February Self Love – Day 8 – Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! 

A week into February already! , How are you all feeling?. Are you managing to get some YOU time into your day?. 

So Todays mission is to buy yourself some lovely flowers. I love tulips , so this time of year I always treat myself to some . They are so cheap aswell –  you can get a lovely bunch from Tesco for only £2.50. So don’t wait for someone to treat you to flowers this week – go buy yourself some :-). don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo with your purchase!.

also as its a new week , I have a new challenge this week for you. As well as keeping up your first week challenge of finding at least 30 minutes of you time in to your day, This week have a declutter  – get rid of anything that does not fill you with joy and or makes you smile.  Go through your wardrobe , just keeping the clothes that you Love! , anything you have fell out of love with or don’t fit right, or just don’t make you feel fabulous – Donate or throw out .  Declutter electronic mail and paperwork. go through your makeup and beauty products and again get rid of anything you no longer use or just doesn’t work for  you. 

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Have a great week Guys

Joanne xoxox


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