  2nd February   again via Zoom


1 space left 💕

£35 for the 4 weeks 

Maternity leave. 

I will be going on maternity leave from 1st March and then all being well, hoping to get back teaching in June – though of course I will be keeping you all updated.  I’’m hoping by June – we might even be able to get back to actual classes too!. 

Whilst I am off , the online classes  via our Private Facebook group will still be Available. Though there will be no new class  uploads for a few months – there is a huge library of classes already there for you to access .  Just £10 per month for those of you that wish to continue with those whilst I am off. I’m sure I’ll be popping in the group from time to time you , just to say hello and check in with you all in there 💕. 

To sign up for any of the above or more information just drop me a message.

Stay safe



Joanne xx;

What if this is the break, we didn’t even know we needed?


Photo Instagram 

Hi Guys, 

I hope you are all safe and well . 

So here in the UK , our Lockdown has been extended by another 3 weeks, until 7th May. I am pretty sure though, it will be extended even more – especially as 8th May is a bank holiday weekend here, so I doubt very much, they will let us all out for that. 

As hard as it is being separated from our family and friends, and all those things we did , that we didn’t even think to much about – for me little trips to Home Bargains, as I was passing just for a mooch ha or a little meander around the home department in Asda – at the mo Asda is just far too busy , I have only attempted it once since lockdown – but until restrictions are lifted, its just learning to enjoy a more slower pace of life.  Learning what actually really does matter in life and not getting so caught up in all the little things, that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  

Giving ourselves this  time to rest, recharge and reflect.  So enjoy those Netflix binges, the daily walks, curling up with a good book. baking (when you can find flour 😂), cooking  – all those things you love to do , but never usually find time for – now is that time!.  

If you would like to join us for some online fitness classes to keep you fit and healthy during lockdown  , we have a few options as below – access is via a private Facebook group . Just drop me a message for more information. 

Option 1 – Online classes 

This is a collection of  at Home workouts – most around 10-20 minutes long. There is a wide variety of classes – from Pilates, Barre, Body sculpt , and HIIT sessions. There are two new workouts added each week – Mondays and Wednesdays . Cost – £10 per month. 


Option 2 – is Our Virtual Studio  which has taken over from our Community classes .  There are  5 workouts added each week – Monday- Friday . with a mix of 20-30 minute workouts and 45 minute Pilates and Barre sessions. some sessions are pre recorded and some I teach Live, so you can follow along in real time – however if you can’t join us for the live , the workout saves in the group for you to access when you can .  Our Friday night Pilates session is usually taught live – 6.30pm-7.15pm and we even bring a glass of wine / prosecco along with us to that one ha.  Cost  – £12 for a weeks pass or £40 for the months pass. 


Option 3 – Pilates and Mediation group.  This group is dedicated to Pilates, and two new Pilates classes are added each week – Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Saturday class I sometimes teach live at 8.15am-9am , so you can join in, in real time.  If you can’t make the live though , the session saves in the group for you to access when you can.  Cost – £25 per month. 

Stay Safe everyone! 🌈


Joanne x




10 years from now, you’ll surely arrive – but where?

“ 10 years from now , you’ll surely arrive. The question is where?.” – Tony Robbins 

10 years ago , I was working a 9-5 job in the travel industry.  During my Travel career . I got to travel and work in some pretty amazing places around the world and I will always be grateful for that experience and the friends I made a long the way.  I just always felt like something was missing 


I hated being stuck behind a desk all day , attached to a headset – week in, week out , counting down to the weekend or my next holiday –  I just did not want that to be my life .  

So 10 years ago this week – I sent off a Cheque ( ha remember those?? 🤣) and I signed up to do my Group fitness instructor qualification and  I began a new journey 💕

I have come to recognise that I  have this sense  of being Home when it comes to people, situations and places when everything feels aligned and when I have that feeling , I know it’s my gut instinct telling me I’m on the right path  💕. 

As soon as I started teaching , I had that feeling of coming home and ten years on, I look back at this incredible journey I have been on and where it has brought me to, today.

  It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of a ride , there have been highs and lows , it has been such a huge learning curve and one of my greatest adventures to date. I have learned to never ignore my gut feeling and to never ever  settle for something – be it a relationship, job , or situation that is just ok – you absolutely deserve to live a life that you love. We get just one shot at it. And know  you can achieve anything you set your mind to with plenty of hard work,  keeping the faith and i’ve Found a killer lipstick helps too when you need that little extra boost 😘. Ooh and always have a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge 🥂 . 


What to look for on Food Labels

When it comes to eating healthy – it’s  not about being extreme, it’s about being consistent. It also helps to know exactly what is in the foods you are eating to help you make better choices.  Of course there is room  in a healthy balanced diet for those treats we all love.  It’s just aiming for a more 80/20 balance in favour of the healthier options. 

However when it comes to knowing what is in the foods we eat – Food labels can be soooooo confusing!.

So what exactly do we need to look for in our foods ? . Hopefully this little guide will help you –

1. Read the ingredients
When it comes to pre packed food , the ingredients listing will be attached. Ingredients are listed in order of weight, from biggest to lowest. If Sugar, salt or saturated fats such as cream or butter are one of the first five ingredients listed – these will make up a large proportion of the food.

Try to eat as natural foods as possible and limit processed foods as much as you can – a great tip when looking at food is asking yourself – “does it grow in the ground, fly in the sky, run across land or swim in the sea”? . look for food where there are as few ingredients as possible – and if there are any ingredients listed that you can not pronounce or you have no idea what it is – leave it on the shelf!.

2. Use the per 100g column on the Nutrition information is the easiest way to compare foods. The main ones to look for are sugar, salt , fat and saturated fat levels .

3. Detecting Sugar on food labels – Sugar can come disguised as one of the below –
• Anything ending in ose – fructose, glucose, dextrose,maltose
• Syrup
• Honey
• Molasses
• Fruit juice concentrate
• Brown sugar
• Agave
• Barley malt
• Dextrin
• Lactose
• Maple syrup
• Malt / Malt extract

So knowing exactly what you ae looking for, can help you detect any hidden sugars. Yogurts are a prime example of foods that can contain a lot of sugar whilst appearing on the surface healthy. When it comes to Yogurts – usually natural or greek yoghurt is the best choice

A guide to what to aim for –

Low in sugar – 7g or less per 100g
High in sugar – 22.5g per 100g

also Beware of anything that states no added sugar – just because no sugar has been added, does not mean that it is free of any sugars! And don’t get me started on diet pop/soda – the sugar has been removed and instead replaced with nasty chemicals that are actually worse for you then if you drank the regular pop/soda!.

4. Types of fat
• Polyunsaturated fats – a healthy type of fat, that can help lower cholesterol , Omega 3 and Omega 6 are polyunsaturated fats and can be found in fatty fish such as salmon , atlantic mackeral, sardines, trout , and nuts and seeds and eggs.
• Monounsaturated fats – are plant based fats and are also healthy fats . These can be found in Nuts, nut butter , oils , seeds, avocados and Dark chocolate – again beware not all dark chocolate is made equal!
• Saturated fats with the exception of coconut oil are not healthy fats and can increase your cholesterol and increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. These are often found in dairy products , fatty meats and pastry.
• Trans fats – the worst of all! . These are the fats that lurk in processed and junk food and pre packaged cakes/biscuits.

Too much Saturated and Trans fats can increase your cholesterol which increases your risk of coronary heart disease.

High in saturated fat – more than 5g of saturates per 100g
Low in saturated fat – 1.5g or less per 100g or 0.75g per 100ml for liquids.

Beware of anything labelled Low fat , reduced fat , Light – people often mistake these as being “healthier” options especially if you have ever followed a Weight watchers, slimming world plan . However what often happens is the fat is removed or reduced , but in order to make it still palatable , sugar can often be added instead so be sure to check the ingredients listing and nutrition info!. These can also often have a higher salt content too!.

5. Lets talk Salt!

Salt is regularly added to processed foods – even things like bread, cake and biscuits!

On labels it can appear as either salt or sodium so watch out

Low salt – 0.3g or less per 100g or 01.g sodium or 100mg sodium

High salt – 1.5g or more per 100g or 0.6g sodium or 600mg sodium.

We often add salt to flavour our food f you are going to use salt for flavouring – try Pink Himalayan salt as this has some amazing health benefits such as acting as a natural detoxifier, promotes healthy blood sugar, promotes better sleep. Contains essential minerals, boosts bone strength and can help prevent muscle cramps and can aid digestion.

6. Fruit and Veg.

Fruit obviously does contain sugar – albeit natural sugars which is better for you and also contains fibre . However it is still a form of sugar so aim for more veg than fruit in your 5-7 day!. Aim for a rainbow plate – the more colours from your fruit and veg, the more Vitamins and Minerals you will be consuming.

So hopefully this will help you understand those labels a little better next time you are shopping x

Self Care September- The importance of Sleep


Welcome back to Self Care September and today we focus on Rest.

Getting enough sleep has so many benefits including-

💕 helps our bodies repair and restore themselves

💕 helps boost our mood

💕helps our metabolism function more efficiently.
💕 helps the mind and body to de stress

💕 boosts our immune system

We are all unique, so as individuals we all require different amounts of sleep to help us function at our very best . For the majority of us it’s around 7-8 hours per night. This next week though just take note how much sleep YOU need in order to feel your best . Obviously new mamma’s need lots of sleep but don’t usually get much at all! In which case try and nap when baby does or at least try and make the sleep you do manage – good quality sleep!.

Here are a few tips though to help us all get a good nights sleep 💤.

😴 create an evening routine. Try and go to bed and wake up around the same time each day so your body can get in a routine.

😴 Declutter your bedroom and create a calm peaceful environment that makes you feel relaxed just walking into the room. I have of course added Fairy lights and candles in mine – I love being cosy 😂.

😴 put down your phone!!!. I think most of us are guilty with this one – one last scroll of social media before bed 😳. But this next month , let’s try and put down our phones an hour or so before bed and allow our minds to totally switch off and see what difference it makes to your sleep!. Try reading instead and/or a little meditation.

😴 try and write down your to do list for the next day before you switch off so you can get it all out of your head – do a brain dump, so you can empty your mind .

😴 create a little routine for yourself- maybe a relaxing bath or shower , removing your make up , reading a book or listening to some relaxing music – anything that helps you unwind and relax and prepare for sleep and FYI that glass of wine does not count!!! 😂.

Sweet dreams Mis Fitters 💕.

What if I fall?, but my darling what if you fly?

“What if I fall ? , but my Darling what if you fly?” 


This photo was taken last  summer , when we went to Italy on holiday, it was such an amazing place !.  I came back from that holiday and knew it was time – time to take a giant leap of faith and believe in myself as much as my family and friends did . 


I believe the universe sends us signs and helps guide us to where we are meant to be and it was definitely sending me plenty signs to tell me the time to flutter my butterfly wings was now. 


I had spent 8 years building my fitness business alongside working part time as a senior business travel Consultant ( sounds proper fancy  doesn’t it 😂) .


My dream though was always to make my fitness business my full time job.  

Taking that step though was so scary –  I lived on my own , so all the bills were solely my responsibility.   Could I really make it work full time ?.  


My business was growing and It was getting harder and harder to juggle the two and I was exhausted.  Whenever I get run down , I lose my voice . Since my early twenties , this has always been how stress manifests itself within my body.  I’ve had the cameras down my throat , I’ve been for speech therapy and learned that when it happens , it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow things down and it was happening a lot. 


Travel work was getting more stressful, we were being bought by a rival company and the simple fact was I just did not want to be there , I wanted to be running my business full time.


My first day back at work after that holiday , I handed in my 12 weeks notice and left last November.


That was 6 months ago now and during that time I have not lost my voice!!!  ( hopefully not tempting fate 😂).  Is it easy – no! , is it worth it? – absolutely!!!! .  My fellow entrepreneur friends all said to me – “you will do it and never look back”. They were spot on . 


So if you sat reading this and are in a similar position thinking about taking that step of taking your side hustle full time  , don’t be afraid to at least try – even if it didn’t work out , I’d much rather have tried then always to have wondered.  I have more time to focus on my business, and as a result , it’s continuing to grow which is amazing . It has also allowing me to create a better work/life balance again too. 

Its just about putting a plan in place to get you there. I knew I had to give 12 weeks notice which seemed ages, but I also knew that was 3 months pay checks I could try and save as much as I could to give me that little safety net at the beginning.  I worked long hours fitting my clients and classes in to my week around my part time 9-5 job. All the time I just kept focused on my goal and that kept me going through the tougher days. 

so go do it – spread those wings and fly toward your dreams . 

Lots of Love 

Joanne x




May time at Little Mis Fit

Hey Mis Fitters ,

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter – how gorgeous was the weather!!! , at least here in the UK!.  It was glorious and really felt like summer had come early.  My poor boyfriend though was in Spain on a Stag do and it chucked it down! Still they took refuge in the pub and still had a great time and I think they just avoided all our social media posts of us all back home basking in the sunshine!. 

I spent a lot of the Easter weekend out in the garden , it really is my peaceful place and I love to head out there with my book and a cup of tea or on occasion a cold glass of Sauvignon  Blanc. This past weekend I’ve been reading the Mrs Hinch book , I really enjoyed it.  It was her story and also had plenty of her cleaning tips in too.  Aswell as reading though I was also working on planning out May here at Little Mis Fit .  Though I did also fit in a trip to Ramside spa for a night with some of my friends to celebrate a few of our birthdays. We had an absolute ball and of course with the weather being so lovely, it felt like being on holiday sitting by that outdoor pool , sipping prosecco, loving life!. 

May for me is Birthday Month! , Its a big one this year aswell, so plenty celebrations. I always feel like birthdays are always special though – not everyone gets to grow old so every birthday should be celebrated.  

May Happenings 

May class passes will be on sale from Friday 3rd May and are valid until 31st May. 

8 session pass – £35 

12 session pass – £50 

Unlimited monthly pass – £60

I am away Wednesday 1st May and Thursday 2nd May so no classes either of these days.  We also have two bank holidays in May – Monday 6th May and Monday 27th May so no classes these days either.  

May Class Timetable 

 We have been incorporating lots of Weight work in our sessions.  We already use them a lot in our Barre Burn class and we have started using them in our Small Group Pilates sessions aswell, which the guys are loving. 

We will definitely be using the weights more in other classes too such as body sculpt.  Weights help us to build muscle which in turn burns fat and of course helps us tone up. Did you also know though that weights also help keep our bones strong especially as we get older and our bones become more brittle.  Keeping our bones strong by using weights and body weight exercises can help us reduce our risk of brittle bones as we do get older, so it is important to build that strength up and lets face it none of us want bingo wings do we!.  hands up if every time you wear a strappy top , you think to yourself – I wish my arms were more toned!.  

if you would like to invest in some weights for classes – get either 1kg or 2kg ones for the Pilates/Barre burn/Body Sculpt . I got both sets from Argos. 


Barre Burn 6.30pm-7pm at North Durham Academy, Stanley 

Pilates 7pm-7.30pm at North Durham Academy, Stanley 


Body Sculpt 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco, Consett 


Pilates 9.45am-1030am at Annfield Plain Methodist Church 

Pilates for mam and Toddler 1030-1115am at Annfield Plain Methodsit Church 


Pilates 6.45-7.30pm at Delves Lane Village Hall 


Men on Mats Pilates 7.30-8.15pm at Delves Lane Village Hall 


Pilates 6.30-7.15pm at Annfield Plain Church 


Body Sculpt 9am-9.30am at Delves Lane Village Hall 

Family Yoga 1015am-11am at Delves Lane Village Hall – subject to minimum numbers. 

  • please do book for all classes as some do sell out quickly. if you are booked and can’t make the class, please let me know as soon as possible. *

At Home Workouts 

Our At Home workouts are currently available via a private Facebook group, though I am hoping by the end of the year to also be able to offer the at home workouts to those not on Facebook too – so watch this space.

For just £10 per month , you get access to our online workouts – there are a mixture of HIIT workouts, Pilates , Barre, strength and Conditioning and Core workouts so plenty to chose from. I also add two new workouts every week. 

For more information or to sign up for May, see me at class or drop me a message. 


Small group training 

our next Small Group training Programme kicks off Saturday 18th May  and will finish Tuesday 25th June. 

Both our Fat burning and Pilates small group both often sell out quickly. it is very rare that a space becomes available in the Pilates group but we do have a possible place in this next round. 

Pilates Small group details  

Saturday 8.15am-9am at Delves Village Hall 


Tuesday 6.15pm-7pm at Tesco, Consett 

You can do both sessions per week – £120 for the 12 or you can choose either the Tuesday or the Saturday session and its £60 for the 6 sessions . 

Fat Burning Small group details 

Saturday 9.30am-10am at Delves lane Village Hall 


Tuesday 7.30pm-8pm at Tesco, Consett 

£120 for the 6 weeks.  *currently just 1 spot left * 

After school Yoga 

I am looking at running another After school Yoga class from Thursday 9th May for 6 weeks  at Delves Lane Village Hall 4.30pm-5.15pm . for kids age 4- 10.  £35 for the 6 weeks.   Drop me a message for more information or to book a space. 


Wishing you all a Magical Month of May!

Joanne x


Finding Peace on your Mat

Mis Fitters meet Jacquelyn from Action Jacquelyn.


I came across Jacquelyn a couple years ago on YouTube and I loved her Yoga and Barre workouts. Even as an instructor, you look for inspiration for your own workouts and so I do a lot of Jacquelyn’s yoga and Barre workouts and I love her mediations too.

There is a quote – “I bend so I don’t break “. It is so true – For me practicing Pilates and Yoga helps me find balance in my life . When I was juggling two jobs and felt overwhelmed with a huge to do list , even though there were times when I felt I just did not have time to stop – I knew that by hitting the pause button and stepping on to my mat and getting in a Pilates or yoga workout would help me catch my breath and give me a sense of calm again. Now I teach classes full time – which I absolutely love , but being full time self employed is a little scary too . I continue with ,my Pilates and Yoga workouts as I find its a good balance for my body and Mind and actually help keep me stronger for HIIT style workouts .

I am currently working with a lovely bunch of teenagers who are preparing for their GCSE’s . We are doing a mix of Yoga, Pilates and Breath work. Exams can be incredibly stressful and so by teaching the students breathing exercises , it can help them to find a little calm and hopefully ease feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

As adults , we can also face anxiety and overwhelm as we face various challenges on our journey through life. Life these days is so fast paced and its so easy to get caught up in worrying about what is going to happen or what could happen, that we forget to press the pause button and just be present in our life now.

Jacquelyn was a ballerina who went on to become a Laker girl. She has been teaching fitness classes now for the past 10 years.

A few months ago , Jacquelyn shared her story of how she came to find peace on her Yoga Mat after suffering from a panic attack and anxiety , this is her story –

So on my trip to Shanghai, China 6 years ago, I had my first and last panic attack. It was scary. I had never had anxiety or panic attacks prior to that, so I didn’t know what was going on.

After I got home from that two week trip, I was suffering from constant and absolutely unbearable anxiety.
Panic Attacks are scary. I don’t wish them upon anyone.

Once I got home from my trip to China, I was THIS CLOSE to living on anti-anxiety medication… but I promised myself it wouldn’t be my way of life.

I had a panic attack because I was so anxious about figuring everything out in my life at that very moment, controlling the outcome as best I could, without really knowing how, that I drove myself into severe anxiety.

I was focused on the future, not the present moment.

I was blaming everyone and everything around me for the way I felt, thinking it’s society’s fault, or my boss’ fault, etc…

But blaming others means you’re avoiding a difficult truth… about yourself.

I was in a yoga class when my breakthrough journey out of anxiety began. The teacher said (without knowing what I was going through), “anxiety is a choice”… a choice, I thought? BUT…

Later that day, I knew I was meant to be in that class at that very moment. She gave me the wake up call I needed to hear to reclaim my power back, to remind me that I am the one choosing to feel certain ways in my life.

The anxiety didn’t just go away overnight though…

I returned to yoga, and showed up on my mat, over and over and over again, day after day, to breakthrough the anxiety… by being present, to look within, to sit with myself, to get to know myself, to unionize my heart and mind, to deepen my breath, to calm my nervous system down…

I first stepped into yoga wanting to learn how to do handstands and all the cool poses, and then what made me stay was the peace of mind, empowerment, self-esteem, and the faith and trust in myself that I cultivated through the mindfulness of stretching and meditating.

After this experience I knew I wanted to be a yoga teacher. And now, every class you ever take from me, I remind you of the choices you have in your life. To hopefully touch you the way that yoga teacher empowered me.

Little by little, my anxiety dissipated. When it would come up, I would have a conversation with myself, and tell myself things like, “You’re ok. Everything is going to be ok. Life is going perfectly as planned. Learning is apart of life. You are loved. You are love. Your family loves you. God loves you.”

It’s these mindful conversations you have with yourself, and the people you surround yourself with, that makes the difference between unraveling out of control and living the life of your dreams.

And now I have ZERO anxiety.

My purpose here is to remind you that you get to reclaim your power, that you get to unbury your joy and happiness, to remind you to not blame but rather look within for YOUR truth, every time you step onto your mat.

*** Seriously, if I could completely break free from anxiety, as a former skeptic, realist, controller, panic-attack-about-to-happen at any moment type person, YOU can too! I totally get it!
This is why I’m SOOOO passionate about what I do here, in sharing powerful breathing techniques with you, and cultivating daily stretching routines for personal awareness and pain relief.

You can follow Jacquelyn on

Instagram – @actionjacquelyn
YouTube – Action Jacquelyn

February at Little Mis Fit

Guys can you believe the first month of 2019 is just about over and we are about to enter Chapter 2 ?.  

I know a lot of people think January seems to last forever, but for me , Classes have been super busy  and I had a few fun adventures booked in – bonus a lot of them had been paid for in advance  – always good in January!.    I had got my sister afternoon tea at the Town House in Durham for her Birthday back in November and we had booked it for January . It was so nice!.  if you don’t know it, its a Gorgeous little twenties style boutique hotel right in Durham City, it really was like stepping back in time to another era, and the afternoon tea was really nice! . 

Then Peter and I had a date night to the Sage to see Dirty Dancing the musical  which was fantastic!. I have seen it on the stage a few times before, but just with the smaller venue , it definitely added a little more to the show.

  My mam and dad also  celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary ,

so its been a busy fun start to the year, with plenty more celebrations to come. throughout the year. 

Classes have been really busy which is brilliant!.  I honestly love teaching and we have really built such a lovely community within the classes ,and the small groups and in the  1-1 sessions  , that sessions are always so much  fun to teach with plenty banter and laughter alongside the workouts.  Its said your Vibe attracts your tribe and I am so so lucky with all you guys!. 

I’ve also been hooked on a couple Netflix shows this month too. Have any of you watched YOU on there?. so good!!! can not wait for season 2!.  I’ve also been hooked on Marie Kondo tidying up.  I read her book a couple years  – The magic art of tidying up and now she has her own Netflix show and I’m hooked.  I’ve been decluttering the house using the Kondo method. Its about keeping the things that spark joy for you – if it no longer sparks Joy, its time to thank the item and then declutter it. Have any of you guys been watching too?. Have you been inspired to try the Kondo method?. 



Here is what we have going on here at Little Mis Fit this coming month – 

Post natal Pilates 

Friday 1130-1215pm @ Taylored Fit Physio Langley Park , Durham  starting 22nd February for 5 weeks £30 


Monday 1030-1115am @ DanceMax, Consett starting 25th February for 5 weeks , £30 

Kids After School yoga 

Thursday afternoons from 28th February for 6 weeks. 4.30pm-5.15pm , for kids age 4-10.  £35 for the 6 weeks. 

Small Group Training 

Our Small Group training programmes are currently all full at present!.   I have got a couple 1-1 Pilates spaces available though so do get in touch if you would be interested in more information on those.

Class passes 

Just a  reminder I am away on Saturday February 16th for the day , so no classes this day.  

8 session pass – £35

12 session pass – £50

Unlimited monthly pass – £60  


Core Class Timetable 


Barre Fitness 6.30-7pm @ North Durham Academy 

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy 


Body Sculpt 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco , Consett 


Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain Church 

Pilates for mams and Toddlers 1030-1115am @ Annfield Plain church 


Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall 

Men on Mats Pilates 7.30-8.15pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall 


Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield plain Church 


Body Sculpt 9am – 9.30am @ Delves lane Village Hall 

Family Yoga 1015am-11am @ Delves lane Village Hall 

We also have our Online workouts – Just £10 per month!. Access is via a private Facebook group. There are a variety of workouts including HIIT, Pilates, strength and conditioning and Barre , with two new workouts added each week.  Drop us a message for more information or to get signed up. 

Are you on Instagram? , if so come follow us over there – @littlemisfitjojo for behind the scenes  at Mis Fit on Insta stories.  

we are also on Facebook – www.facebook.com/lilmisfit1

Did you see my Social media post this week – do it for the woman you want to be a year from now?.   How do you want your life to look? , take some time this week to think about that and set  your goals to help get you there!. lets all aim to live our best lives this year and every year after!. 

Wishing you all a Fabulous February , may it be filled with lots of love, laughter and adventure.  


Joanne x


What will be your word for this New Year?

Can you believe we are getting ready to say goodbye to 2018! I mean I honestly feel like I just said Hello! 😳. Is anyone else feeling the same?

The past couple of years rather than making New  Year resolutions, I have opted to choose a word or a theme of how I want my year to look. For some they may chose the word calm as they want to bring more calm into their life or maybe its health, if you want to make your health and well-being a priority this year . Maybe you want to travel lots in 2019 so maybe Travel could be yours . You could even have more than one!, you make your own rules 💕. 

For 2018 , my theme was Building my Dream , I wanted to focus on working towards making my dream of taking Mis Fit full time and in November of this year , I did just that! 😋.

I’m currently in a business group – the  Dream life Academy programme and as part of that, we each had to come up with our hashtag  for the year when we started back in September. I opted for a bit of only fools and horses inspiration and went with the #  she who dares! , so I am going to stick with that as we go into 2019. A reminder to stay brave , especially when stepping outside my comfort zone as that is most often the time when you find the magic! 💕.  A reminder for myself to always reach for the moon , because even if you don’t quite reach the moon , you’ll still land among the stars 💕.

My boyfriend and actually some friends and family have also suggested I may need to learn the art of chilling out/relaxing a bit more 😂, so I guess my theme of 2019 is to work hard but also to ensure I  make the time to play too. 

This past year I got to travel more , which  I loved especially as I hadn’t had the chance  to do much the past couple years and it’s something I used to do a lot more of , so definitely hoping for a couple more adventures in 2019 and I already have a couple fun trips booked 😀. It’s my 40th birthday so plenty of celebrations!. 

What about you guys? I’d love to hear what your word / theme for 2019 is? Let me know in the comments below 💕

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2019!. May it be filled with love, laughter and Adventure. 


Joanne x

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