10 years from now, you’ll surely arrive – but where?

“ 10 years from now , you’ll surely arrive. The question is where?.” – Tony Robbins 

10 years ago , I was working a 9-5 job in the travel industry.  During my Travel career . I got to travel and work in some pretty amazing places around the world and I will always be grateful for that experience and the friends I made a long the way.  I just always felt like something was missing 


I hated being stuck behind a desk all day , attached to a headset – week in, week out , counting down to the weekend or my next holiday –  I just did not want that to be my life .  

So 10 years ago this week – I sent off a Cheque ( ha remember those?? 🤣) and I signed up to do my Group fitness instructor qualification and  I began a new journey 💕

I have come to recognise that I  have this sense  of being Home when it comes to people, situations and places when everything feels aligned and when I have that feeling , I know it’s my gut instinct telling me I’m on the right path  💕. 

As soon as I started teaching , I had that feeling of coming home and ten years on, I look back at this incredible journey I have been on and where it has brought me to, today.

  It’s definitely been a rollercoaster of a ride , there have been highs and lows , it has been such a huge learning curve and one of my greatest adventures to date. I have learned to never ignore my gut feeling and to never ever  settle for something – be it a relationship, job , or situation that is just ok – you absolutely deserve to live a life that you love. We get just one shot at it. And know  you can achieve anything you set your mind to with plenty of hard work,  keeping the faith and i’ve Found a killer lipstick helps too when you need that little extra boost 😘. Ooh and always have a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge 🥂 . 


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