My top 5 tips for being home during Lockdown


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More and more of  us  are having to move to home working or might even be on extended leave from work as we battle  Covid 19.   We are finding ourselves having to create a new normal for ourselves during this time . I hoped these 5 tips might help even a couple of you , if you are struggling being out of your normal routine , and/or working from home for the first time ,  these are things that have helped me so much , I worked from home the past 6 years of doing my Travel job and I remember those first few weeks were a little weird as I got used to it.  I then had to create a whole new routine for myself at the end of 2018, when I left my Travel job to focus on Mis-Fit full time!,. 

  1. Create a Routine for yourself 
  • create a morning routine you can stick with – don’t overwhelm yourself and make it too complex,  keep it simple  . Maybe it’s getting up, putting your workout clothes on and doing a workout straight away . Maybe it’s starting your day with a meditation.   Maybe it’s as simple as hopping straight in the shower and getting dressed for the day , sitting down to have breakfast . Maybe it’s listening to an uplifting, positive podcast to get you ready for the day ahead.  Create your own routine and stick with it – Especially Monday – Friday .  Often there is a commute to work , or a whole family to get ready to head out the door. At the moment you probably don’t have that, so use that extra time productively- don’t just lounge about! Set yourself a purpose to get up and greet the day ahead like  Pollyanna would  – with positivity  – also who else LOVED that film? 😄.  
  1. Move your body 
  • do an at home workout,  go for a walk/Run , take the dog for a walk , maybe do some stretches. , maybe stick the radio on in the kitchen or play some music through your phone and have a little bop about – just  move your body  daily.  You’ll feel so much better physically and mentally.
  1. Get ready!


Now we all love a pyjama day and let’s face it , every once in a while it is like therapy . However living in your pyjamas every day during Covid 19 is NOT  going to help you feel motivated.  So get up and get dressed , even if it is into comfy clothes if you are working out or doing jobs around the house .   Just get out of your pyjamas and get ready for the day.  It will put you in productive mode . Doing your hair and Makeup will also help you feel more in work mode. Plus we have extra time , to practice playing around with our makeup 😄. Makeup goal – perfect that winged liner!!! Or is that just mine?? 😂.  I can spend many a happy hour watching makeup videos on YouTube 

  1. Create an inspiring Working Space 

 If you are working from home , create a workspace for yourself that in the vibe of Marie Kondo Sparks the joy, don’t have it all cluttered and messy , I use my 3rd bedroom as an office and I’ve made it pretty  . I know its not always possible to have an actual room dedicated to being just an office space but even if you are working from the kitchen table ,  maybe light a favourite candle as you work, just create a little ambiance 💕.  I also find it useful to set the timer on my phone to tackle certain tasks – sometimes I’ll set it for an hour , I call it my power hour and I will see how much I can get done in that hour if I put my head (and phone down 😂) .  I even use this method for housework chores too , I just find once I get started , I get in the zone – it’s just sometimes motivating myself  to make that initial start , especially if you have a long to do list, it can feel overwhelming, but setting myself that hour , often has me continuing longer, but even if not or I have to go do something else, I got more done then if I sat procrastinating over it! .  

For something like planning class sessions, I might set my timer for 45 mins and focus on that and then give myself 10 minutes to clear my head. Just find something what works for you . 

  1. keep a Positive Mindset 

Surround yourself with Positivity and lessen the amount of negativity you allow around you.  Unfollow those drama Llamas on Social Media – we all know at least one 😂.   Up until these past few weeks, I rarely had the news on,   I would keep up to date with the headlines on the radio so I could keep up to date with what was going on in the world without getting caught up in it all.  The past few weeks of course, we need to know what is going on .  I tune into the daily press conference every afternoon and I might check the headlines on BBC on my phone on the morning, but that is it as far as news is concerned. The rest of the time I prefer to stick with listening to my favourite podcasts  and country hits radio. – don’t judge,  I really love it! 😂,  and reading  or listening to things that inspire and motivate me and obviously watching my favourite YouTubers talking makeup, style and home decor . Just immerse yourself in the things that bring you joy. 

Of course we are going to have moments in the coming days and weeks ahead and indeed throughout life where we feel scared, overwhelmed, anxious and that is absolutely ok , sit with those feelings, acknowledge them , but don’t allow yourself to stay there for long . Find what cheers you up and makes you feel better – a chat with someone who lifts you up , or a favourite movie/TV show – I mean even if it’s a Christmas film, stick it on – total feel good right there. Read books – one of my absolute favourites I read at the end of last year was girl wash your face by Rachel Hollis, I highly recommend it!.   

Just embrace this time though as long as we all come through this healthy that is what matters and use this time to reflect, recharge , to learn new skills, have a good declutter, keep fit and healthy, and work on that positive mindset  💕🌈

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