Little Mis-Fit’s Greatest Adventure yet …….

So this week,  my little community fitness business – Little Mis-Fit  turns 8 years old!!!.   



I look back 8 years ago , at the hopes and dreams I had when I set out on my journey and honestly can’t believe how fast the time has flown by, and how much my little dream has grown and become my reality .  

I had always loved Exercise. I started running in primary school – one of the teachers used to take a group of us out on a Friday lunch time. Throughout Secondry school, I was on the cross country team and I loved PE.  Now I was on the Cross country team, -but honestly  I was so not the best runner at all but what I did have was the determination to try and to keep trying. I would train with the team each lunch time, I went to running club on a Tuesday and Thursday night  and just practiced and practiced. I just really enjoyed it and I got faster and fitter.  So when I left school the Career advice lady who came to school, suggested I may want to go into the fitness industry, at that time though I wanted to travel and sport was something I did because I enjoyed it , what if it was my job and I came to hate it??.   so I became a travel agent!. 

In 1995, at the age of 16, I left school after my G.C.S.E’s to enroll on a YTS (youth training scheme ) as a trainee travel agent – I wanted to travel the world .  I liked the job but there was just something inside that told me , this was not really what I was meant to do  .   I have travelled to some amazing places and even got to work in Las Vegas a couple of time so when I was  in my early twenties  which was pretty cool. 

Over the years however I did keep coming back to the idea of teaching classes. Finally in 2010  as the age of 30 , I found a local course and decided to go for it. Now not many people know this but in actual fact I signed up to do my Pilates course first!!!, then changed my mind and switched to the group fitness course instead.  It was over 10 weeks and it was a tough 10 weeks!!. It was the first time I had studied in a long time and I was working full time and at college on a Sunday all day and trying to juggle the homework and choreography practice. Ha all that juggling though would stand me in good stead for all the juggling I do now!.  I remember having a week off travel work , during the middle of it though and it was a lovely sunny day and I was sat in my garden , studying – thinking this could be my life! My life could be not being stuck behind a desk all day in a stuffy office for 8 hours , 5 days a week , but instead have the freedom of  doing a job I loved and working more flexible hours.  8 years on , I am achieving that dream!.  A couple years ago, I did eventually get around to  doing  my Pilates course aswell hurrah!.   From that first moment of teaching – I knew I had found it – the job I was meant to do!. It just felt right

After getting my Group fitness qualification – I set up a Class on a Monday night in a local church hall. Back then I think I was on Facebook but no clue really how to use it . In fact I didn’t really know much about running a business at all! . When I was 24  and saving for my first house, aswell as my travel job though , I worked as a Virgin Vie make up rep – so I would go round delivering parties selling make up – as a make up junkie  this was actually a bit of another dream job too , getting to play with make up and being paid for it ha.   Hmmm actually I wonder if Charlotte Tillbury or Mac would be interested in me doing a little side work for them …………………. .  Anyhoo I digress but actually being a Virgin Vie rep I did learn a couple things about marketing and running a business so I was not totally clueless  as I learned about keeping my accounts and a bit about marketing but there would be so much more to learn.   

It has not always been an easy journey – so many people think being their own boss is much easier than working for someone else. In actual fact its so much harder.  I’ve tried things that didnt work  out but there have been plenty things that have worked out and I genuinly love what I do . In recent years I have also started working with kids – doing Yoga  , which is actually not something i ever set out to do, It was a little detour but again something I really enjoy so definatly a case of  Serendipty    (FYI totally love that movie!!) 

I am truly truly grateful  to each and everyone of you that has been part of the Mis-fit journey over the past 8 years – some of the people in that very first class, are still with me today  and the same with my second class I set up a couple months later – they are also still with me.    Without all you guys coming to classes and helping spread the word,  Mis-Fit would not be what it is today. You guys inspire me to keep going , to keep teaching classes  , to keep learning new things to increase my knowledge and keep classes fresh and fun.   I love our little Mis-Fit community we have created , with friendships formed and the craic in the classes . I can have had a really stressful day at the 9-5 and all I want to do when I finish is curl up on the settee and watch netflix, but I know the minute I stand up in class and start teaching you all , sharing in the banter , laughing , Its the perfect medicine and I love that I know its the same for you guys too.  You can have loads going on at home/work but you show up for class for some You time and we help you feel better too.  

Huge thank you aswell to my mam, dad and sister who  are my constant cheerleaders, cheering me on and supporting me and my friends who do the same and who understand when I can’t always play out because my working hours are so different to theirs but they are always there. 


My Big goal was always to aim to make Little Mis-Fit my full time job. As I got more Qualifications and grew my classes , I was able to reduce my days at my travel job from 5 days to 3 days and last December I actually dropped down to 2 days. However having returned from Holiday this  Summer and having talked about it forever and with the support of my family and friends all cheering me on , I made the huge decision to take a leap of faith and take Mis-Fit full time – eeekkkkkkk!.  S*#t just got real people!!!!!!!.   So from December 2018  – Mis-Fit is full time!!!! . 

Maybe it will work out , maybe it won’t   –  that determination I had when I was starting out running , that has always  stayed with me   and I have every determination to try and make this succeed too -Either way I have to at least try – after all the magic happens when you step outsode your comfort zone!  .   I believe at least trying  ,  will be Little Mis-Fit’s  greatest adventure yet!.   


Time now for Cake and Prosecco!!!!!!!!!!   





Blogmas Week 2

You know that feeling when you feel caught up in a Christmas whirlwind and you can’t quite stop long enough to catch a breath???, yeah that has been my week this week!. As well as still teaching classes every night ,  filming the 12 days of Christmas workouts  – a huge thank you To Joanne and Jayne who help me with this , and trying to juggle housework (i’ve all but given up on this to be honest- anyone else??????????????  ) plus getting organised for Christmas , there doesn’t seem to be much time left in the day to actually sleep yikes .I’m just trying to concentrate on my mantra this week – I am calm , I am steady . Even in midst of a storm, you can find some calm, I’ve just been trying to concentrate on finding some this past week. Daily Yoga is defiantly  helping! .

I have however finished my shopping hurrah, though my goal by the weekend is to get it all wrapped.  I think a weekend of Christmas movie watching and wrapping presents is in order this weekend.

This past week kicked off on Saturday with an 80’s night at the Derwent Manor Hotel in Consett.  There were 12 of us in total and we just had an absolute ball. We laughed from start to finish and we even managed to get the boys on the dance floor for the Pouges . At one point Lauren and I found ourselves embroiled in a Dance off  with some randoms encroaching on our Dance space . Obviously thought they could out dance us – think again busters, they moved off half way through, clearly realising they were up against some pros😂. thank you Raff for organising this one!, think we all agreed to make it an annual night!.


Monday , I had a final few little bits to get for presents, so I hit a few little local gift shops . Over half my christmas shopping this year has come from other local business and or other small business’ online.  You get much more personal service and you can get some really lovely gifts and often handmade with the recipetant in mind!.  I saw a post on Social Media last week, saying that when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance – its so true , we really do!!! haha.  You really do appreciate when someone buys from you and whats more becomes a regular client , who almost always becomes a friend!. I love that Social media helps small business’ grow.

Tuesday it was a Super early start to the day. The alarm went off at 5am and I left the house at 5.30am to catch an early train up to Edinburgh. I was really excited as other than a trip to the zoo, when I was about 10, I have never been to Edinburgh!. It was for travel work however so most of the time was spent in our office up there, the room had a cracking view though. We had about an hour after we had finished  though, before getting the train, so I did manage to see the Dome.  Definatly on the 2017 bucket list to go back up and explore the city properly though.

Wednesday morning I had set aside to bake some Christmas cakes for my mam, dad and sister. They love Christmas cake,  so I had wanted to bake some for them. Neither Martin or I like them so I could not do my usual taste test, awaiting the verdict back on those………. . Wednesday afternoon was lovely as along with my mam, sister , and friends Stephanie, Laura, Joanne and her mam , we headed to Beamish Hall for a festive afternoon tea and watch the original Miracle on 34th Street on the big screen. It was such a lovely afternoon and of course we had a glass of prosecco :-). then it was home, quick change and to head back out to teach, before then heading off to tea with my friend Kathleen, her friend Nicola and Kathleen’s daughter Orlaith.

img_0153Thursday – Ok so today I have actually managed to get some relaxation in. I headed to the Little White Room in Chester Le Street to see the lovely Lauren for a pre -Christmas pamper.  I had the most relaxing Elemis facial and got my my nails (hand and toes) all painted ready for another round of Christmas partying this weekend :-).


I have lots of lovely things planned for the next week in the lead up to actual Christmas – can you believe its Christmas next week!!! , Next week!!!!!! . it just feels like its hurtling round so fast and I don’t feel ready but ready or not its coming.   I really am aiming to have everything wrapped and made a start on January session planning so I can just relax and enjoy festive fun next week  without being stressed.  I am at travel work still  next week Wed-Friday but fingers crossed its quiet!.

How do you guys find your calm at this time of year? .

I always try and end my day , curled up with my book. I am currently reading the Charm Bracelet by Melissa Hill. I have read it the past couple years at this time as its one of my festive favourite reads.  I’m actually doing a blog post on my top 5 Festive reads so eyes peeled for that.

I hope you guys are all managing to enjoy some Festive fun amidst the chaos . let me know what you have been up to , I love to see the festive photos on social media!.



our Box to Beat event – Sunday 28th February

The Mis-Fit family never cease to amaze me.  As a boxercise instructor, we were invited to organise a Box to beat event. – a joint campaign with Boxercise and the Ovarian – it would be a 3 hour long Boxercise class. It was an event created to raise awareness and much needed funds for research during March which is Ovarian Cancer month.  I asked the Mis-Fits if anyone would like to take part and got lots of yes’s :-).

So we organised our event for Sunday 29th February. Mark at the North Durham Academy in Stanley, where we have some of our classes, very kindly allowed us the use of the theatre for the event. Thanks Mark!!!!.

3 hours is a long time to workout – ha the guys are usually moaning 5 minutes into a regular class (though  they love it really heehee). So I knew I needed to make it a fun filled session.

I think I achieved it – the guys were laughing throughout it all and they all agreed they had had fun and the time just flew over . I’ve had some of the guys  requesting  to do it all again next year!.

We set ourselves a £500 target  –  as of today though we have actually raised over £900!!!!!!!!.  our little community has come together and supported one another and raised an incredible amount of money for a brilliant cause.

A HUGE thank you to all those who took part and to all of Mis-Fits, and our family and friends who have donated so so generously!.

the 2016 Box to Beat Mis-Fit team!  Marie and Tracey Sowerby, Tracy Walton,Gillian and Tash Corney, Clare Tilney, Pamela Smith , Deborah Wyatt, Joanne Neilands, Daneka Adams, Andrea Gray, Bev Charlton, Jayne Emma Turner and of course our very own Martin Greensitt.

box to beat


Check out how much fun the guys had – thanks to Tasha Corney for the Flipogram!


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