Self care is giving the world the best of you, rather than what is left of you.

It’s been a hectic couple months here at Little Mis-Fit . In fact this first part of 2019 has just flown by so fast!!. Do you guys think the same?? .

Between work and  birthday celebrations and various other celebrations it’s definitely been pretty full on since the start of the year. 

So I have loved last  weekend of having nothing in the diary and just being able to hit the pause button , Once I had finished teaching my Saturday morning class . I felt  so much better for it too. .

It’s so important, even more so when you are in a busy season to make sure you are taking time for yourself each day , just to catch your breath and recharge your batteries . We charge our phones daily , so be sure to do the same for yourself! . .

I’ve actually started writing on my daily to do list – my own workout , time for meditation and time to read. These are three things that I find when I incorporate them in to my day, help me find balance and calm. When they are on your list or in your diary , it helps you incorporate them into your day better too.

So this week be sure to add something you love to do on your own list and that you know will go a long way in helping you find some balance and calm in your day – though I’m not talking about that glass of wine or two mind guys!! 🤣, . Maybe make time to catch up with a friend, or do your own workouts. Maybe curl up with your book or take a walk or a long bath . Get your hair/nails etc done . Just something that makes you smile and feel content and peaceful. 

What are you guys going to include in your self care list this week? 💕. Use our checklist below for inspiration!


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