What if I fall?, but my darling what if you fly?

“What if I fall ? , but my Darling what if you fly?” 


This photo was taken last  summer , when we went to Italy on holiday, it was such an amazing place !.  I came back from that holiday and knew it was time – time to take a giant leap of faith and believe in myself as much as my family and friends did . 


I believe the universe sends us signs and helps guide us to where we are meant to be and it was definitely sending me plenty signs to tell me the time to flutter my butterfly wings was now. 


I had spent 8 years building my fitness business alongside working part time as a senior business travel Consultant ( sounds proper fancy  doesn’t it 😂) .


My dream though was always to make my fitness business my full time job.  

Taking that step though was so scary –  I lived on my own , so all the bills were solely my responsibility.   Could I really make it work full time ?.  


My business was growing and It was getting harder and harder to juggle the two and I was exhausted.  Whenever I get run down , I lose my voice . Since my early twenties , this has always been how stress manifests itself within my body.  I’ve had the cameras down my throat , I’ve been for speech therapy and learned that when it happens , it’s my body’s way of telling me to slow things down and it was happening a lot. 


Travel work was getting more stressful, we were being bought by a rival company and the simple fact was I just did not want to be there , I wanted to be running my business full time.


My first day back at work after that holiday , I handed in my 12 weeks notice and left last November.


That was 6 months ago now and during that time I have not lost my voice!!!  ( hopefully not tempting fate 😂).  Is it easy – no! , is it worth it? – absolutely!!!! .  My fellow entrepreneur friends all said to me – “you will do it and never look back”. They were spot on . 


So if you sat reading this and are in a similar position thinking about taking that step of taking your side hustle full time  , don’t be afraid to at least try – even if it didn’t work out , I’d much rather have tried then always to have wondered.  I have more time to focus on my business, and as a result , it’s continuing to grow which is amazing . It has also allowing me to create a better work/life balance again too. 

Its just about putting a plan in place to get you there. I knew I had to give 12 weeks notice which seemed ages, but I also knew that was 3 months pay checks I could try and save as much as I could to give me that little safety net at the beginning.  I worked long hours fitting my clients and classes in to my week around my part time 9-5 job. All the time I just kept focused on my goal and that kept me going through the tougher days. 

so go do it – spread those wings and fly toward your dreams . 

Lots of Love 

Joanne x




April Reads – Books I’ve been loving this month

I am Currently in Book worm heaven . It was my Birthday this week, and I got a couple books which I’m super  excited to read and I also have a couple scheduled for delivery on my Kindle in the  next week or so  , as they are released.  Plenty reading to keep me out of mischief ……….. . 

These are the books though I’ve been reading and loving  the past month. 

 She Means Business by Carrie Green.    I love Carrie. A fellow Brit and Girlboss.  Carrie set up FEA – The Female Entrepreneur Association    of which I am now a member.    This book honestly is  one of the best Girlboss books I have ever read.  Carrie  tells her story of how she started her own business whilst at Uni and from there was inspired to set up a  community for fellow Girlbosses to motivate, inspire and support one another on the Entrepreneurial journey.   She Means Business is  Carrie’s own story from barely being able to afford Christmas presents for her family but having faith in herself,that  it would all work out with plenty of  hard work, and sheer determination .  Carrie is so lovely and really down to earth , I found her story so inspiring .   The Female Enrepreneur Association is now global and brings women all over the world together to unite in  supporting and encouringing one another in running their own business’ .  For all my fellow Girlbosses who have yet to read this book – go check it out Now!. It is wrote in a  way that makes it so easy to  pick up and read , even in bite size chucks , so even once you have read it through, you can simply refer back quickly to chapters  you wish to return back to for reference. Get ready to super charge your small business after reading this!


A revisit to an old favourite – Take a look at me now by Miranda Dickinson.

A chick Lit book to curl up with when you just want a little escape . I’ve read this one a few times now .  You know I love Miranda’s books.   I read them over and over.  This one is the story of Nell who   is the kind of girl who plans her whole life out. However out of the blue she  gets made redundant and her on/off relationship is defiantly off ,  so she  throws caution to the wind and acts on a whim .   A brilliant read that backs up the theory that the Universe always has your back  and that sometimes  in life, everything has to be shaken upside down , for it  all to fall into place and lead you right to where you are meant to be.   Plus it always makes me want to jump on a plane to San Francisco!.



Always the Bridesmaid  for hire  by Jen Glantz.    I read an article on Jen in Cosmo and loved her story.  So when I saw her book , I downloaded it on my kindle to read.  I’ve only just started it, but already I’m laughing out loud , I’m  hooked.   A fellow Girlboss who having endured Cruella  De Ville like  bosses  and jobs that just did not excite her,   accidently stumbled upon  a fun, profitable career where she gets paid to drink champagne, eat cake and dance all night long at Weddings  and make friends along the way.  


The Things you can see only when you slow down – by  Haemin Sunim . I was in Edinburgh recently for the day and had a little wander into Waterstones. I spied this book and started reading it in the shop.   I ended up buying it or I would have been there all day!. Haemin Sunim is a Buddhist monk, who offers advice on slowing down in our frantically busy modern world, to experience the joy, calm and strength we can find if we just slow down.  


The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving a F**k – by Sarah Knight .  I’ve been dying to read this one for ages! .  I have the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo on my Kindle , which is for tidying up and decluttering your personal space.  The life changing magic of not giving a  f**k however   is based on tidying your mental clutter.  I had it on my wish list,  However I saw my friend Katy reading it when we went away a couple months ago, and she very kindly  loaned me it.  Again I’ve just started it  , defiantly hoping to learn some tips on not taking too much on at one time! , so guilty on doing that despite my best efforts not to.   I’ll report back when I’ve finished the book.  

Comment below with the books you guys have been reading . I love hearing from you and its a great way to discover new reads!.

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