How would you like your post Lockdown life to look?


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It’s hard to believe we’ve been in lockdown now for 6 weeks!!.  The days are flying by and I think we’ve all settled into little routines.

This week I joined a live call with my friend and Mentor Yvonne Radley.   During the call she asked us to think of 10 things we have enjoyed about lockdown aswell as noting things we hadn’t enjoyed- I think we all agree missing seeing loved ones and the freedom to just go where you like – ( is anyone else missing just mooching around TK Maxx and Primark?? 😂).

My list for the things I am enjoying though was a lot easier to write then you might think . I’m enjoying a slower pace of life and loving teaching my classes online and still having that sense of community we have off line too and of course our Friday night Pilates and Wine class is going down a treat! 😂. I’m loving the daily walks  and i’m loving that I actually have time to sit down to a proper tea with Peter every night. In pre Lockdown life, I was always teaching most nights , so I would just have to grab a light tea most nights before heading out to teach.

I don’t think we’ll return back exactly to how life was before all this , but as restrictions eventually begin to be eased , its a good time to re-evaluate how you would like your life to look like! What things have you loved about lockdown and what things have you missed terribly, that perhaps you took for granted before all this , and how can you combine them into your life post lockdown. Covid has been a reminder to all of us just how precious and fragile life can be – if there has ever been a time to make positive changes to create a life you love , now is that time. So bust out the notepads/journals  and make your list of all the things you are enjoying about lockdown aswell as the things you miss and use those lists to think about how you want your life to look in your own post Covid life 💕.

let me know in the comments or come say Hi over on Instagram and let me know what elements of lock down life you guys are loving. I love hearing from you 💕

Stay safe !

Joanne x


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