The day I got to be a pin up model!

So a couple weeks ago, I got to tick off an item from my bucket list – I got to be a Pin up girl!!! .  And I LOVED it!!!!!!.

imageI can literally while away hours watching make up videos on You Tube, a few years ago I came across Cherry Dollface. Cherry is actually a Bona Fide pin up girl, and does Vintage style hair and make up tutorials.  She came to the UK on tour last year, but I had my friend’s hen do around the same time and the nearest city was Leeds. However this year, Cherry announced a second UK tour, and this time – Newcastle was listed!!!. Hurrah – it was actually at Frankie and Gerry’s Retro pin up studio in Sunderland and Gerry Roxby  owner of the studio , herself was our photographer. Gerry is also the designer behind Glamour Bunny clothing line and even Dita Von Teese herself has been seen rocking one of Gerry’s designs!. You know I love my fellow girl bosses and Gerry is a truly inspiring Fellow girl boss.

I packed my little suitcase with a few of my Vintage/vintage inspired outfits , and off I went. I managed to get to Stadium of light fine – well I Have seen Bon Jovi there, plus I’ve done the Sunderland 10K a couple times. But from  there I had to find the studio – being directionally challenged , of course I got a little lost. I swear the people at the Enterprise car rental place , thought me and my Cow print suitcase were casing the joint 😂. A call to Gerry, though and she directed me to the studio – just look for the Throne in the window , she instructed – now this sounds my kind of place haha. I arrived and met fellow pin up girl , Lou. Lou was lovely and we got chatting right away. I have to admit when I first saw Cherry, I was a little star struck! And she is like a little doll in real life so super teeny tiny, ! . She was so lovely aswell, very personable and just chatted away with us  . Helen was the next girl to arrive , followed by Dawn. We had all travelled from various parts of the North East  , and we  all bonded over our love of Vintage clothing and accessories . One by one, Cherry performed her hair and make up magic on each of us. I’m sure for her bless , it must have been a little odd as we all knew about her life from watching her videos, so for us it was like meeting a friend, but to her we must have seemed star struck strangers haha, but it didn’t take long for me to feel amongst friends with all the girls, they all had such positive and welcoming vibes.

As Cherry made us each over, we each got to then have our own individual shoots, cheered on by the other girls. Gerry was brilliant, none of us really had any modelling experience, but she somehow magically managed to turn us into Pin up models for the day.  You did feel a bit daft at first, but after a bit you start to get into the spirit and pout like the pin up girls we were trying to be. Have to say though new found respect for models – it really is hard work – So many photos just to get a perfect shot! .

It was an incredible experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat and I made 5 lovely new chums  – Cherry, Gerry (yeah that didn’t get confusing on the day 😂) , Lou, Helen and Dawn  thank you for making the day such a blast! 😘.

Right now do we think I can possibly squeeze in being a  pin up model along side Little Mis-Fit and my travel job I wonder ………..  ??????

Joanne xoxo 💋

Check out The Cherry dollface  channel on You Tube!

Frankie and Gerrys retro pin up Studio is based in Sunderland -

my outfits on the day were from my lovely friends at Like Sadie did –

Dawn I met on the day also does Vintage Hair pin ups – you can check her out on Facebook  and Instagram – lips hairdressing

read Lou’s blog of the day here –🍒/




May Favourites

J-Lo once said you have the skin you are born with until you are 20 and after that you have the skin you deserve . I am a firm, believer that a healthy balanced diet including lots of water , plus Vitamin D , exercise and sleep  all play a massive part  in the health of your skin but i’m also a bit of beauty product junkie -( a beauty counter sales girl’s dream  – If it promises me a J-lo glow  – i’m pretty much sold :-).


So here are just a few of my favourite products I’ve been loving this month – I’d love to know yours too ! – come say hi over at Facebook or tag me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo

May faves

  1. Origins High Potency Night a Mins Moisturiser    Since my early twenties , I have suffered with Acne flare ups so I am incredibly  fussy on my skincare  and need to investigate throughly and read reviews before I purchase anything!!! . I have the Origins – A perfect world age defense  day  mosturiser and I love that, so having done my research , I opted to go for the Night a mins oil free one. Quite a few reviews mentioned the fact that it helped reduce  the appearance of acne scarring and that it contained sleep inducing aromas, and it made your skin appear brighter, ( hello J-lo glow  – sold!!!!! 😄) I’ve been using it since April and it really has help reduce my acne scarring without  aggravating  my skin at all –  a definite  firm favourite.

2. OPI nail varnish. – got myself in a Jam balaya   from the New Orleans range. I just always feel more polished when I have my nails done and though in Autumn/winter – I love my dark colours, I just fell in love with this peachy colour for summer  and it really compliments my skin tone.



3. Michael Kors – sexy Amber perfume . I was at my God son’s birthday party recently and one  of the other guests came in and she smelled gorgeous, I asked her what perfume she had on and it was this one, so I totally copied. Thanks Gemma!.

4. Super drug Coconut Ice Body Butter  – I’m on my second Tub already. I got  this as a gift for my birthday and it smells divine – a beach holiday in a tub!!! .

5. Christian Dior Forever foundation  – again  very fussy on my foundation as a few do make me break out . When I work out I opt for bare mineral foundation as I find it doesn’t block my pores. I just wanted a new one for  when I go out , I have a Mac one I like but my skin is  not so keen on it  and I’m not sure the colour suits my skin tone now the warmer weather has arrived – well you know at least decides to  put an appearance in now and then 😜. I wanted one that looked natural , stayed put and didn’t make me look orange. The sales lady in Boots ( hello  advantage points – don’t you just love those ! ) was lovely and was really knowledgable and she  helped me pick the right product. I originally  went in for the Dior star foundation, but the lady recommended the forever one for me  after  asking about my skin and lifestyle . It was a great choice .

And ok so not actually a beauty product but hey taking time out to recharge the batteries is super important too so at no  6 is the Nashville Box set  . I Love a good Box set marathon  and having made my way through Hart of Dixe ( also brilliant!) I started on Nashville. I got season 1 for my birthday and am now up to Season 2 and loving it!!! Please no spoilers though 🤐 shhhhh.


Wishing you all a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend xxx

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