February Self Love – Day 27 – ME Monday

So I was on one of my Pintrest pinning sprees, when I came across a website  – https://www.futureme.org/.

Its a  website where you can write yourself a letter to be delivered to your email sometime in the future!. You chose what date you would like it delivered on.  I’ve just wrote myself one to be delivered on New Years Eve , with the goals and wishes I hope to have achieved by then. I also wrote myself one for the Autumn time to remind myself not to overload the diary too much at Christmas again haha , to remind myself to take some time out to chill amongst the chaos of the festivities.  

Maybe write a letter to yourself with a wish as to where you will be on your life journey by the time you read it. 

I’m a big fan of Gabby Bernstein and have several of her books. Her latest one – The universe has your back is one of my favourite ones.  if you have never read any of her books, definatly  check them out, you can also follow her on social media.  the book teaches you everything you are looking for is also looking for you, you just have to trust the process and the universe, ask for what you would like and if its meant for you, it will happen.  so go on write a letter to yourself with your wildest hopes and wishes and put them out there for the Universe to start working on them for you! . 

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Joanne xoxo 

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