May Favourites

J-Lo once said you have the skin you are born with until you are 20 and after that you have the skin you deserve . I am a firm, believer that a healthy balanced diet including lots of water , plus Vitamin D , exercise and sleep  all play a massive part  in the health of your skin but i’m also a bit of beauty product junkie -( a beauty counter sales girl’s dream  – If it promises me a J-lo glow  – i’m pretty much sold :-).


So here are just a few of my favourite products I’ve been loving this month – I’d love to know yours too ! – come say hi over at Facebook or tag me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo

May faves

  1. Origins High Potency Night a Mins Moisturiser    Since my early twenties , I have suffered with Acne flare ups so I am incredibly  fussy on my skincare  and need to investigate throughly and read reviews before I purchase anything!!! . I have the Origins – A perfect world age defense  day  mosturiser and I love that, so having done my research , I opted to go for the Night a mins oil free one. Quite a few reviews mentioned the fact that it helped reduce  the appearance of acne scarring and that it contained sleep inducing aromas, and it made your skin appear brighter, ( hello J-lo glow  – sold!!!!! 😄) I’ve been using it since April and it really has help reduce my acne scarring without  aggravating  my skin at all –  a definite  firm favourite.

2. OPI nail varnish. – got myself in a Jam balaya   from the New Orleans range. I just always feel more polished when I have my nails done and though in Autumn/winter – I love my dark colours, I just fell in love with this peachy colour for summer  and it really compliments my skin tone.



3. Michael Kors – sexy Amber perfume . I was at my God son’s birthday party recently and one  of the other guests came in and she smelled gorgeous, I asked her what perfume she had on and it was this one, so I totally copied. Thanks Gemma!.

4. Super drug Coconut Ice Body Butter  – I’m on my second Tub already. I got  this as a gift for my birthday and it smells divine – a beach holiday in a tub!!! .

5. Christian Dior Forever foundation  – again  very fussy on my foundation as a few do make me break out . When I work out I opt for bare mineral foundation as I find it doesn’t block my pores. I just wanted a new one for  when I go out , I have a Mac one I like but my skin is  not so keen on it  and I’m not sure the colour suits my skin tone now the warmer weather has arrived – well you know at least decides to  put an appearance in now and then 😜. I wanted one that looked natural , stayed put and didn’t make me look orange. The sales lady in Boots ( hello  advantage points – don’t you just love those ! ) was lovely and was really knowledgable and she  helped me pick the right product. I originally  went in for the Dior star foundation, but the lady recommended the forever one for me  after  asking about my skin and lifestyle . It was a great choice .

And ok so not actually a beauty product but hey taking time out to recharge the batteries is super important too so at no  6 is the Nashville Box set  . I Love a good Box set marathon  and having made my way through Hart of Dixe ( also brilliant!) I started on Nashville. I got season 1 for my birthday and am now up to Season 2 and loving it!!! Please no spoilers though 🤐 shhhhh.


Wishing you all a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend xxx

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