What if this is the break, we didn’t even know we needed?


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Hi Guys, 

I hope you are all safe and well . 

So here in the UK , our Lockdown has been extended by another 3 weeks, until 7th May. I am pretty sure though, it will be extended even more – especially as 8th May is a bank holiday weekend here, so I doubt very much, they will let us all out for that. 

As hard as it is being separated from our family and friends, and all those things we did , that we didn’t even think to much about – for me little trips to Home Bargains, as I was passing just for a mooch ha or a little meander around the home department in Asda – at the mo Asda is just far too busy , I have only attempted it once since lockdown – but until restrictions are lifted, its just learning to enjoy a more slower pace of life.  Learning what actually really does matter in life and not getting so caught up in all the little things, that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  

Giving ourselves this  time to rest, recharge and reflect.  So enjoy those Netflix binges, the daily walks, curling up with a good book. baking (when you can find flour 😂), cooking  – all those things you love to do , but never usually find time for – now is that time!.  

If you would like to join us for some online fitness classes to keep you fit and healthy during lockdown  , we have a few options as below – access is via a private Facebook group . Just drop me a message for more information. 

Option 1 – Online classes 

This is a collection of  at Home workouts – most around 10-20 minutes long. There is a wide variety of classes – from Pilates, Barre, Body sculpt , and HIIT sessions. There are two new workouts added each week – Mondays and Wednesdays . Cost – £10 per month. 


Option 2 – is Our Virtual Studio  which has taken over from our Community classes .  There are  5 workouts added each week – Monday- Friday . with a mix of 20-30 minute workouts and 45 minute Pilates and Barre sessions. some sessions are pre recorded and some I teach Live, so you can follow along in real time – however if you can’t join us for the live , the workout saves in the group for you to access when you can .  Our Friday night Pilates session is usually taught live – 6.30pm-7.15pm and we even bring a glass of wine / prosecco along with us to that one ha.  Cost  – £12 for a weeks pass or £40 for the months pass. 


Option 3 – Pilates and Mediation group.  This group is dedicated to Pilates, and two new Pilates classes are added each week – Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Saturday class I sometimes teach live at 8.15am-9am , so you can join in, in real time.  If you can’t make the live though , the session saves in the group for you to access when you can.  Cost – £25 per month. 

Stay Safe everyone! 🌈


Joanne x




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