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A Festive Christmas bucket list

Happy 1st December Mis Fitters 🎄. So have the Advent calendars been opened yet?.

You guys know I absolutely Love Christmas but it can feel a little (or indeed a lot) like being caught up in a total whirlwind of shopping, wrapping , social events etc. We forget to hit the pause button and slow down, put down our phones and just enjoy the magic of the season 🎄. And workouts and nutrition can just fall so far down the list , but it’s during busy times like this , it’s more important than ever to take time out of your day to Take care of yourself. That way you have the energy and let’s face it the patience 😂 and motivation to tackle everything and everyone else!.

So throughout December, I’ll be sharing ideas and inspiration for us all to take time to move our bodies but also take time out to rest too and of course enjoy some festive fun.

So today why not write a bucket list of the fun festive adventures you would love to do – maybe have a Christmas Movie marathon or take a festive walk – just a list of all the things you love and have fun ticking them off throughout December! 🎄.

Do let me know what is on your festive bucket list , comment below and we can share some festive fun ideas and inspiration! 

Our Train advent calendar is from @shopmatalan though I did get it last year, I’ve filled it with red, mint and white LIndors 💕.

1 year anniversary of being Self Employed


Friday 16th November 2018 I hung up my little headset and turned off my Travel work computer for the final time. After 24 years in the travel industry including the 1o  years I had been with HRG , and 8 years of building My fitness business  up along side working Part time as a senior Business travel consultant ,  I was finally going to take the leap of faith and take Little Mis Fit full time. 

That day I wrote a letter to myself that I popped in an envelope and i popped it in my 2019  planner , for me to read on 16th November 2019.  So I shall be pouring a glass of prosecco and reading that this weekend to look back on the past year to see just how far I have come.

Its certainly been an adventure!. Leaving behind a steady pay check, health care benefits, paid holidays and sick pay  There have been definitely some sleepless nights thinking yikes will it al be ok???.  You just make it work though,   Like any journey in life , its never a smooth path.  I am still so glad that I was brave enough to try and I’ve learned so much in this past year that I can take into my second year and continue to keep growing .  It really was both the scariest, yet one of the best decisions I have made. 

The business has evolved so much since I started it back in 2010.  I’m so so grateful to all of you for your support over these past 9 years.  I can’t believe we will be 10 years old next year!!!!!.   I really do appreciate all of you who come to class and who support me by liking and Sharing my social media posts , it really does mean the world 😘. 

As we approach a New Year and in fact a new Decade , take time to think what goals YOU have for the coming year ahead.  Christmas always seem to have that magical feel to it and anything can be possible so Believe in yourself and go after your dreams 💕. 


Cheers to the next 12 months 🍸


Joanne x


What to look for on Food Labels

When it comes to eating healthy – it’s  not about being extreme, it’s about being consistent. It also helps to know exactly what is in the foods you are eating to help you make better choices.  Of course there is room  in a healthy balanced diet for those treats we all love.  It’s just aiming for a more 80/20 balance in favour of the healthier options. 

However when it comes to knowing what is in the foods we eat – Food labels can be soooooo confusing!.

So what exactly do we need to look for in our foods ? . Hopefully this little guide will help you –

1. Read the ingredients
When it comes to pre packed food , the ingredients listing will be attached. Ingredients are listed in order of weight, from biggest to lowest. If Sugar, salt or saturated fats such as cream or butter are one of the first five ingredients listed – these will make up a large proportion of the food.

Try to eat as natural foods as possible and limit processed foods as much as you can – a great tip when looking at food is asking yourself – “does it grow in the ground, fly in the sky, run across land or swim in the sea”? . look for food where there are as few ingredients as possible – and if there are any ingredients listed that you can not pronounce or you have no idea what it is – leave it on the shelf!.

2. Use the per 100g column on the Nutrition information is the easiest way to compare foods. The main ones to look for are sugar, salt , fat and saturated fat levels .

3. Detecting Sugar on food labels – Sugar can come disguised as one of the below –
• Anything ending in ose – fructose, glucose, dextrose,maltose
• Syrup
• Honey
• Molasses
• Fruit juice concentrate
• Brown sugar
• Agave
• Barley malt
• Dextrin
• Lactose
• Maple syrup
• Malt / Malt extract

So knowing exactly what you ae looking for, can help you detect any hidden sugars. Yogurts are a prime example of foods that can contain a lot of sugar whilst appearing on the surface healthy. When it comes to Yogurts – usually natural or greek yoghurt is the best choice

A guide to what to aim for –

Low in sugar – 7g or less per 100g
High in sugar – 22.5g per 100g

also Beware of anything that states no added sugar – just because no sugar has been added, does not mean that it is free of any sugars! And don’t get me started on diet pop/soda – the sugar has been removed and instead replaced with nasty chemicals that are actually worse for you then if you drank the regular pop/soda!.

4. Types of fat
• Polyunsaturated fats – a healthy type of fat, that can help lower cholesterol , Omega 3 and Omega 6 are polyunsaturated fats and can be found in fatty fish such as salmon , atlantic mackeral, sardines, trout , and nuts and seeds and eggs.
• Monounsaturated fats – are plant based fats and are also healthy fats . These can be found in Nuts, nut butter , oils , seeds, avocados and Dark chocolate – again beware not all dark chocolate is made equal!
• Saturated fats with the exception of coconut oil are not healthy fats and can increase your cholesterol and increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. These are often found in dairy products , fatty meats and pastry.
• Trans fats – the worst of all! . These are the fats that lurk in processed and junk food and pre packaged cakes/biscuits.

Too much Saturated and Trans fats can increase your cholesterol which increases your risk of coronary heart disease.

High in saturated fat – more than 5g of saturates per 100g
Low in saturated fat – 1.5g or less per 100g or 0.75g per 100ml for liquids.

Beware of anything labelled Low fat , reduced fat , Light – people often mistake these as being “healthier” options especially if you have ever followed a Weight watchers, slimming world plan . However what often happens is the fat is removed or reduced , but in order to make it still palatable , sugar can often be added instead so be sure to check the ingredients listing and nutrition info!. These can also often have a higher salt content too!.

5. Lets talk Salt!

Salt is regularly added to processed foods – even things like bread, cake and biscuits!

On labels it can appear as either salt or sodium so watch out

Low salt – 0.3g or less per 100g or 01.g sodium or 100mg sodium

High salt – 1.5g or more per 100g or 0.6g sodium or 600mg sodium.

We often add salt to flavour our food f you are going to use salt for flavouring – try Pink Himalayan salt as this has some amazing health benefits such as acting as a natural detoxifier, promotes healthy blood sugar, promotes better sleep. Contains essential minerals, boosts bone strength and can help prevent muscle cramps and can aid digestion.

6. Fruit and Veg.

Fruit obviously does contain sugar – albeit natural sugars which is better for you and also contains fibre . However it is still a form of sugar so aim for more veg than fruit in your 5-7 day!. Aim for a rainbow plate – the more colours from your fruit and veg, the more Vitamins and Minerals you will be consuming.

So hopefully this will help you understand those labels a little better next time you are shopping x

Self Care September- Switching off


Day 4 of Self Care September .

Bank holiday weekend I totally unplugged for 4 days – I put my phone away and only checked it for calls/texts a couple times a day and actually didn’t go on any social media at all for the whole 4 days. Instead I just enjoyed the glorious sunshine, read books and was just fully present in my own life. It’s been such a busy year with both work and celebrations and so to be able to fully switch off for a few days felt amazing. I really did feel so much better for it and as a result I have been more mindful of how much time I spend just idle scrolling social media ever since which in turn has made me much more productive. We all do it, don’t we – just have a “5 minute scroll” and before you know it at least half an hour has passed!.

So this week I am challenging you to unplug for one whole day – are you up for the challenge?? Give me a 💕or comment below if you are! .

Self Care September- Nutrition


Day 3 of our Self Care September challenge and today it’s nutrition 💕.

When we make healthier choices when it comes to our nutrition, we really do feel so much better and have more energy.

Did you know Salmon is a mood boosting food?. So if you are feeling low , and /or struggle with Anxiety and depression it can help to boost your mood! 💕. I’ve served mine here with some Mixed salad leaves , some mini Mozzarella balls and some salsa for an easy , quick healthy tea .

Other mood noosing foods include-

💕 Blueberries



💕 Dark Chocolate – good quality dark chocolate such as Green and Blacks or Lindt and opt for 85-90% cocoa

💕 Green tea 🍵

💕 leafy greens such as spinach and Kale

💕 Walnuts

💕 chicken and Turkey

💕 eggs

Are any of the above on your menus for today? 😀.

Self Care September- The importance of Sleep


Welcome back to Self Care September and today we focus on Rest.

Getting enough sleep has so many benefits including-

💕 helps our bodies repair and restore themselves

💕 helps boost our mood

💕helps our metabolism function more efficiently.
💕 helps the mind and body to de stress

💕 boosts our immune system

We are all unique, so as individuals we all require different amounts of sleep to help us function at our very best . For the majority of us it’s around 7-8 hours per night. This next week though just take note how much sleep YOU need in order to feel your best . Obviously new mamma’s need lots of sleep but don’t usually get much at all! In which case try and nap when baby does or at least try and make the sleep you do manage – good quality sleep!.

Here are a few tips though to help us all get a good nights sleep 💤.

😴 create an evening routine. Try and go to bed and wake up around the same time each day so your body can get in a routine.

😴 Declutter your bedroom and create a calm peaceful environment that makes you feel relaxed just walking into the room. I have of course added Fairy lights and candles in mine – I love being cosy 😂.

😴 put down your phone!!!. I think most of us are guilty with this one – one last scroll of social media before bed 😳. But this next month , let’s try and put down our phones an hour or so before bed and allow our minds to totally switch off and see what difference it makes to your sleep!. Try reading instead and/or a little meditation.

😴 try and write down your to do list for the next day before you switch off so you can get it all out of your head – do a brain dump, so you can empty your mind .

😴 create a little routine for yourself- maybe a relaxing bath or shower , removing your make up , reading a book or listening to some relaxing music – anything that helps you unwind and relax and prepare for sleep and FYI that glass of wine does not count!!! 😂.

Sweet dreams Mis Fitters 💕.

Welcome to Self Care September!



The six best doctors – Fresh air , water, nutrition, exercise, sunshine and Rest 💕.


Join me throughout September as I share some tips and ideas on how we can include a little bit of self care into our everyday lives. Give me a ❤️ if you would like to join in!. 

Day 1 we are focusing on fresh air and exercise. So today get outside- maybe take a walk, even if it’s just around the block. Just get outside in the fresh air and move your body – be it walking , running , cycling etc. It’s a great way of blowing away the cobwebs, so it’s fantastic for our physical, mental and spiritual health 💕.

September class timetable and Updates

And just like that , September has arrived!. I’m definatly feeling the Autumn Vibes now , what about you guys?. I’m also feeling a trip to TK Maxx /Home sense is in order as I love their Autumn and Festive Home stuff.

This September I think we all could use a little self care time so keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages to follow along with our Self Care September . I’ll be sharing Self care tips and ideas to help us all incorporate a little more Self care into our day.

September at Little Mis- Fit 

September class passes are now available

8 session pass – £35

12 session pass – £50

Unlimited Monthly pass – £60

Our September class timetable is below – for next week , we will keep the Thursday night Pilates class mixed and we can see how numbers go and maybe change it back to separate classes if we need to.

Monday evening classes – Barre is back 6.30pm-7pm and Pilates is back to 7pm – 7.45pm .

From Monday 9th September , we also have our Morning Barre class 9.30am-1015am at Taylored Fit Physio, Langley Park. This is a 6 week block of classes – £40 ( please note this class is not included in class passes).

Timetable for this week :-

Please do book for all classes – and please let me know if you can’t make it as some classes do have a waitlist and it may mean someone else can come along.

Monday 02nd September

Barre – 6.30pm-7pm @ North Durham Academy , £4.50

Pilates 6.45-7.30pm @ North Durham Academy £6.00

or do both classes for only £8

Tuesday 03rd September

Mam & Toddler Yoga 1115am-12noon @ Believe and Be £7 pay as you go, or £35 for the 6 week block.

Body Sculpt- 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco Community room, Consett £4.00

Wednesday 04th September

Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain Church £6

Thursday 05th September

Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6

Friday 06th September

Post Natal Pilates 1130am-1215noon at Taylored Fit Physio, Langley Park. 

Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church £6

Saturday 07th September

Body Sculpt 9am-9.30am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4


Aswell as our regular community  classes , We also have our Online programme which is just £10 per month.  We also offer 1-1 or private Small group training sessions . Get in touch with us for more information!.

Have a great week guys! . Don’t forget you can follow along with my week over on insta Stories and don’t forget you can follow us on facebook – and Instagram @littlemisfitjojo .

Joanne x

Autumn Timetable and updates here at Little Mis-Fit



Hi Mis -Fitters

I can’t believe we are in the third week of the school holidays already!.

Which means September is just around the corner!.
So here is how September is shaping up here at Little Mis-Fit!.

Our current Small Group programmes finish this Saturday 10th August and the September ones start Tuesday 3rd September .

Small Group Pilates Tuesday 3rd September – Saturday 12th October .
Sessions are –
Tuesday 6.15pm-7pm at Tesco, Consett
Saturday 8.15am-9am at Delves Village Hall

Cost £120 for the 12 sessions or do either Tuesday or Saturday for £60
Please contact with regards to availability as this one does sell out.

Small Group Training – Fat Burn Tuesday 3rd September – Saturday 12th October

Sessions are –

Tuesday 7.30-8pm at Tesco, Consett
Saturday 9.30am-10am at Delves Village Hall

Cost – £120 for the 6 weeks – currently 3 spaces left

Barre is also back from September , including a new Barre Sculpt class on a Monday morning and the return of Barre Burn on a Monday evening .

Monday Morning – Barre Sculpt 0930am-1015am @ Taylored Fit Physio. £40 for 6 weeks starting Monday 9th September – Monday 13th October

Monday Evening – Barre Burn 6.30-7pm @ North Durham Academy . £4.50 per session

Post Natal Pilates
Friday 6th September – Friday 11th October 1130am-1215noon @ Taylored Fit Physio . ** last couple spaces available **

Toddler/Preschool Yoga Tuesdays 1115am-12noon at Believe and Be . Next 6 week block starts 3rd September . Contact us for booking information.

Kids Halloween Yoga camp
I will be running a Halloween themed kids Yoga camp on Thursday 31st October 1130am-3pm at Believe and Be. Suitable for kids age 4-7. £18 per child including lunch. Fancy dress is of course encouraged!. to make a booking please message me or see me at class.

We also Have our popular Online classes – access via a Private Facebook group . Cost is just £10 per month!. Contact us for more information or to sign up.

I also offer  1-1 sessions and private small group training sessions though as these are extremely popular – availability is limited, but if it something you are interested in , please do drop me a message for more information .

Timetable for September :-


Barre Sculpt 0930am-1015am @ Taylored Fit Physio £40 for block of 6 starting 9th September .

Barre Burn 6.30-7pm @ North Durham Academy £4.50

Pilates 6.45-7.30pm @ North Durham Academy £6.00

or do both evening classes for £9.


Mam & Toddler Yoga 1115am-12noon @ Believe and Be £7 * 6 week block starts 3rd September £40 for the block

Body Sculpt- 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco Community room, Consett £4.00


Pilates 0930am-1015am @ Annfield Plain Church £6


Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6

Men on Mats Pilates 7.30pm-8.15pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6


Post Natal Pilates 1130am-1215pm @ Taylored Fit Physio * 6 week block starts 6th September *

Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church £6


Body Sculpt 9am-9.30am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4

You can follow along with my weekly adventures over on insta Stories and don’t forget you can follow us on facebook – and Instagram @littlemisfitjojo .

Joanne x

Little Mis-Fit Fitness Class Timetable and updates week 27th May 2019


Hi Mis Fitters ,

I hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend!.

No Monday evening classes this week , but back the following week as normal. Loving that we get to take that first class outside again.

Can you believe its June this coming week!!!. It will be almost time to sort the Christmas night out lol. FYI last year was such a huge hit so probably do something similar , but lets not think about that just yet as we have the whole Summer to look forward to  first .

June class passes will be on sale this coming week

8 session pass – £35

12 session pass – £50

unlimited monthly pass – £60

passes are valid for 1st – 30th June only.

Online Workouts

As well as our Live classes , we also have our online classes, with access via a private Facebook group. It is just £10 per month . There are a ton of workouts in there already , and we add two new ones each week.

We have a new Kids Yoga class starting on a Thursday at Taylored Fit Physio , Langley Park. 4pm-4.45pm. suitable for kids age 7-10.

Our mam and Toddler Yoga class starts at Believe and Be on Tuesday 4th June 1115am-12noon. This has proved so popular
and has sold out!!

Post Natal Pilates

Our next block of Post Natal starts Monday 3rd June for 6 weeks.Taylored Fit Physio, Langley Park. 0945am-1030am .

1-1 Pilates – we also offer 1-1 Pilates session – please contact us for availability and more information.

Timetable for this week :-

Please do book for all classes – and please let me know if you can’t make it as some classes do have a waitlist and it may mean someone else can come along.

Monday 27th May

Bank Holiday – so no classes today. back next week as normal.

Tuesday 28th May

Body Scupt- 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco Community room, Consett £4.00 * sold out – wait list available *

Wednesday 29th May

Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain Church £6

Thursday 30th May

Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6

Men on Mats Pilates 7.45pm-8.30 pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6

Friday 31st May

Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church £6

Saturday 01st June

Body Sculpt 9am-9.30am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4

Have a great week guys! , enjoy your long weekend!.

You can follow along with my week over on insta Stories and don’t forget you can also follow us on facebook – and Instagram @littlemisfitjojo .

Joanne x

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