My Top 5 Exercises


So these are my top 5 exercises – you can jazz them up and make them even harder. But just in their simple form these 5 moves  will give you an effective full body  workout!


1 Squats – make sure all the weight is in your heels, feeling nothing in your knees. Aim to get parallel to the floor, keep the length through spine. Knees in line with toes – don’t allow them to creep over!.   This will target legs, bum and stomach.


2. Press ups. Start on your knees , and build up to full press ups on your toes 😄. Hands wide, chest between your hands, aiming to get chest down to the floor.  This will target arms, shoulders, chest and abs.



3. Burpees. Start in a standing position, jump and then bring hands to the floor and jump the feet back  into a Plank position, wrists, elbows, shoulders all stacked, abs pulled in, keep hips level with the shoulders – never let that butt sink down or else you’ll hurt your lower back. also don’t let the bum stick up – we’re not doing down dog .  Jump the feet back uptoward the hands and come back up to standing.  One of the best all over body exercises!

imageburpee 2

4. Lunges .  Target the legs and bum. Step one foot  forward, and lunge  keeping knee in line with toes  – imagine a right angle , back leg as close to the floor as you can. Keep abs in, and back straight, . Chest and head up tall .  lunge

5. Plank hold.

Keep wrists, elbows and shoulders stacked, so weight is evenly distributed through the arms. keep abs pulled in – imagine pulling bellybutton through to spine. Keep the length through the crown of the head through to the tailbone, keeping hips level with shoulders. I should be able to balance a glass of Prosecco on your back without spilling a drop!!!.  This will target shoulders, arms, and abs.



Try this little workout :-

20seconds on , 10 seconds rest

Press ups
Plank Hold

x 4 rounds

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Joanne xx




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