Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!.   

I hope you all have something special planned! . Maybe you have a hot date  , plans with a friend or maybe a date with yourself.  Which ever it is, Be sure to take a little time out to show yourself some love today!. Drink your tea out of your favourite cup, pour that wine/prosecco/gin into your favourite glass. Wear a favourite outfit and or lipstick!. Make a little time in the day to do something for yourself, aswell as the people in your life whom you love. 

I’m looking forward to a whole day off , I am so excited ! a day off mid week is a rare thing at the minute.  Actually up until last Summer , a full day off was rare for me full stop, however I now have Sundays off and I really treasure them.  January has been really hectic here at Mis-Fit HQ , so am looking forward to an extra day off today – I’m heading off to see my friend Lauren at the Little White Room and treating myself to a facial. And then home to get ready for date night :-).


I’ve popped some of my favourite heart opening Yoga poses below in honour of this day of love. So grab your yoga mat and let’s open up our hearts! . 

Bridge Pose – helps strengthen the Back, the butt and the hamstrings and those pelvic floor muscles, whilst stretching the Chest, neck , spine and hips.  

Lying on your back , you want a fist widths distance between your knees – you can also pop a block or pillow between the knees. Have all your toes pointing forward and hands by your side. bring your heels in toward your butt.  Breath in , and as you breath out lift the hips up toward the ceiling, lengthen through the lower back, squeezing the butt.  Lower down, slow and controlled, imagine bring your back down , vertabrae by vertabrae. 

Can help reduce stress.

A more advanced version of Bridge Pose is  Wheel Pose  –  Strengthens your arms,legs shoulders and Core and opens up the Chest and helps strengthen the lungs  It will also help increase flexibility in the spine . Wheel Pose can also help reduce stress and boost energy!.   As above but take your hands behind your shoulders and lift your chest up toward the ceiling.


Warrior 3 Pose – Helps strengthen the heart muscle , and  sends high speed blood to the heart cleaning out the Veins and arteries.  It will also help improve balance and strengthen the legs, ankles and Butt. It also help some tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles. 

Standing with feet hip width apart, take one leg behind you and reach your hands forward. Careful not to lock out the knee of the standing leg. Keep your hips square – easier said than done. I definitely need to work on that!. Don’t forget to do both sides!.


Chair Pose 

tones the leg muscles, strengthens the hip flexor ankles,calves and back.  Stretches the chest and shoulders and helps stimulate the heart  and diaphragm.

Stand Tall, feet Hip width apart , bend your knees and reach your arms up high. Careful not to hunch those shoulders round your ears!!



Cobra Pose 


invigorates the heart. Increases flexibility. Strengthens the shoulders and arms and stretches the Abdominals, chest and shoulders.

Lie on your tummy, placing your palms flat to the floor, next to your shoulders , lift your head,neck and shoulders off the floor .  An alternative is to keep your elbows down on the floor, depending on the flexibility in your lower spine. 

Legs up the wall Pose – One of my favourite Yoga poses. A total relaxing pose . Lie down, with your feet stretching up a wall or door. Rest your head on a block or a pillow and close your eyes. Maybe pop on a favourite chill out song or just enjoy being quiet for a few  minutes and just focus on taking long deep breathes in and out. This pose Will help improve circulation  and can help you sleep better!. 

Plus for fun, I keep trying to work on my handstands, which help strengthen and tone the core muscles, and the shoulder and arms – hello Toned arms for summer!!.   It also helps increase the flow of blood to your brain to calm the mind.  Hmmm it’s definitely a work in progress ha. 

However you spend pend your Valentines Day, I hope it’s full of love and laughter. 


Do let me know if you try any of the yoga poses! . Tag me in your photos! 


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