February at Little Mis Fit

Guys can you believe the first month of 2019 is just about over and we are about to enter Chapter 2 ?.  

I know a lot of people think January seems to last forever, but for me , Classes have been super busy  and I had a few fun adventures booked in – bonus a lot of them had been paid for in advance  – always good in January!.    I had got my sister afternoon tea at the Town House in Durham for her Birthday back in November and we had booked it for January . It was so nice!.  if you don’t know it, its a Gorgeous little twenties style boutique hotel right in Durham City, it really was like stepping back in time to another era, and the afternoon tea was really nice! . 

Then Peter and I had a date night to the Sage to see Dirty Dancing the musical  which was fantastic!. I have seen it on the stage a few times before, but just with the smaller venue , it definitely added a little more to the show.

  My mam and dad also  celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary ,

so its been a busy fun start to the year, with plenty more celebrations to come. throughout the year. 

Classes have been really busy which is brilliant!.  I honestly love teaching and we have really built such a lovely community within the classes ,and the small groups and in the  1-1 sessions  , that sessions are always so much  fun to teach with plenty banter and laughter alongside the workouts.  Its said your Vibe attracts your tribe and I am so so lucky with all you guys!. 

I’ve also been hooked on a couple Netflix shows this month too. Have any of you watched YOU on there?. so good!!! can not wait for season 2!.  I’ve also been hooked on Marie Kondo tidying up.  I read her book a couple years  – The magic art of tidying up and now she has her own Netflix show and I’m hooked.  I’ve been decluttering the house using the Kondo method. Its about keeping the things that spark joy for you – if it no longer sparks Joy, its time to thank the item and then declutter it. Have any of you guys been watching too?. Have you been inspired to try the Kondo method?. 



Here is what we have going on here at Little Mis Fit this coming month – 

Post natal Pilates 

Friday 1130-1215pm @ Taylored Fit Physio Langley Park , Durham  starting 22nd February for 5 weeks £30 


Monday 1030-1115am @ DanceMax, Consett starting 25th February for 5 weeks , £30 

Kids After School yoga 

Thursday afternoons from 28th February for 6 weeks. 4.30pm-5.15pm , for kids age 4-10.  £35 for the 6 weeks. 

Small Group Training 

Our Small Group training programmes are currently all full at present!.   I have got a couple 1-1 Pilates spaces available though so do get in touch if you would be interested in more information on those.

Class passes 

Just a  reminder I am away on Saturday February 16th for the day , so no classes this day.  

8 session pass – £35

12 session pass – £50

Unlimited monthly pass – £60  


Core Class Timetable 


Barre Fitness 6.30-7pm @ North Durham Academy 

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy 


Body Sculpt 7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco , Consett 


Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain Church 

Pilates for mams and Toddlers 1030-1115am @ Annfield Plain church 


Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall 

Men on Mats Pilates 7.30-8.15pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall 


Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield plain Church 


Body Sculpt 9am – 9.30am @ Delves lane Village Hall 

Family Yoga 1015am-11am @ Delves lane Village Hall 

We also have our Online workouts – Just £10 per month!. Access is via a private Facebook group. There are a variety of workouts including HIIT, Pilates, strength and conditioning and Barre , with two new workouts added each week.  Drop us a message for more information or to get signed up. 

Are you on Instagram? , if so come follow us over there – @littlemisfitjojo for behind the scenes  at Mis Fit on Insta stories.  

we are also on Facebook – www.facebook.com/lilmisfit1

Did you see my Social media post this week – do it for the woman you want to be a year from now?.   How do you want your life to look? , take some time this week to think about that and set  your goals to help get you there!. lets all aim to live our best lives this year and every year after!. 

Wishing you all a Fabulous February , may it be filled with lots of love, laughter and adventure.  


Joanne x


What will be your word for this New Year?

Can you believe we are getting ready to say goodbye to 2018! I mean I honestly feel like I just said Hello! 😳. Is anyone else feeling the same?

The past couple of years rather than making New  Year resolutions, I have opted to choose a word or a theme of how I want my year to look. For some they may chose the word calm as they want to bring more calm into their life or maybe its health, if you want to make your health and well-being a priority this year . Maybe you want to travel lots in 2019 so maybe Travel could be yours . You could even have more than one!, you make your own rules 💕. 

For 2018 , my theme was Building my Dream , I wanted to focus on working towards making my dream of taking Mis Fit full time and in November of this year , I did just that! 😋.

I’m currently in a business group – the  Dream life Academy programme and as part of that, we each had to come up with our hashtag  for the year when we started back in September. I opted for a bit of only fools and horses inspiration and went with the #  she who dares! , so I am going to stick with that as we go into 2019. A reminder to stay brave , especially when stepping outside my comfort zone as that is most often the time when you find the magic! 💕.  A reminder for myself to always reach for the moon , because even if you don’t quite reach the moon , you’ll still land among the stars 💕.

My boyfriend and actually some friends and family have also suggested I may need to learn the art of chilling out/relaxing a bit more 😂, so I guess my theme of 2019 is to work hard but also to ensure I  make the time to play too. 

This past year I got to travel more , which  I loved especially as I hadn’t had the chance  to do much the past couple years and it’s something I used to do a lot more of , so definitely hoping for a couple more adventures in 2019 and I already have a couple fun trips booked 😀. It’s my 40th birthday so plenty of celebrations!. 

What about you guys? I’d love to hear what your word / theme for 2019 is? Let me know in the comments below 💕

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2019!. May it be filled with love, laughter and Adventure. 


Joanne x

   The Amalfi Coast 




12 days of Christmas workouts and December happenings

Hey guys,

Can you believe its almost December??.  Its only 4 weeks until Christmas !!.

From this Weekend, its lots of Festive adventures for me , so I’m super excited.  If you follow me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo , be sure to check out my Insta stories as I’ll be sharing my adventures over there and I’m thinking of doing Blogmas – so check back here each week for my weekly festive adventures too.  Do tag me in your Festive adventures too – I love seeing them. 

Who has their advent calender at the ready?.  My mam always gets me a Dairy Milk one , and this year I also got this Christmas train one! 


So what is happening at Mis Fit HQ over December?? check out all our updates below –  

12 Days of Christmas workout

From Saturday 1st December – I will be doing our annual 12 days of Christmas workouts. If you want to join in the fun, just send us an email – info@littlemis-fit.co.uk  just with a little note saying you want to join in, and I’ll add you to the list . Then from 1st December you will receive a daily email for 12 days , with that days mini workout. By Day 12 you will have a 12 minute workout that you can do over the festive season!.

Online Classes

Who wants to join us for our December online classes ,? . just £10 per month and you will get access to our at home workouts , that you can do at home and fit around your schedule. Access is via a private Facebook group. Two new workouts added each week!.

December class updates

December class passes will be available from next week.

I am away Saturday 1st December so no classes that day.
I will also be away Friday 7th December so no Friday evening class that night. We will finish classes for Christmas on Saturday 22nd December, though Our last Tuesday evening class will be 11th December as the Community room closes for Christmas on the 12th December.

On Saturday 8th and 15th December , There will be an additional Pilates class 8.15am-9am at Delves Lane village hall. This is our usual Small group Pilates session but for these two dates , The class will be open to any of you guys that would like to come along.

December class timetable :-

please note classes will run subject to minimum numbers as I know it is a really busy time for everyone.

Festive Fit- Mas is back!. What is Festive Fit -mas? – We will be taking a variety of workouts and classes to create some fun and effective workouts for over the festive season!. Imagine our Festive Fit Mas classes , like a box of choclates – you never know what you’re gonna get (who else said that in their head like Forrest Gump haha)


Festive Fit Mas 6.30-7pm

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm

Tuesday @ Tesco Consett – please note last Tuesday class is 11th December

Festive Fit Mas 7pm-7.30pm


Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield plain Church


Pilates 6.45pm-7.30pm @ Delves Lane village hall
Men on mats Pilates 7.45-8.30pm @ Delves Lane Village Hall


Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church – no class 7th December


No class – 1st December, otherwise 

Pilates 8.15am – 9am @ Delves Lane Village hall

Festive Fit Mas 9am-9.30am @Delves Lane Village Hall

January .  

Small Group Training

our January Small group programmes are already sold out!!! .

However I am looking at possibly doing a day time Small group programme aswell if interest is there. 

Currently looking at Monday 9.30am-1015am at Dance Max , Consett and Wednesday 9.15am-1030am at Annfield Plain Church. Please do let me know if you would be interested. £120 per person including nutrition guide and twice weekly group workout sessions. However sign up before  Monday 26th  November and receive a £10 discount.

I may also run a second evening programme if we have more interest and if we can fit it in the timetable somehow.

1-1/ Private small Group training sessions. I have a couple of Daytime slots available also for 1-1 Pilates sessions or perhaps a small group if 2 or 3 of your friends/family members wish to do a session together. Please get in touch regarding pricing and availability.

Wishing you all  a brilliant Festive week and don’t forget those advent calenders!

Joanne x


Having the Courage to follow your heart and Intuition Guest Blog Jayne from Lulu Charles Jewellery

Joanne recently asked me to write a blog post about how I went from working as a freelance textile designer & lecturer to a fully self employed business owner, working with my husband, Ashley, to design and hand make jewellery. Prior to setting up LuLu & Charles Jewellery I had worked as a part-time lecture at Newcastle College teaching fashion & textiles and self employed freelance designer. After the arrival of our second son I decided to leave education and focus on the freelance side of my career, which worked perfectly around the boys while they were little. Ashley on the other hand was working for my dad at Christopher James Jewellers, based in the Metro Centre.

My daily routine consisted of designing and making garment fronts for the fashion industry. I specialised in mixed media textile designs, combining hand embroidery, print & embellishment. Reworking antique lace and vintage prints. While Ashley was happy working at Christopher James Jewellers, he loved his job working in a busy jewellery shop, employed as a finisher, jeweller, sales assistant. He would never in a million years have dreamed of working for himself.


It wasn’t until my dad’s shop closed and Ashley was faced with redundancy that the idea of us working together crossed our minds. At the time I was pregnant with our 3rd son, so the timing was a worry. However despite the bad timing, I now look back and believe it was the best thing that could have happened! Freelancing was getting harder and the industry had shifted towards digital trends, which just wasn’t my design style. So I had been looking for a new direction and what with Ashley’s redundancy on the cards, we were forced to do something and make some decisions. I knew I wanted to do something new with a creative focus that would work around our hectic family life. Jewellery was all Ashley had ever known and something I’d been brought up with, so combining my vision and design skills with Ashley’s knowledge, the idea of setting up a handmade jewellery brand was born. 


The shop was a huge part of our lives, it’s what brought us together in the first place and as a result of the shops closure the idea of LuLu & Charles Jewellery was formed.  In a short space of time our business started to take shape, growing from world of mouth and social media. Initially the idea was for myself to design jewellery for Ashley to make, however that soon changed when I realised I wanted to learn the trade and make jewellery too.

Surprisingly we work really well together, our strengths and weaknesses seem to create the balance our business needs, we couldn’t do it without each other. We love, live & breath our little business, it’s like our fourth baby!


Although it feels like a distant memory now… at the time, it was quite a bold and scary move, which just seamed to happen accidentally more than anything. Maybe it was fate….I don’t know? However upon reflection it was the best thing that could have happened to us, the timing was perfect. Inevitably Ashley’s redundancy gave us both the push we needed to change path and follow our dream, creating a business that works for us. Fast forward four years and our business has grown steadily, we have repeat customers from all over the world, who keep coming back.


As a husband and wife team we share the highs and lows of running a business, I still have to pinch myself sometimes when customers get in touch to say, they LOVE what we do & have always wanted to own a piece of LuLu & Charles Jewellery.


One of my own pieces of Lulu Charles Jewellery, made using gold from old sentimental jewellery I had , that was just sat in a drawer gathering dust, until Jayne and Ashley, took that gold and made it in to my Joanne necklace, I absolutely adore 💕.

To find out more about LuLu & Charles Jewellery please visit www.lulucharlesjewellery.com



When nothing is certain, anything is possible

Happy 1st day of November!.  

In the States , its the month , they celebrate Thanksgiving. As a Brit  it’s not a holiday we celebrate, but regardless of our nationality, just taking the time to note down the people, experiences and things in each of our lives we are thankful for , is something we can all do. 

This  is the month, I take  a leap of faith and take Mis Fit full time!. I have just 6 days left at travel work.  I am so so grateful to each and everyone of my Mis Fit family, past and present  who have helped me build my little business up  these past 8 years.  Without you guys coming to classes, I wouldn’t have a business!.  So I am incredibly grateful to each and everyone of you. 

I am so grateful to my family and friends who support my dreams too and are there cheering me on always and believing in me. Who understand aswell that my working hours are different to most people who work a 9-5,so I can’t always be there for nights /days out.

I am incredibly grateful for my travel job, as I got to travel to some pretty amazing places – I even got to work in LA and Vegas looking after a tour group – lost a couple in the Airport on the first trip but I found them shortly afterwards so thankfully all was fine ha . They had sneaked off for a cigarette after the flight landed without telling me. I had everyone else on the bus ready to be dropped at their hotels and I had to go hunt Vegas airport for these two !. There was also the lady who came into the shop when I worked for Going Places ( showing my age here – who can remember going places travel agents lol) , she had a family holiday booked to Majorca, and she came in looking all flustered with her confirmation in hand and said she needed to cancel , as the confirmation stated there was sharks in high season and she was going in August.  I was a bit perplexed , thinking – Sharks in Majorca? ,  and how on earth do Airtours know they are going to be there in the summer.  I took the confirmation from her to read it and had to try so hard to keep a straight face – if you know me , you know how hard this was , but  Airtours were actually referring to their  kids club  which was called Sharks and advising it only operated in high season  🤣.  To be fair to her, the way it was worded was a little confusing. It did make me laugh though. 

I am also grateful to my travel job as it provided for me financially, as I paid for my fitness courses and built my business up.  It’s this part that is the scariest- leaving behind the safety net of that regular income. I also get  health benefits, such as dental and my glasses – obviously I have made sure and bought my new glasses and had a dental check up before I Leave!. Going from getting that same amount in my bank account, on the same day every month , to now never knowing from week to week what I will make. You could have a full class booked in  and then get a bunch of last minute cancellations , or we are also approaching the time of year , when the weather turns bad – we got our first snowfall last Saturday- 27th October!!!!.  Which of course also effects classes .   I just feel though as scary as that is,  what is even scarier is being still Sat behind that travel desk in a year or twos time, still wondering if I could possibly make it work , teaching classes full time, doing a job I adore and am passionate about, rather than doing a job I endure to pay the bills. Life can be incredibly short and I would rather try and if it doesn’t work , at least I’ll know, rather than be too scared to try and always wonder what if.  

As my leaving day approaches I am so excited , but after 24 years of working in the travel industry, some sadness too at the end of this chapter, plus I’m not going to lie – i’ll Definitely miss my travel,perks! . I’m also getting some lovely messages from my current colleagues all with lovely messages of support.  I have made some lovely friends  in my travel journey, including my best friend Stacy . We met on the bus as we used to get the same one to work  – she was  on a YTS for Lunn Poly and I was On one with Going Places. 24 years and much mischief and mayhem later, we are still best friends 💕. 

I’m a Huge Believer in the universe and how it responds to the vibrations we send out, and if we are sending positive vibrations out and we have faith in ourselves and it’s for our  own higher good, I believe the Universe will always lead us to exactly where we need to be in life.

If you haven’t read The Universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein, definitely check it out.  I also love this quote below, so as I embark on this new journey , I am going to indeed embrace the uncertainty, enjoy the beauty of becoming and know that’s when nothing I say certain, anything is possible!.


Wishing all of you guys a magical November with lots of love and laughter and memories made with loved ones. 

Joanne xoxo

Pumpkin Power Workout ,and November class updates

Hello Mis Fitters 

So Its almost Halloween and would it be Halloween week – if we didn’t do our annual Pumpkin Power workout??????? . Of course not! so grab a pumpkin and This Tuesday 30th October – our Barre class will become Pumpkin Power workout instead! forget your weights – it will be all about the Pumpkin!. 

Online Classes  –

You can sign up for our November online classes now!. Just £10 per month, you will get access to a variety of  workouts you can do, at home, at a time that suits you , maybe first thing on a morning or later at night , or somewhere in between.  Two new workouts are added in each week. Just drop us a message to sign up, or for more information.

November class updates 

From Saturday 17th November , we will have Festive Fit mas on a Saturday morning 9am-9.30am at Delves Lane Village Hall.  This will be a HIIT style class – getting us in shape ready for the festive season.  We will be mixing up Boxing style workous, aswell as weights and  other cardio workouts and maybe even a  Metafit sneaked in there too haha – I know you guys love those!!. 

I am also looking at doing a couple Festive Retro Robics classes in November and December – Dance based ones. So please let me know if you would be interested in these  – It would probably be a Monday / Tuesday or Thursday just one offs in leui of the usual class. 

After School Yoga at Believe and Be – 

Our last after school yoga of 2018 , starts this Monday 29th October for 6 weeks. 
At Believe and Be. 4.15-5pm.  £35 per child – suitable for kids age 4-8.  To book your little Yogi in , just drop me a message. 

Post Natal Pilates for Mam and Baby 

Our next Post Natal class for mam and baby, starts also Monday 29th October for 6 weeks.   

Mondays 1030-1115am @ Dance Max, Consett.   

£35 per mam/baby for the 6 weeks or pay as you go for £7 per session.

Pilates 1-1 / private small group training 

I also offer 1-1 or Small group  Pilates sessions at your home/Work place .  From the end of November, I will have a little more availability to take on a couple more , so if you would be interested please do drop me a message for more information. 


Class passes  

November class passes will be available from Thursday 1st November 

8 session pass – £28.00

12 session pass – £45 

unlimited monthly pass – £55 

From January , the monthly class pass prices  will increase .  The class pass passes have remained the same for the past few years now, and our class prices and most of the hall hire costs have gone up in that time. so I do need to look at increasing the cost of these 

so from January Class pass prices will be as follows – 

8 session pass will be £35 

12 session pass – £50 

unlimited monthly pass – £60  


Timetable for this week :- 

Please do book for all classes – and please let me know if you can’t make it. 

Monday 29th October 

Pilates for mums and Tots 1030am-1115am @ Dance Max, Consett 

After School Yoga @ Believe and Be for kids age 4- 9 ,  4.15pm-5pm  

Barre Burn   6.30-7 pm @ North Durham Academy £4.00

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy £6.00

or do both evening sessions for £8.00

Tuesday 30th October 

Pumpkin Power Workout –   7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco Community room, Consett £4.00   ***** Don’t forget your Pumpkins ! *****

Wednesday 31st October 

Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain Church £6 
Pilates for mams and Toddlers 1030am-1115am @ Annfield Plain Church  £7

Thursday 01st November 

Fitness  Pilates     6.45pm-7.30pm  @ Delves Lane Village Hall  £6 
 Men on Mats Pilates   7.45pm-8.30 pm   @ Delves Lane Village Hall £6 

Friday 02nd November 

Pilates 6.30-7.15pm @ Annfield Plain Church £6 

Saturday 03rd November 

HIIT   9am-9.30am  @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4


Family Yoga 1015am-11am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £7 for 1 adult and 1 child 


Joanne xoxo 


September happenings at Little Mis-Fit

Can you believe September is right around the corner??. ,the Summer has flown by so fast.  The weather has been amazing hasn’t it!.   I love Summer with its summer nights and early summer mornings , but I also  love September/October as we often still have some lovely sunny days still, yet you can feel the magic of Autumn in the air!.  As the leaves begin to change colour , it really does feel like a time to let go of the things that no longer serve you and make way for the new.   Fill your life with the people  experiences and things that make you happy 💕

This week 

I am off on my holidays next week, so just a reminder no classes from Monday 20th August up to and including Monday 27th August. 

Tuesday 28th August we will have a PIIT/Pilates  class 6.30pm-7.30pm  at Tesco Community room – £6. 

Thursday 30th August  @ Delves Lane Village Hall 

PIIT 6.45pm-7.15pm 
Pilates Stretch and relax 7.15-7.45pm

Saturday 01st September 

Hiit 9am-9.30am at Delves Lane Village Hall

family Yoga 9.30-1015am at Delves Lane Village Hall. ** please note earlier time for today only **


September happenings 

September Class passes will be on sale from Saturday 1st September . 

8 session pass – £28 

12 session pass – £45 

unllimited  Monthly pass  – £55 


Would any of my Saturday crew be interested in having Boxercise back on a saturday morning or would you prefer to stick with HITT or maybe even Metafit!!!
Pilates and Prosecco Event 

I am looking to rearrange our Pilates and Prosecco event from the Summer and looking at either Saturday 15th September or Saturday 29th September – please let me know if you would be interested!   12noon-2pm  @ Dance Max in Consett (Opposite Bar 1898) 

£25 per person.     

£10 per person deposit required to secure your place and £15 can be paid on the day. 

Small Group Training  
I currently have 2 spaces left on our Small Group training Programme starting  Tuesday 4th September for 6 weeks, finishing Saturday 13th October. 

We have had such a lovely Summer which has been so welcome, especially after the loooong winter  and summer evenings with a glass of wine in the garden or in a lovely beer garden have maybe been  enjoyed a few times!  
so if you have maybe eaten out a little more, drank a little more alcohol , indulged in a few ice creams etc and just want to get back on track ready for christmas party season – you know  it will be here before we know it guys!  , then our Small group training programme can help ! . we’ll help you find a healthy balanced lifestyle that works for you!.  

our Group training Sessions will be as follows:-

Tuesday 7.30pm-8pm  @ Tesco Community  room, Consett 
Saturday 9.30am-10am @ Delves Lane Village Hall

* Twice weekly group workout sessions 
* Nutrition guide
* access to private facebook group for you to help support and motivate each other throughout the 6 weeks. 
progress is measured via measurments and fit test 

Only  £100 per person 

Small Group Pilates  

Our Small Group Pilates programme also kicks off on Tuesday 4th September – though is Currently full. Our next programme will start Mid October. 

After School Yoga  @ Believe and Be 

Our after school Yoga programme at Believe and Be  is back from September too 

We should hopefully have  both a Monday and Wednesday session again as follows:-  

Monday  4.15pm-5pm    10th September x 6 weeks   
Wednesday  4.15pm-5pm  12th September x 6 weeks 

prepay the 6 week block for just £35 per child  or a 4 week block for £25  

suitable for kids age 4-8. 


Mam and Baby Yoga   

our mam and Tots yoga/pilates class is back from Monday 10th September for 6 weeks. suitable from 6 weeks to walkers . 

Mondays 1030am-1115am at Dance Max, Consett   

prepay the 6 weeks for £35 or pay as you go – £7 per session. 

1-1 Pilates  

I currently have a few 1-1 Pilates clients. By the end of the year , I am also hoping to have more spaces available – so if you would be interested , please drop me a message. 

Online classes

We also have our online classes. Perfect if you struggle to get to classes due to childcare, and or work commitments, or you want extra workouts between classes.  Just £10 per month, and access is via a private Facebook group.

September Timetable :- 

Our Friday evening Pilates class will be back from Friday 7th September at Annfield Plain. 


Pilates for mums and Tots 1030am-1115am @ Dance Max, Consett   ** Starts Monday 10th September x 6 weeks   ** 

After School Yoga @ Believe and Be for kids age 4- 9 ,  4.15pm-5pm  £6.50 per session  ** starts Monday 10th September x 6 weeks ** 

HIIT 6.30-7 pm @ North Durham Academy £4.00

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy £6.00

or do both evening sessions for £8.00


PIIT –   7pm-7.30pm @ Tesco Community room, Consett £4.00  


Pilates 0945am-1030am @ Annfield Plain Church £6 
Pilates for mams and Toddlers 1030am-1115am @ Annfield Plain Church  £7

After School Yoga 4.15pm-5pm at Believe and Be, Consett 
** Starts Wednesday 12th September ** 


PIIT    6.45pm-7.15pm  @ Delves Lane Village Hall 
Pilates Stretch and Tone 7.15pm-7.45pm   @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4.00

or do both classes for £6.50 


Pilates 6.30-7.15pm  @ Annfield Plain Church £6  ** starts back  Friday 7th September ** 


HIIT   9am-9.30am  @ Delves Lane Village Hall £4


Family Yoga 1015am-11am @ Delves Lane Village Hall £7 for 1 adult and 1 child 


Summer Lovin’ At Little Mis-Fit



Hi guys , 

so This Thursday 21st June is the first official day of Summer!!!!. Hurrah Long summer days  ahead , hopefully plenty of sunshine too.

Summer is actually a busy one here at Mis-Fit HQ. We have  lots going on over the summer. Though I am taking a little holiday 20th August – 28th August , so classes during this time.  

Just a reminder , I am also away next weekend so no classes Thursday 28th June- Monday 2nd July. Classes will be back Tuesday 3rd July.  I will also be away Saturday 21st July.

Our Summer Programmes – below is our list of happenings over the Summer, including our Pilates and Prosecco events, our Summer yoga Club for the little ones and our Small Group training programme over the summer. Plus our Summer class timetable.

Pilates and Prosecco Event – Saturday 7th July -12noon-2pm @ Blackhill Community centre 

Come Join us for our Pilates and prosecco event . We will do an hour or so of Pilates and then crack open the Prosecco and enjoy a glass or two or three . A little Summer Soiree .  Just £25 per person.  A £10 deposit is required at time of booking , and the remaining £15 can be paid on the day in cash or beforehand via Bank Transfer.

Summer Yoga club for kids 

We have joined forces this summer with our friends at Believe and Be, to offer a Summer Yoga club for kids age 4-7. 

I know some of you mams struggle with childcare over the summer holidays and/or just need something to keep them entertained and keep your sanity intact haha.  

Our Summer Yoga club is currently operating on the following dates :-

Monday 23rd July, Monday 30th July, Monday 6th August and Monday 13th August   1130am-3pm. 

£18 per child per session or prebook all 4 sessions for just £60. 

Drop them with us at 1130am , they will then get a 90 minute session in Believe Town,  followed by a picnic lunch (provided) and then Yoga/crafting session.  You can them collect them at 3pm.

spaces are limited , so do please book asap to guarantee a space.


Small Group Pilates 

Our Summer small Group Pilates session is running from Saturday 7th July – Saturday 18th August . £100 per person for the 12 sessions or £50 person for 6 sessions ( you can do just Tuesdays or just Saturdays or even mix them if you will be away for a week or so during the programme )

Twice weekly Small group Pilates sessions as follows :

Saturday 8.15am – 9am @ Delves Lane Village Hall


Tuesdays 6.15pm-7pm @ Tesco Consett

Small Group 

our Summer small group Fat burning programme will also run over the summer. Saturday 7th July – Saturday 18th August. £100 for the 12 sessions. If you want to  feel fitter, healthier and stronger, Our Small group programme could be for you! . 


Twice weekly Workouts.

nutrition guide

Private facebook group to encourage and motivate each other.

Our twice weekly workout sessions are as follows :-

Saturday 9.30am-10am @ Delves Lane Village Hall


Tuesday 7.30-8pm @ Tesco, Consett


Virtual Classes 

We also have our Virtual classes running, if you would like to sign up for July , drop me a message. £10 per person per month and you will get access to our online class programme. Two new weekly at home workouts added each week!.

Summer Timetable 

our Summer class timetable is below :- 

Classes will run subject to minimum numbers.


HIIT 6.30-7pm @ North Durham Academy

Pilates 7pm-7.45pm @ North Durham Academy

Tuesday @ Tesco, Consett

Teen Fitness 5.15pm-6pm 

PIIT 7pm-7.30pm 

Wednesday @ Annfield Plain


Thursday @ Delves Lane Village Hall

PIIT 6.45-7pm 


Pilates Strecth & Relax 7pm-7.30pm 

Friday @ Annfield Plain 

Pilates 6.30-7pm 

Saturday @ Delves Lane village Hall

HIIT 9am-9.30am 


Family Yoga 1015am-11am 


To book for any of our programmes or classes, then just drop us a message via our Facebook – www.facebook.com/lilmis-fit1 or Instagram- @littlemisfitjojo or Via email – info@littlemis-fit.co.uk. 


Wishing you all all the most magical , warm Summer!. May it be filled with adventure, sunshine and lots of happy memories. 



joanne x

February favourites

Wow can you believe its March!, I mean seriously, I thought 2016 whizzed by, 2017 is doing the exact same thing.  I’m so happy that little hints of spring are appearing though, lighter mornings and evenings , tulips , (slightly) milder weather, yippeeeee.

February was a really crazy busy month.So I thought I would do a little round up of things I was loving in February so here we go! 


Weekends Away! 

I  actually had a couple trips away this month, me and my little Moo Cow suitcase were loving being on our travels.

 First off I travelled down to Manchester to do a live workshop day as part of my Orthopaedic Pilates course.  The course is on going but I’m hoping to finish and qualify by the summer, so I’ll have my nose in my text books for the next couple months. 

 Last weekend, I also travelled to Liverpool for my friend Lauren’s hen do. We had a blast! . I think I could probably write a whole blog post just on the Hen weekend – we did a Murder Mystery night, cocktail making and of course we visited the Cavern club!. There were loads of Live music bars which were just amazing. I definatly need to go back to Liverpool though and see more of the city. I’ve been twice now but both times were for hen do’s and I would really like to see the City itself and walk around the docks. 

Books, Books , Books! 

So by now you guys know I’m a bit of a book worm. These days I often have a couple on the go at the same time.  Usually a Text book as I try and arm myself with knowledge that will help me develop as a fitness instructor and help my clients., Then of course I need a  Book I can curl up and lose myself in  and often a Girlboss book to inspire me to keep building the Mis-Fit empire .   I just thought I could maybe share the books  I love each month and if you guys do the same, we can discover new reads!. 

Last  year my sister introduced me to the blind date book company- https://theblinddatebookcompany.co.uk.  

They are a fellow small business and  they sell books , that are wrapped in brown paper and with just 4 words on the front to give you a teeny clue about the book. The aim is to not judge a book by its cover, and therefore maybe try a book, you might not otherwise have read.  I have a few book worm friends , and I have gotten a couple of them a blind date book for their birthdays and they both loved the books they received- phew! . I just think it’s a BRILLIANT idea!. They post regular on their Instagram site. This is not a sponsorship pose, I genuinely just love the idea behind it and found it a fab present for my fellow book worm friends. 

The books I read for fun in February   were Ellie Dean’s  – Until you come home . My sister and I are loving the  Beach View Boarding house series from Ellie Dean. Its based during the second world war and the  residents of a boarding house in Cliffehaven, located in the South Coast of England . The boarding house is ran by Peggy Reilly and her family. The First book in the series is there’ll be Blue Skies which starts us at the very beginning of World War 2 and as the series unfolds , we meet various characters who come to take refuge at beach View amid life in a country at war  . Ellie publishes two books throughout they year – January and August . Its now up to book 12, which is the one I just read, definitely  check them out . 

Now please don’t judge but my guilty pleasure is Danielle Steel books – they are just so easy to read and I can just curl up and completly lose myself in the story. I used to pinch my mam’s copies when I was younger, now it’s the other way round ha. This Month The Apartment came out in Paperback , and I just finished reading it, it was so good plus it had the bonus of being set it one of my favourite cities – New York!  . This was based on a group of girls, who started out as flat mates but became best friends and navigating their way through life as a twenty something . 

I’m also still working my way through the Universe has your back by Gabby Bernstien. It’s one of those books you can pick up and work through at your own pace. I have a few of Gabby’s books and I love them. This one is based on , that if you want something and everything is aligned , then you just need to ask the universe and if it’s meant for you, it will not pass you by. 

Netflix favourites 

The Client List – OMG , does anyone else watch this?. I am totally hooked on this show. 

Beauty Favourites .  

I can while away many a happy hour watching Make up and Beauty tutorials on Youtube and one of my current favourite vlogger/bloggers is Lydia Elise Millen. She was talking about a fake tan she had been using called Bondi Sands. Boots sell it, so off I went armed with my Boots Advantage points and I bought the gradual tanner to give it a whirl. Guys I’m really loving it. it has, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E  and  cocoa butter in it so though it has a faint hint of that fake tan smell , its more the Cocoa butter you can smell, and it is really moisturising.  I’ve been going in the shower, using exfoliating gloves, then once I get out the shower , and dry off, I then apply the lotion with a mitt in circular motions. I’ve been using it a couple weeks now and so far no streaks and its a really natural tan. I actually just applied it this morning as I write this and all I can smell is Cocoa Butter!. it has me dreaming of summer days :-). 

Cinema Trips

 I also went to see LaLa land at the cinema and I actually really enjoyed it. I love old movies though and I think if you do too, you probably would love the it too. Have you guys seen it?, did you like it or was it not your cup of tea?.

What have you guys  been reading /watching/loving  this month? . Do let me know in the comments below , I love hearing from you guys. 

Joanne xoxo


February Self Love – Day 27 – ME Monday

So I was on one of my Pintrest pinning sprees, when I came across a website  – https://www.futureme.org/.

Its a  website where you can write yourself a letter to be delivered to your email sometime in the future!. You chose what date you would like it delivered on.  I’ve just wrote myself one to be delivered on New Years Eve , with the goals and wishes I hope to have achieved by then. I also wrote myself one for the Autumn time to remind myself not to overload the diary too much at Christmas again haha , to remind myself to take some time out to chill amongst the chaos of the festivities.  

Maybe write a letter to yourself with a wish as to where you will be on your life journey by the time you read it. 

I’m a big fan of Gabby Bernstein and have several of her books. Her latest one – The universe has your back is one of my favourite ones.  if you have never read any of her books, definatly  check them out, you can also follow her on social media.  the book teaches you everything you are looking for is also looking for you, you just have to trust the process and the universe, ask for what you would like and if its meant for you, it will happen.  so go on write a letter to yourself with your wildest hopes and wishes and put them out there for the Universe to start working on them for you! . 

Do let me know how you get on  – tag me on Instagram @littlemisfitjojo  #FeelgoodFebruary  or Facebook lilmisfit1.   

Joanne xoxo