February Self Love – Day 15- Wellness Wednesday

Hello my lovely Mis-Fitters 

So this week, I want you to think about sleep! . On average we need around 7-8 hours. Everyone is different and you know yourself how many hours of sleep your body needs to be able to function at its best. It is when we sleep, our body repairs itself. so without enough sleep, our skin looks dull , our eyes are tired, our energy levels  and moods can get low, and we start to store stress around our tummies!!!! .  When we get so busy and/or  have a lot of stress in our lives, our bodies release high levels of a hormone known as Cortisol – the stress hormone. Your body oh so kindly then stores this Cortisol in your gut. If you have ever noticed that when you get stressed and tired, your tummy gets more bloated, this is why!. It also doesn’t help that this is when we often reach for the sugary and alcoholic treats which just adds to the Muffin top.  So create yourself a little bedtime routine that helps you relax before bed – maybe a nice bath,  curling up with your book (though you know when you have a really good book and you just can not put it down???? that was me last night oops , I just had to finish it!!!!! )  , Switch off your social media  , stop working – my fellow girlbosses  I’m talking to you in particular, I am just as guilty but lets try really hard to switch off before bed and take time to relax our brains before sleep. 

Another little task  this week, is to book in a pamper treat! . Either block out some time at home to paint your nails or do a face pack , or if at all possible – book into a salon, have someone else pamper you, maybe its getting your hair done, even if its just a wash and blow dry or getting your fingers and toes painted or going for a massage or facial.  Its amazing what a boost , a little pamper can do for you.  Don’t see it as a luxury, see it as an important part of your self care regime. Taking the  time out  just to switch off entirely .  

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Joanne xoxo 


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