Online Classes and Programmes



Can you believe we are about to go into week 9 of lockdown!. The weeks seem to be flying past so quickly .  We are all finding a new kind of routine now, and adjusting to this new way of living. I think having some kind of routine is a big help and I know for a lot of my online class guys , it is seeing familiar faces in the group and doing the classes alongside me  – just some feeling some normalacy from before lockdown 

I do think it will be a good couple of months before we can start to look at bringing back in person classes and even then it will have to be smaller groups . However in  the meantime we have a few different online class options that you can try.

Currently all options are available via  private Facebook groups.  Coming soon I will have a private membership area right here on our website  with access to online classes too. 

Pilates and Meditation group – £25 per month. 

Our Pilates group is for those of you who love your Pilates sessions and want to focus on those.  You get two brand new workouts each week – Tuesdays and Saturdays . Saturdays I usually teach the class live at 8.15am-9am, so you can follow along in real time . However if you can’t make the live sessions, they save in the group for you to access whenever you can  

Community class group – £40 per month/£12 per week/ £4 pay as you go options available

This is our group which has replaced our offline class programme during the pandemic. We have a class timetable of classes each week – for example 

Monday **LIVE** Pilates Bootcamp 7.30am-8am

Tuesday – Body Sculpt or cardio style  (pre recorded )

Wednesday ** LIVE** Pilates Sculpt & tone 9.30am-1015am or barre style class 

Thursday – Body Sculpt / Barre (pre recorded )

Friday ** LIVE ** Pilates 6.30pm-7.15pm  – this one you can bring a glass of wine, Gin, prosecco , juice whatever your preferece! 

I do mix up the classes each week but it is usually a Pilates inspired, Barre or body sculpt and some cardio each week. 


Our Third group is our Online workout group – this was our very first online class community we started two years ago.  This one is £10 per month and contains a mix of pre recorded  workouts for you to access with two new ones added each week usually around 15-25 minutes long. 


For more information or to join any of our online groups, please do just email me or drop me a DM via our Facebook page –  or Instagram @littlemisfitjojo.  I hang out on Instagram a lot so do come say Hi ! and if you want to see what I get up to during the week, when I am not teaching – its currently swinging on my new egg chair in the garden with a book in my hand more often then not! 


How would you like your post Lockdown life to look?


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It’s hard to believe we’ve been in lockdown now for 6 weeks!!.  The days are flying by and I think we’ve all settled into little routines.

This week I joined a live call with my friend and Mentor Yvonne Radley.   During the call she asked us to think of 10 things we have enjoyed about lockdown aswell as noting things we hadn’t enjoyed- I think we all agree missing seeing loved ones and the freedom to just go where you like – ( is anyone else missing just mooching around TK Maxx and Primark?? 😂).

My list for the things I am enjoying though was a lot easier to write then you might think . I’m enjoying a slower pace of life and loving teaching my classes online and still having that sense of community we have off line too and of course our Friday night Pilates and Wine class is going down a treat! 😂. I’m loving the daily walks  and i’m loving that I actually have time to sit down to a proper tea with Peter every night. In pre Lockdown life, I was always teaching most nights , so I would just have to grab a light tea most nights before heading out to teach.

I don’t think we’ll return back exactly to how life was before all this , but as restrictions eventually begin to be eased , its a good time to re-evaluate how you would like your life to look like! What things have you loved about lockdown and what things have you missed terribly, that perhaps you took for granted before all this , and how can you combine them into your life post lockdown. Covid has been a reminder to all of us just how precious and fragile life can be – if there has ever been a time to make positive changes to create a life you love , now is that time. So bust out the notepads/journals  and make your list of all the things you are enjoying about lockdown aswell as the things you miss and use those lists to think about how you want your life to look in your own post Covid life 💕.

let me know in the comments or come say Hi over on Instagram and let me know what elements of lock down life you guys are loving. I love hearing from you 💕

Stay safe !

Joanne x


Little Mis Fit weekly class timetable and Updates for week 20th May 2019



Hi Mis Fitters ,

I hope you are having a great weekend!.

Our latest 6 week Small group training programme kicked off this weekend so looking forward to taking this journey with the guys this next few weeks . Our last one of the Summer will be kicking off end of June , so if you would like to add your name to the list , drop us a message or see me at class.

The past couple months have been crazy busy , so enjoying some much needed down time this weekend. I’m currently watching Dead to me on Netflix so looking forward to catching up with a couple more episodes and I have a queue of YouTube videos on my watch later list to catch up on.
Then its all go again here at Little Mis Fit HQ until summer.

We have a new Kids Yoga class starting on a Thursday at Taylored Fit Physio , Langley Park. 4pm-4.45pm. suitable for kids age 4-10.

Our mam and Toddler Yoga class starts at Believe and Be on Tuesday 4th June 1115am-12noon.

Post Natal Pilates

Fridays from 31st May at Taylored Fit Physio , Langley Park 1130am-1215pm
Mondays from 3rd June at DanceMax, Consett 1030am-1115am

Plus of course all our regular classes 😄.  

Don’t forget we also have our online classes too, access is via a private Facebook group. Get in touch for more information. 

It was so lovely last Monday as we got to take our first class outside in the lovely sunshine. provided it is sunny this Monday, we’ll be doing the same, so layer up Monday guys!.

Timetable for this week :-

Please do book for all classes – and please let me know if you can’t make it as some classes do have a waitlist and it may mean someone else can come along.

Monday 20th May

Body Sculpt 6.30-7 pm @ North Durham Academy £4.00

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy £6.00

or do both evening sessions for £8.00

Tuesday 21st May

Body Scupt– 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco Community room, Consett £4.00 

Wednesday 22nd May

Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain Church £6

Thursday 23rd May

Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6

Men on Mats Pilates 7.45pm-8.30 pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6

Friday 24th May

Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church £6

Saturday 25th May

Body Sculpt 9am-9.30am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4

Have a great week guys! . You can follow along with my week over on insta Stories and don’t forget you can follow us on facebook – and Instagram @littlemisfitjojo .

Joanne x

Classes and Programme updates and why 2019 is a big year for us.

Hi guys,

I hope this New Year is treating you well so far. 


2019 is a big year , here at Little Mis Fit – Its my first year teaching full time , after 8 years of juggling two jobs , I’ve finally gone full time with Little Mis Fit, which is exciting , though a little scary too.  I also have a big birthday this year as does my boyfriend and a lot of my friends , so lots of fun things planned too.  I also have a few ideas for Little Mis Fit so I’m busy working away on those too. 

Are you on Instgram? , If  so  come give us a follow -@littlemisfitjojo.  Follow our Instastories for what goes on behind the scenes!. 

Class timetable and January programmes 

Our classes are all back to normal this week , and we have our new Body Sculpt class on Tuesday and Saturdays. Its a class combining cardio with strength and conditioning moves, to help tone and strengthen the entire body.

We also see the return of our After School Yoga class at Believe and Be , Consett for kids age 4-8. Monday Afternoons 4,15-5pm .

Post Natal Pilates is also back on a Monday Morning 1030am-1115am at DanceMax, Consett , and this year we also have a class on a Friday morning at Langley Park at the lovely Taylored Fit Physio studio.


Family Yoga is also back from this Saturday 1th January 1015am-11am at Delves Village Hall. For kids age 3 plus.
Our Pilates 1-1 and private Small group slots have also been selling really well, if you would be interested , just drop me a message.

Our Fat Burning Small Group programme is sold out for January, but we already have sign ups for February , so if you would like to get on the list for the February Small Group starting Mid Feb, just drop us a message.

Timetable for this week :-

Please do book for all classes – and please let me know if you can’t make it.

Monday 07th January

Post Natal Pilates , 1030am-1115am @ DanceMax, Consett

After School Yoga 4.15-5pm @ Believe and Be, Consett for kids age 4-7

Barre Fitness 6.30-7 pm @ North Durham Academy £4.00

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy £6.00

or do both evening sessions for £8.00

Tuesday 8th January

Body Sculpt 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco Community room, Consett £4.00 – This class has limited space and sells out quickly, lease check with us regarding availability.

Wednesday 9th January

Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain Church £6
Pilates for mams and Toddlers 1030am-1115am @ Annfield Plain Church £7

Thursday 10th January 

Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6

Men on Mats Pilates 7.45pm-8.30 pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6

Friday 11th January

Post Natal Pilates 1130am-1215pm @ Taylored Fitness Physio, Langley Park

Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church £6

Saturday 12th January

Body Sculpt 9am-9.30am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4

Family Yoga 1015am – 11am @ Delves Village Hall

Wishing you all a fabulous week!

Joanne x

Whats the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

One of the questions I get asked a lot – What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?.  After all a lot of the moves are very similar and I find the two compliment each other well.  Both can help improve flexibility , build strength and help with mental  health, and lower stress levels.  Below are my takes on the differences between the two .

Yoga means the Union of the mind, body and spirit and originated in India , thousands of years ago.   Yoga helps us build strength and improve flexibility too, and also has a strong emphasis on our Spiritual wellbeing also.


I love the quote “Yoga is not about touching your toes, its about what you learn on the way down “. For me Yoga is about my own journey on my mat. Of course its fun being able to do some of those impressive Yoga poses – It was a proud day when I managed Crow pose for the very first time and if I’m honest any other time I am able to do it ! , though the Headstand still alludes me. I can hand stand against a wall though and take my legs off the  wall for 5 seconds haha , but its not about that, its about what we learn about our bodies as we try a pose , .there are days some poses will come more easily than other days and that’s ok. Its being aware of your body and how it moves day to day,  Stepping on my mat is about me  stepping away from the busy chaos of my everyday life and heading to my  mat  to help  find some calm, as I just focus on moving through the poses  , and  being present in that moment and not thinking about my ever growing to do list or feeling anxious about the worries and stresses of life

Pilates was originally known as Contrology , when Joseph Pilates first brought the concept to New York in the 1920’s , where he had his own studio . It was only after his death in 1967,  the name was changed to Pilates by his wife Clara. 

Joseph Pilates  was born in Germany in 1880 and was poorly as a child, suffering with rickets, asthma and Rheumatic fever.   As he grew up, he wanted to develop a health regime to make him stronger and healthier and tried various activities such as Yoga, gymnastics, skiing, boxing and karate, along with meditation.  

In 1912 he travelled to England , working as a boxer, Circus performer and Self defence instructor. However during World War 1, as a German living in England, he was interned as an enemy alien. During his time locked up, he worked on a training regime, which he would share with his camp mates and he also created programmes to help injured soldiers with rehabilitation exercises. 

After the war is over , he returned back to Germany, and through his friend Rudolph Laban was introduced to Dance. 

In 1926 , However he set off for America – New York, where he meets his future wife, Clara. Joseph opens a Studio in New York and primarily works with dancers to help keep them strong , reducing their risk of injury and if they did get injured , help them recover. 

Joseph Pilates trained dancers and apprentices in his Pilates method , and they would then go on to open their own studios. 

For Joseph Pilates , Pilates was the complete coordination of mind and Body. The main focus of  Pilates is about building core strength. The Core is seen as the Powerhouse of the body.  Pilates  moves can also help all those smaller muscles get stronger to help better support the bigger muscles in the body, lowering your risk of injury and is often used by athletes especially runners because it .  Having a strong Core, strengthens the Spine, reduces lower back pain  and bringing better alignment to the body and improving also helps keep the pelvis in alignment  Pilates helps build a long lean body. There is also a  focus on taking  deep, full breaths .This allows the muscles to be supplied with energizing oxygen and the old stale air to leave the body on each exhale. 

Pilates is often used in rehabilitation of those with injuries, health conditions and orthopaedic conditions , just like Joseph Pilates did all those years ago with the injured soldiers during WW1. I have clients with a wide range of health conditions  , some of whom I work with 1-1 as we can tailor the session specifically for them.  Even if you are generally fit and well though, including a Pilates/Yoga workout in your programme amongst those Higher impact workouts  is highly beneficial, it will stretch out tired muscles and help keep them strong, lower your risk of injury and bring balance to the mind and body . Modern living means we are a generation with poor posture from spending days hunched over computers, laptops, mobile phones etc, which means we are also all constantly “switched on” so stepping on to that mat will help you find a little oasis of calm. 

Both Yoga and Pilates are also brilliant for pre/post natal women. 

For me personally , I love the benefits of combining elements of both Yoga and Pilates  into my own practice and that of the classes I teach, and the majority of my Pilates classes will finish with a Savasana  / snooze  just like in Yoga . For some though this actually the hardest part of the class – relaxing!.  Those are the often the ones that need it the most! . 


What about you guys?, do you have a preference?


Joanne 💕

Spooktacular October at Little Mis -Fit

Hey Guys,

Right I feel I have said this so often this year , but honestly I can not believe another month is almost over!. I mean its October next week! – October ! . Though I admit , I do love Halloween month, I’ll will definitely be gong in the loft to get my Halloween décor out in the next week or so . I got some fab Halloween mugs last week from Tk MAX. – what about you guys? – do you decorate your home for Autumn/Halloween? . if you follow me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo- I’m sure I’ll be doing some Insta stories on my autumn/Halloween décor.  

October at Little Mis-Fit we will see some timetable changes! . Injecting some new classes.
We will be bringing Barre classes to the time table . Barre is a combination of taking ballet moves and fusing them with pilates and yoga moves to help strengthen and tone the entire body and we can also make it a HIIT style workout too – welcome to Barre BURN!!. If any of you would like to get a pair of 1kg weights to bring along to these classes , to add in an extra challenge to the workout, then it would add an extra challenge.
You can get these from Sports Direct, Argos , Amazon etc. Don’t worry you will still be able to do the classes without these , it just adds that little extra to your workout and of course Christmas party dress season is right around the corner . I am also
going to bring a boxing style class back on a Saturday morning , as we have been boxing past couple weeks and I know some of you miss it.

We will also have a Small group training starting Mid October , which will take us to the end of November – right in time for Party season. Please let me know if you would be interested in a place.

Pilates Small Group will also be back Mid October though this often sells out pretty quickly!.

From January , I will also be looking at running some day time Small group sessions so please let me know if this would be something you would be interested in. these will be in addition to the evening sessions.

We will also be doing a Halloween special Family Yoga class on Saturday 27th October!. Of Course Halloween fancy dress will be highly encouraged!.

Mis- Fit Christmas party – I am looking at options, so will send a separate email and see what the preference is.

From 1st October our Timetable will be as follows:-


– Barre Burn 6.30pm-7pm @ North Durham Academy. £4
– Pilates 7pm-7.45pm £6

or do both classes for £8


Barre Burn 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco, Consett


Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain church £6
Pilates for mam and tots 1030-1115am @ Annfield Plain church £7


Barre Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6.50

Men on Mats Pilates 7.30pm – 8.15pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6


Pilates 6.30pm-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church £6


Boxing Blast 9am-9.30am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4
Family Yoga 1015am-11am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £7

October class passes

Passes will be on sale 1st October

8 session pass – £24

12 session pass – £45

Unlimited Monthly pass – £55

We also have our online classes – just £10 per month. Access is via a private facebook group . two new workouts added each week – Hiit classes, Piit style, barre classes , pilates /yoga style. so a wide variety . The workouts can be done at home, at a time that suits you.

We also have a couple daytime slots for 1-1 Pilates sessions . These can be done 1-1 , or maybe a couple friends or with your mam/sister etc. get in touch if you would be interested

Wishing you all a spooktacular October !! 

Joanne 💕

My new feeling Wicked and Happy Haunting mugs from TK Maxx!.  

Summer Lovin’ At Little Mis-Fit



Hi guys , 

so This Thursday 21st June is the first official day of Summer!!!!. Hurrah Long summer days  ahead , hopefully plenty of sunshine too.

Summer is actually a busy one here at Mis-Fit HQ. We have  lots going on over the summer. Though I am taking a little holiday 20th August – 28th August , so classes during this time.  

Just a reminder , I am also away next weekend so no classes Thursday 28th June- Monday 2nd July. Classes will be back Tuesday 3rd July.  I will also be away Saturday 21st July.

Our Summer Programmes – below is our list of happenings over the Summer, including our Pilates and Prosecco events, our Summer yoga Club for the little ones and our Small Group training programme over the summer. Plus our Summer class timetable.

Pilates and Prosecco Event – Saturday 7th July -12noon-2pm @ Blackhill Community centre 

Come Join us for our Pilates and prosecco event . We will do an hour or so of Pilates and then crack open the Prosecco and enjoy a glass or two or three . A little Summer Soiree .  Just £25 per person.  A £10 deposit is required at time of booking , and the remaining £15 can be paid on the day in cash or beforehand via Bank Transfer.

Summer Yoga club for kids 

We have joined forces this summer with our friends at Believe and Be, to offer a Summer Yoga club for kids age 4-7. 

I know some of you mams struggle with childcare over the summer holidays and/or just need something to keep them entertained and keep your sanity intact haha.  

Our Summer Yoga club is currently operating on the following dates :-

Monday 23rd July, Monday 30th July, Monday 6th August and Monday 13th August   1130am-3pm. 

£18 per child per session or prebook all 4 sessions for just £60. 

Drop them with us at 1130am , they will then get a 90 minute session in Believe Town,  followed by a picnic lunch (provided) and then Yoga/crafting session.  You can them collect them at 3pm.

spaces are limited , so do please book asap to guarantee a space.


Small Group Pilates 

Our Summer small Group Pilates session is running from Saturday 7th July – Saturday 18th August . £100 per person for the 12 sessions or £50 person for 6 sessions ( you can do just Tuesdays or just Saturdays or even mix them if you will be away for a week or so during the programme )

Twice weekly Small group Pilates sessions as follows :

Saturday 8.15am – 9am @ Delves Lane Village Hall


Tuesdays 6.15pm-7pm @ Tesco Consett

Small Group 

our Summer small group Fat burning programme will also run over the summer. Saturday 7th July – Saturday 18th August. £100 for the 12 sessions. If you want to  feel fitter, healthier and stronger, Our Small group programme could be for you! . 


Twice weekly Workouts.

nutrition guide

Private facebook group to encourage and motivate each other.

Our twice weekly workout sessions are as follows :-

Saturday 9.30am-10am @ Delves Lane Village Hall


Tuesday 7.30-8pm @ Tesco, Consett


Virtual Classes 

We also have our Virtual classes running, if you would like to sign up for July , drop me a message. £10 per person per month and you will get access to our online class programme. Two new weekly at home workouts added each week!.

Summer Timetable 

our Summer class timetable is below :- 

Classes will run subject to minimum numbers.


HIIT 6.30-7pm @ North Durham Academy

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy

Tuesday @ Tesco, Consett

Teen Fitness 5.15pm-6pm 

PIIT 7pm-7.30pm 

Wednesday @ Annfield Plain


Thursday @ Delves Lane Village Hall

PIIT 6.45-7pm 


Pilates Strecth & Relax 7pm-7.30pm 

Friday @ Annfield Plain 

Pilates 6.30-7pm 

Saturday @ Delves Lane village Hall

HIIT 9am-9.30am 


Family Yoga 1015am-11am 


To book for any of our programmes or classes, then just drop us a message via our Facebook – or Instagram- @littlemisfitjojo or Via email – 


Wishing you all all the most magical , warm Summer!. May it be filled with adventure, sunshine and lots of happy memories. 



joanne x

Benefits of Pilates


Pilates is one of my busiest classes on the timetable. More and more people are recognising the benefits, and with a host of celebrities showcasing their Pilates honed bodies,  its becoming ever more Popular, but aside from the aesthetic side – think long lean bodies, there is a whole host of benefits of Pilates that work the body  from the inside , out.

However I still get people who say, Ah I need to feel I’ve worked so I don’t think its for me . Haha I think the people who come to my Pilates class would beg to differ, especially if we do some PIIT – Pilates intense interval style training. Pilates maybe more low impact but its still provides a challenging workout, which works brilliantly alongside your HIIT, running and other cardio workouts. 


So Here are just a few  Benefits of  incorporating a regular Pilates session into your workouts:-


  1. Strengthens your Core .  A lot of people tend to think of their core as just their abdominals, but actually your  major Core muscles  consists of your Pelvic floor muscles, Transversus abdominus, Multifidus , internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, the Erector Spinae and your Diaphram . Also the Gluteus maximus, latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles are also classed as minor Core muscles. In actual fact , pretty much the whole trunk of the body. Joseph Pilates classed this as the powerhouse of your body and when strong , creates the foundation for all movement. 


  1. Improved Bone density – Bone like muscle responds to Resistance and weight bearing exercises. Pilates can help strengthen our bones , reducing the risk of Osteoporosis , a condition which causes bones to become brittle and weak. 


  1. Can ease Back pain . Pilates can help relieve pressure and stress on the lower back and increase  mobility in your spine, which can help reduce Back pain. The Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical therapy did a study and found that those with lower back pain, experienced a significant pain relief after a 4 week Pilates programme , kept up for a year long period.


4. Improves Flexibility, balance and increases strength. Pilates moves work to lengthen and strengthen muscles, improve Muscle elasticity and joint mobility. All of this combined helps lower the risk of injury . For example being able to improve Hamstring flexibility , lowers your risk of hurting your lower back, if you bend down to pick something up.

5. Its a fantastic cross training work out and will actually help condition the body and strengthen the Core to improve performance in higher impact workouts such as running and HIIT workouts.

  1. Low impact but no less effective .  Smaller moves and targeting some of the smaller muscles , which help support bigger muscles all help you see improvements in Strength . I find a lot of my class put more effort in to the Pilates class  then they do in the High impact classes, maybe because  they feel they can ,  you get out what you put in, so the greater the effort, the better the results!.


  1. Improves Posture . Good Posture will help you instantly stand taller which is turn helps boost confidence levels and  makes you look slimmer.  In this day and age of hunching over laptops/mobiles and tablets, we are defiantly more rounded through the shoulders , giving us a more hunch back appearance!.  We want to stand tall and proud!! . Good posture also leads us to the next benefit….



  1. Helps improve breathing – learning to take full deep breaths helps oxygenate the blood and dispel carbon Dioxide from the body. Deep breathing helps stimulate the internal organs and helps the heart circulate fresh oxygenated blood throughout the body  – a natural body cleanse!.   When we are stressed or panicked or angry/upset, you notice your breath gets much shallower.  Taking time out to just take deep breathes , will help calm your mind and deepen your breath to help you refocus and calm down.


  1. Want that 6 pack?? – Great abs are definatly made in the kitchen , however  Pilates will help to strengthen the Rectus Abdominis , the muscle responsible for that 6 pack.  So eating healthy and working your core properly will defiantly help with  defining those abs!.



  1. Helps you connect mind, body and soul . The mental focus and controlled Breathing , help lower stress levels and as you flow through the moves, it helps you clear your mind of everything bar what you are doing in the present moment.  When stressed , we are more likely to store fat around our tummies, so by doing a workout that helps us destress, can help shift that stress fat around our middles!. 


  1. Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles – (the muscles in your pelvis that support the bladder and uterus)  this can help reduce stress incontinence –  A lot  of new mammies suffer from  weak bladder  after giving birth.     and  Strong Pelvic floor muscles also  lead to more intense Orgasms leading to  even hotter sex!.    and for mammas to be – can defiantly help push that baby right out!   





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